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  1. I could only see the small version at first, but then went back in again and somehow saw the 100% version - I don't know how or why it changed, but I did see it, so maybe check again, there was no need to download. So having said that it does look slightly softer on the top of the head. But more than that it's got the typical sharp outline but soft as mush inner to.... well pretty much everything I'm afraid. It looks like a 10 year old 6MP compact camera with the in camera jpeg sharpness turned up to fool you it's sharp. Sorry
  2. Two other options for Mac are Hasselblad Phocus (free) which I think uses the Apple library RAW files - although there may be a problem at the moment with Yosemite, or Iridient developer, which can use either it's own RAW database or the Apple library. Neither are the best catalogue libraries, although I think they can be integrated with outside viewers, they both convert well, but can be a bit clunky - ok if you don't have masses of images to sort through. Iridient costs about 99 USD and you get free updates for at least 18 months ( maybe 24) and a discount if you upgrade after that.
  3. I'd agree it is a bit low, and there should be a way of restricting it, the current restrictions don't seem to allow this without affecting something else - unless I'm missing something? Perhaps Alamy could confirm, or add the ability to restrict just this personal use.
  4. True, but that's not home/personal use though is it? How often do you get full calculator price as well. I've got to have a little trust that it's being used right as we all have to with our image licenses, otherwise insanity lies ahead, either that or we stop submitting images anywhere. I was a little surprised when it popped in, but it's no worse (in fact it's better) than novel use - or so I believe, as I never was in novel use.
  5. I had one a few weeks ago. I'm guessing it'll be a Christmas prezzie maybe. Details were: Country: UK and Commonwealth, Usage: Personal use, Media: Non commercial one time personal/home use 5 year licence
  6. Also E4TKY4 was used by the Daily Mail Friday 18th July, Pg 9 And thanks Bryan for spotting mine in the Times on Thursday
  7. Gruffydd, I'm not quite sure why you think it was incorrectly captioned? That's a requirement of news to have the correct details. It was photographed about 5.30am 13th May, uploaded before 9am 13th May - captioned 13th May with the location and the brief details of the weather for that day 13th May which was a Tuesday unless I'm living in a different time zone to everyone else in the UK. It was then printed in the Times for Wednesday 14th ( because Tuesday 13th was already printed ) they have used the location but have written an article around it. I'll put a smiley face in as wel
  8. The weather forecast counts as live news? This could be a way of by-passing QC: give every image a caption relating to the weather forecast and put it up on Alamy Live News. Firstly, thank you to Bryan for finding this ( and all the others that search out images as well ), a Greenie and a Gold star on it's way, and to think I nearly canned yesterday morning as the clouds didn't break up as much as I hoped! Gruffydd, news happens every day - just like the weather! It could be stormy weather, or it could be calm tranquil weather, either way it can be newsworthy. Live news is edit
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