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  1. ...not sure I'm too bothered about "pics". I'm one of those who is often guilty - the extra four letters are just too much for me. They are people who were once members (at the time of posting) but have now left.
  2. There's another topic in the suggestions forum. http://discussion.alamy.com/index.php?/topic/64-reputation-topics-merged/ It took me about 5mins to work out how to paste the link in.
  3. The little green and red arrows enable people to like or dislike your post. It increases or decreases your reputation. I think topic starters can also choose "best answers" which will also increase your reputation if you supply the best answer. It reminds me of "Google Answers" where quite often the "best answer" is actually wrong. There is already a topic in the "Suggestions Forum"
  4. A lovely bit of irony here. We're all "liking" John's post - presumably to show our disapproval of the "like" button.
  5. dropped to top half page 2 with main pseudo. That's OK.
  6. If it's any help when I looked earlier Paul and the user "oich" both had the same images - the Highlands, stags etc.It was a mix of various contributer.'s images. They have different (their own ? ) pics now.
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