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  1. The last month I had an abnormal number of views passing the 20.000.


    It doubled the average of the first three months, when in previous years (recorded data from 2009/2012) April is in fact a weaker month than the first quarter, thus under the average.


    Yet, the number of zooms are in line with the average of the three first months and not far from the 2012 overall average.

    Anyone experiencing a huge surge in the number of views?


    Or can this be a kind of "curse" of the Creative collection when we get the images counted when viewed in it, and then recounted when the client selects the Relevant tab?

  2. Thanks DavidC for your words, but it's becoming hard.


    Portugal images are not that required as I don't see many searches about it, a 60/70% drop in my stock income in the last year, to which I have to sum up a brutal and indiscriminate tax raise we're experiencing in Portugal it's just too much to handle overall and difficult to keep the spirits high.


    I even thought on making available my portfolio, or a large part of it, for free download and simply ask for donations to those that download my images. Something like a beggar asking for alms. After all, people get my small and watermarked images anyway and do whatever they want with them and I have no capability to recover income from them... Still haven´t done this but I'm considering it. I probably won't earn a thing, and it will be another nail in the stock photography coffin but at this moment I'm almost up for anything.

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  3. More and more I think this is a lost battle.


    At the moment there are several photography packs in the Pirate Bay with tenths of GB of images each totaling many tenths or hundreds of thousands of images being given away for free in all disrespect for copyright.


    Given the global scope of the Internet it's virtually impossible for anyone to sue thieves.


    More, every time any kind of news about copyright infringement and associations trying to fight appears in a newspaper 99% of the comments are simply insults and complete lack of understanding that artists don't live from the air and need to be paid to continue to produce new content. Only one or two people try to discuss and understand the issue.


    Any attempt to explain this to these people will result in insults of greedy, copyright is outdated, adapt to new world, invent new ways to get income as if the tenths of thousands of photographers around the world wouldn't have found alternatives if they were easy, change your professional area, to simple gloating about how great it is for them to download whatever they want without having to pay us greedy bastards anything.


    I'm about to throw down the towel. It's completely demoralizing not only to see my work stolen all over the Internet but it's even worse to be humiliated by the vast majority of people that are even incapable and unwilling to discuss or try to understand the fragility of our position, and that the images today are almost given for free. To them we are worthless greedy bastards by requiring payment for each download. Many have told me that once an image is downloaded and paid the first time it already was paid and we cannot charge over and over for the same "product". No more, no less. It's insane but this is how people think nowadays.


    Summing up to the steep decline in royalties it's becoming unsustainable. I'm in total burnout and don't photograph in a systematic way for many, many months as new images will sell for nothing, and soon they will be all over the Internet as public property. And any action you attempt you end up being treated as scum and mocked off.

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  4. I'm also very skeptical about this like/dislike button. Alamy said:


    "Over time this will hopefully become a more useful feature and promote well thought out posts, so for now, it will stay."


    I'm absolutely certain that it doesn't matter how well thought some posts will be as some members, just by commenting on certain unpopular issues about the stock business will have an avalanche of dislikes.


    I'm pretty sure most people will use this, not as a measure of quality of the post, but as a punishment for that member to have brought that issue or for expressing a contrary vision to what they have.


    The contrary also applies, people will reward others simply because they are defending a position to which they agree even if the post may be nothing more than an insult.


    This will create rewarding/punishing cliques that has nothing to do with the intended objective.


    Overall I don't think this is a good idea and have little doubt that it will discourage many people to post contrary opinions to the majority. It will make this forums poorer.


    José Elias

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