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  1. Why do you write to yourself? If I'm receiving my payments for $175 without fee, and now I'll be receiving a $100 payments without option to decide what level of payment I prefer and so I'm forced to pay a fee, yes it's punishment. The cost of doing business is being paid already from the 65% commission to the 50% commission drop. Why don't you propose that alamy charges for server storage of our images? And an aditional fee for advertising. And another for the water in their toilets flushers? After all it's a "cost of doing business"? And you can add other all sort of costs leavin
  2. First, If this is how you feel why haven't you come to the forums asking alamy to charge a fee to the Euros before today since you're so favourable to the the idea of us being punished? Second, this forum is managed by alamy, and if it's public it's because alamy decided this way. Contributors have the right to express their opinions, and if alamy provides a space where we can do it, actually benefiting the agency by the input (although not always positive) we give them, we have the right to do it. I don't think alamy mandated you as moderator or master-censor. When alamy feels a discu
  3. This is absolutely unacceptable. Alamy already takes 50% of the sale, discounts more than 90% from the calculator price, and now charges me so I can get paid?!!!!!! At least create payment levels which we choose from to get our money and charge only under a certain value!
  4. I also never understood why this forum was never available to contributors only. And I may add, open only to contributors with approved images, not simply registered ones. There could be a section on this forum for those that still don't have approved images and seeking advice about alamy. But that section would only be to that effect. Discussions about other issues would not be allowed. I also see it as an important thing to be able to discuss things openly, including the prices images are being given away lately, but that should be an internal question between contributors and alamy.
  5. This is an issue I debate with myself too. Although I do not spam keywords I tend to add secondary and even some tertiary level keywords to my photos. This ends up creating enough keywords to fill the Main field and even put some in the Comprehensive. The problem is that we don't know which words are going to be used by buyers, especially when we're talking about an agency with global reach. If alamy was an UK only agency with could get away with "Lorry" only, but in this case we must add "Truck" too because of US and the rest of the world which suffer more influence from the US Englis
  6. I don't know how minimalist you're going, but if those are only keywords added there's at least one missing: "son" But "small" and "child" would also be used. I think it's also relevant that the game is about a car or auto driving simulation
  7. Ask member services. It would have been faster and accurate.
  8. The first 6 months of 2013 earned me only 45% of what I've earned in the first 6 months of 2012. The number of sales of 2013 is only 42% of what I had in 2012, meaning that there was a slight increase in the average sale price. At least, a small good news. Yet, the number of zooms only had a drop of 10% comparing the same periods of time. As I've mentioned in another thread this is the bit confusing me. Almost the same zooms but a huge drop in sales.
  9. One possible explanation why Jeff is having increasing sales is that he his US based, particularly in one very popular area like Miami if I'm not mistaken, and in the words of alamy's CEO there's a very, very strong growth of alamy in the US market. So, with almost 100.000 images with themes from the market that is growing it's natural that he may be seeing better sales. On the other hand, apart my RF images, all my RM photos are more focused in the European market since all of them are from Portugal which is a tourist destination mainly for Europeans. And as it's common knowledge Europe i
  10. That's the human nature... But the fact is that starting in January 2013 something clearly changed, at least for me. It's like a line was drawn and there's a Before and an After. Everything that has happened since contradicts years of data and it's not a seasonal fluctuation, as I know them. Yet, only in the sales part as I've shown. The views and zooms only had a slight decrease. Something doesn't make sense. I believe some people are having better sales now than before, but that's normal. The problem is the ratio between zooms and sales, and even if alamy changed the clients th
  11. I also see a drop in zooms. The question is that the drop in zooms is small, while the drop in sales is HUGE. I cannot see a correspondence between both. Average zooms per month in first six months of the year: 2011 - 85 2012 - 56 2013 - 50 (June hasn't finished) The views trend is similar to the zooms. How a small percentage drop in the views and zooms stats can lead to a 60% drop in the sale is something that puzzles me. That's why, unless there's a better explanation, I'm suspecting that many self-billing clients are not reporting the uses, and unfortunately I have no pos
  12. Does anyone confirm the information that the alamy rank has started to been applied to each image individually and not at a pseudonym level?
  13. Average number of sales per month from January to June: 2011 - 18 2012 - 21 2013 - 8 Now, this is a drop! The income also reflects a +60% drop. I have absolutely no explanation for this, but the fact is that the number of zooms have only declined slightly which is very strange. I also believe that there are possibly a huge amount of unreported uses. And if UK residents have at least the possibility to checkout the newspapers and magazines, being in Portugal or any other country outside UK makes it impossible to police those newspaper deals. The self-reporting deal is ou
  14. Finally I got some sympathy and started cashing the green votes CAAAATCHIIIIIIIIIING! Just kidding. As I said I don't care about votes. I like to discuss ideas, and votes simply deny that as many people instead of speaking their minds use them not adding anything useful for the debate. ********** Returning to the topic, some subjects are simply too saturated and unless we get a fabulous and absolutely unique image, it will be hard to license it. But even in this situation you'll have to manage to get the image seen which is not an easy task especially on alamy. Subjects like t
  15. Hi Ed, I'm not directing that comment to you, unless you've given me the red ticket. EDIT: (I trusted from the beginning it wouldn't be you) I don't really care about the votes as I have no cravings for popularity contests. I simply dislike having a comment marked negatively without knowing the reason why. The fact that many are attributed by simple vengeance despite the usefulness of the comment is what irritates me. And I get like this too when I see red tickets on other peoples comments. So it's nothing personal. I'm totally against the negative voting system from the start as
  16. Ed, from my experience on using the alamy measures functionality, as well from another agency that relates keywords to sales, I think that almost all buyers use two or three keywords max, and in the simplest form possible. I don't know why this happens, but maybe poor keywording from the vast majority of contributors (using English as second language many time poorly, spam, etc.) led buyers not to overcomplicate the search terms with the danger of missing good images. For example, some photographers may only use the saint word, others only the st and others both. In this case I bet buyers
  17. Would the person who rated my previous comment with a negative note, care to comment what was so bad about it? What did you disagree with it? Or have I said a lie, was rude to anyone? Anything?... I'd really like to know as I provided a possible answer to the original poster, among possible others, on why his photos haven't sold, with solid facts. The competition is just too strong in numbers and price to have a sale guaranteed on this subject. Or is it just a personal vengeance for mentioning a reality some people don't like to be reminded of? That there thousands of cheaper or even f
  18. In Shutterstock there's 3439 images with the search: Peter basilica Rome If you only search; Peter Rome; you get 4321 photos. In a very quick look over the first page of results I could see some fantastic pictures from a multitude of points of views as better if not better than the first page of photos in alamy. If you go to flikr you may get tenths of thousands of pictures probably with some awesome ones too, and lots of people giving them away. These are probably the most important reasons why you haven't sold pictures of this theme. Excellent pictures for free, or very cheap
  19. Sorry, but is this a discussion about the Find a Photographer project or a discussion about technical issues that should be solved with alamy?!!!!!!! EDIT: I've just edited this message to "thank" the two negative points for having simply pointed to the people that were high-jacking a thread about the "Find a Photographer", with questions that had absolutely nothing to do with the original message and could/should be solved with alamy services and PM's. This vindictive use of voting is just pathetic and serve only to show how small some people are. I don't care about the point
  20. I've been in the program since the beginning, not a single contact so far... Don't know if there's been requests and alamy sent the clients to other photographers in Portugal because of style of photography or location, or if no one has actually asked for photographers in Portugal. The feedback on this project from alamy, as far as I know, is non-existent.
  21. I think you'd receive a faster and more accurate answer if you had just sent a mail to the tourism board of the city, or the town-hall or even any shop in town that has a website...
  22. Alamy has several problems when comparing to microstock. The main one are the fees charged when compared to the licences granted in RF. Even if in some images the fees are higher than in micro, the licence granted is so permissive that in iStock it would be necessary to buy several Extended Licences that would easily pass what Alamy charges. Even in Shutterstock I'm having several sales of $120, $90 per month (my cut) in their "Single & Other Downloads" and in the last months these are higher than most or all of the alamy sales after commission. The second problem is the amount
  23. In fact zooms does mean sales even if you cannot connect a specific search with a specific sale. At this moment I'm having a sale for about 4 or 5 zooms. The raise in the number of views with the same number of zooms will help bury your images in the search results even if CTR is not the only criteria used in the ranking system.
  24. All this non-sense surrounding the Red and Green button is something I've already mentioned in the original post about them when the new forum was launched. At the time I've mentioned that this feature would be used, not to reward good posts and protest against bad ones, but to punish unpopular ideas no matter how true and clear they were. Many people simply cannot distinguish between a bad contribution from a good contribution that they don't agree with. Many people will use the red button as a negative vote against something they don't agree with, despite the quality of what has been wri
  25. Maybe the creation of a spam button could help. If a large number of clicks on this button occurred (imagine 15 clicks, or if 75% of those who opened the discussion clicked the spam button and those clicks got to 10/15/20), the discussion started by that spammer would be hidden until reviewed by Alamy. If the spam message was written in a legitimate post than only that message would be hidden until review by Alamy. I'm not a fan of "popular justice" but this could help. In the eventuality that the spam button was hit by a large number of members as a reaction for an unpopular but l
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