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  1. I would like to see in the attributes section of Manage Your Images a drop down menu to select the orientation of the photograph. ATM I have to use a keyword/keywords to state if the photo is in portrait or landscape format. Landscape and portrait are different genres of photography as well as the orientation of the photo, so a buyer looking for a landscape will also find irrelevant images in a landscape format.


    The drop down menu could have, Landscape, Portrait, Square, Other, to choose from.

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    buyers will always return to someone whose images stand out as they are of excellent quality.

    Never thought of that, although once said it becomes obvious.


    I don't think your critique was harsh Jools. An honest opinion helps me to improve, so thank you for your time.



    And 'made with a Lee 10 stop filter'...in the caption.....sorry but nobody cares and you've now put that image in a search for coffee filter or filter paper etc.....

    Thanks for pointing this out. Keywords have been amended.



    I'd concentrate on images where you have little or no competition and keep your fingers crossed so they become regular sellers

    Good advice Arterra, I'll definitely keep that in mind as well as the other points you raised.


    I really appreciate all your advice and thoughts.



  3. Thank you all for taking the time to look at my photos and to give such good advice, particularly from Robert Brook about how to research the market. I hadn't thought about it quite that way before.


    I'll try to stop uploading similars too. The examples pointed out are quite clear to me.


    I shall add the Latin names from now on.


    Kind regards, Alan.

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  4. Hi everyone,

    I need a little help to make my photos more visible to buyers and would really appreciate an honest critique of my uploaded photos and keywords if you are willing to spare the time.

    I joined in 2009 and only have 133 photos for sale, a paltry number I know, so uploading regularly is my first way to improve visibility.

    I have sold three photos ( not a lot I know ) whilst having only 66 photos on the site, so I feel I can produce salable work.

    I tend to photograph in my local area of Salisbury and the New Forest, UK. Weymouth, the Jurassic coast and Southampton are also potential areas of industry, docklands and landscapes to source new material for Alamy. I rarely travel abroad so travel subjects will be few and far between unless my circumstances change.

    I now use the Canon 6D and L lenses and have had success with Alamy's QC process on a more regular basis. This has been encouraging in itself so I'm more inclined to add to the millions of photos already on here:)

    I'm aware the stock industry is a saturated field and prices are almost rock bottom but my photos are better up for sale than hidden away on my hard drive.

    Thank you in advance for your time and comments.


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