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  1. No, very obvious CA. Click the image to see a little bigger. Mid to lower right side.
  2. The white scaffolding (fire escape) to the right shows purple along its bottom edge. It does also look a bit soft but need a bigger picture. You should be able to remove the CA with Lightroom or similar.
  3. Bit off duff information there, I'm afraid! The Total CTR is the important one for your own statistics - the total zooms divided by total views. The Average CTR is just an average of averages, which is meaningless. The number of zooms is a rolling 30 day total, not annual and will constantly change. The only real thing to aim for is as high a CTR as possible but, with small collections and few zooms, there will be wild fluctuations which don't really tell you very much. Ian D Me provide duff info? I used to be the only one who understood these. Yep I muddled total with ave
  4. I'd be more inclined to compare each individual pseudonym with the "All of Alamy" average CTR. That'll give you a better idea of how each pseudo. performs. There is of course nothing to stop you using your average CTR. I'd ignore the total ctr which is a straightforward average of your CTRs (add up ctr for each pseudo and divide by number of pseudos) - it's rather meaningless and can be skewed by small pseudos. The total zooms is the number of zooms counted over a one year period so I'd guess you had two zooms on 30th Sept. 2013 which have mow fallen off.
  5. Has the layout changed in the last few days? I have had no zooms since the 11th of this month. I thought it might just be a bad patch but seems a little to me.
  6. Yep - I admit I only glanced over the email. 50% seems rather steep.
  7. Alamy claiming on our behalf? That's new but a good idea given the difficulties in finding usages.
  8. I'm pretty sure the "export to excel" button hasn't been there for "yesterday" for a while - at least it wasn't displaying on my system. Anyway it seems to be there now. Still no filter info I think.
  9. I'm wondering why the filter information is not included in the "All of Alamy" data when it does appear in the "Your images" data. I was sorting the "All of Alamy" data to see what searches had been performed for "cut-outs" [CO] only to discover I couldn't unless "cut out" or "isolated" had been explicitly included in the search term. Also it is only possible to download 7 day or weekly data. I would be quite keen to be able to extract results for "yesterday".
  10. My two uploads from last night took until this morning for the correct number of images to appear under "awaiting QC". I actually thought the first batch had gone missing in the ether. It seems the "processing please wait ... " message no longer appears,
  11. JohnB

    Manage Images

    I mostly use the old version. I have always been presented with the choice of either. Hope they don't take it away.
  12. i looked earlier and it seems the graph somehow updated sales for this month before the sales data page so it was showing a higher total. Or I imagined it
  13. My biggest NU sale today. It had sold twice before at much lower prices. Winding up the scheme and sorting out the accounts perhaps?
  14. My highest this year is about $40. It does seem to me that the bigger sales have gone,
  15. ...but would Microsoft have agreed to a license or would they have just gone and found another green hills/blue sky picture by someone else? It doesn't strike me as being terribly unique - not much bargaining power.
  16. You are going to get around 23.46 MB from 8.2 MPixel - you'll have to upsize a tiny bit.
  17. I'm also now getting "none" but it seemed to be OK for my images when I checked last night on first seeing this topic. I must say I prefer it like this.
  18. On the other hand UK - over 3 million: USA - nearly 4 million. That doesn't stop people uploading (and selling) more and more images from those regions. You have to assume that people are not just searching for images that are representative of the area. For instance if I want (say) a picture of a dog or horse it really doesn't matter where it is. Why not buy one with some nice Nepalese scenery in the background? That's why accurate keywording is a must.
  19. The vast majority of my sales have shown up as zooms at some point. I guess it depends on to whom you usually sell. Newspaper, magazine and textbooks sales usually show as zooms before purchases are made. It can be a long time between the zoom and the sale appearing (6 months to a year for books especially)
  20. Have you checked your ranking? It could be due to re-rank last week. Mind you for me it's been bad for about months now.
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