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  1. I think agencies haven't realized that photographers have the power to nuke their business into ashes... If my income becomes so low that the effort is not worth anymore, what stops me to put all my portfolio at the disposal of everybody in hi-res even for commercial purposes, and simply try to monetize it from advertising and donations from my website? There are other people already calling this as plan B, and it doesn't take many photographers willing to do this to bomb the market and seriously cripple the agencies. After all who will pay for an image if they can get a high-quality /
  2. No it's not! Sure, there are a lot of unauthorized uses, that's not a secret, but there are still many paid ones. This move will eradicate those that still paid for images, while not making anyone of those that didn't pay before, to start doing it now.
  3. The beginning of the crisis in US, that spread all over the world with many businesses bankruptcies, bank with serious problems, countries like Iceland in extreme difficulties, etc. Businesses became scared, cut down in advertising and marketing expenses and became more price conscious. This lead to a price war between agencies with a race to the bottom in prices and a widespread offer of subscription packages in many micros that didn't have them. In a nutshell... Edit: with the the crisis many part-time or hobbyist photographers joined the stock agencies, some to increase the
  4. I don't think that presenting the Net value is that important, and certainly not useless. Since we know that we receive a known fraction of that value. If Gross declines obviously Net will follow. Net value may only be interesting if we're trying to assess how much distributor sales we get. If someone has none than the Net will be 50% of the Gross (at least starting from a certain date of 2013). If Net is lower than 50% (or 60, or 65 depending on the year) then you can get a notion about the contributor distributor sales. Just that. Other than that I don't see that presenting only the
  5. I too see an evolution similar to that. Yet, 2013 was the first year since 2008 that I've seen the average sale price and my commission slightly rise. But considering that I saw a drop of +30% in my sales all I can say is that it was an absolute disastrous year! Since 2010 I average between 10 to 20 sales per month, so I think these numbers are relatively balanced and not being influenced by an odd sale or two. Average per image Year Gross Net 2007 $175,52 $ 99,13 2008 $182,23 $109,43 2009 $141,43 $ 72,23 2010 $110,89
  6. Using such high ISO's is extremely advisable to get the right exposure as you photograph, because if you need to brighten the image later you may encounter bigger problems with noise. That doesn't mean you cannot make it acceptable but it will require extra work, like to apply a little blur to some specific areas. With the 24-105 I can shoot as low as 1/40 without worrying to much as the stabilization works very well. At 1/20 or 1/15 I need to be more cautious not to shake. A 1/10 I need to be really steady, and at 1/8 if I'm not leaning into something there's a good chance the image may b
  7. Me and my wife both have 5dMkII and in interiors photos it's not unusual to shoot up to 5000iso and in some occasions 6400iso to be able to photograph handheld. After a little noise reduction and downsizing to 12 or 9mp they pass flawlessly through QC. And we end up using almost always the 24-105 to take advantage of the stabilized wide-angle. For example:
  8. Could this be a way to establish ourselves as the copyright owners of the images to Google? And have them rank better in the search results from our own websites, compared with the agencies, increasing the licensing chances from our own store? I share the worries about the content grabbing though.
  9. I understand all you've said. The 11.000€ was just an example and actually not my household income in case you're thinking it, which is higher. But as spacecadet mentioned that for a 20.000€ you'd be paying 15% while in Portugal we pay 37% plus 12*248€ payments for Social Security as self-employed. And despite the higher prices in some things in UK, many cost the same or less than in Portugal and there are a lot of advantages in others. Through Amazon the only things that costs the same or very slightly more are TV's, Hi-Fi's and computers. Everything is generally so much cheaper that
  10. At 20.000€ (16.666£) you'd pay a 37% tax over income, plus 248€ (206£) per month for social security.
  11. How odd. It's not as if you don't stay dead. The Portuguese government doesn't seem so sure... And this is true. I myself had to by a new death certificate when I sent a car in my father's name to the junk-yard and to cancel them from the authorities list as a circulating vehicle. When I got there they said I should get a new one because that death certificate had expired. I thought they were joking... but on analysis of the document... they weren't... When we get to this level, you start to realize the madness around here...
  12. A self-employed worker earning 11.000€ (9184£) will pay in the end of the year a total of 3.592,56€ (2.9856.50£) in taxes and contributions over the income. So, the worker will keep 7407,44€ (+-8888£) of all earned. These are only the taxes over income. As mentioned before there's a whole array of taxes in every thing you do in Portugal. And the cost of living is similar to UK. In fact I've frequently bought goods from Amazon UK because they waaaay cheaper than buying the same here. And I'm even talking about groceries like lentils, Pesto sauce, etc!!!!!!
  13. Sorry, but I didn't understand exactly what you mean. For example I don't understand what you mean with: "That sort of earnings (if you can call it that)" If you mean they are too low for UK standards (I believe they might be) they nevertheless allow for a comparison. But if I use a 20.000€ income or superior the taxes here are even more severe that the ones shown for 11.000€. The monthly Social Security payment will escalate from 186€ to 248€ and the tax over income will sky-rocket. Tell me what income you'd like to compare and I may give you numbers. Plus, we also have a lot of e
  14. Can anyone please simulate how much someone earning 9.184£ of gross yearly income will pay in Taxes, Social Security contributions and any other eventual mandatory expenses as a retirement pension contribution a self-employed worker must pay in UK? Ignore any deductions that may exist, consider 0 children and not married and the fact that if 9.184£ is enough for a person to make a living in UK, just to simplify the comparison with what a Portuguese must pay with a similar income. I'm asking this because I found several UK tax calculators and despite the results being similar between th
  15. Thanks Barking I'll take a look to that link later. The National Insurance is the contribution made for retirement, sickness and unemployment? If it is then it's the equivalent to what in Portugal we call Social Security and must pay 35% just for that no matter how low your income is... Then we also have the taxes over income to be added to the expense and the contribution to the state for self-employed people can get to be 50 or 60%, plus all kinds of other taxes even if you earn 500 or 600€, and the services here can be pretty insensitive and cannot give you a straight answer. Ask fi
  16. Hi, I'd like to ask for your help about which obligations does a self-employed stock photographer has in UK. What type of taxes and contributions, for Social Security for example, are mandatory to make? What are the percentages of income necessary to give to the state for both taxes and other contributions? If you can answer my questions I'd appreciate it a lot. Thanks for your help.
  17. The French newspaper Liberation has published an edition where the area for photographs has been replaced by blank areas in support of photographers and the hard times we all go through. http://www.bjp-online.com/british-journal-of-photography/news/2307127/french-newspaper-removes-all-images-in-support-of-photographers
  18. In my case I also saw a big change in January, and comparing to 2012 I'm seeing an almost 50% drop without any apparent reason since the increase in the number of uploaded images to alamy wasn't big enough to dilute my portfolio. Last month things seemed to return to used to be the normal, and I'm expecting to see what is going to happen this month. This leads me to think that something happened from alamy part that may have changed the search results affecting my portfolio exposure. Maybe the Commercial Collection selection?... So, you may have been affected by the same thing who know
  19. You have good images, but with only 488 photos, many of them a variation of the same theme such as the flag-faces, it's very hard to have views/zooms/sales unless you were supplying a very specific and rare niche.
  20. I cannot answer that Jeff. But I've witnessed other situations where alamy dropped some decisions based on forum feedback. Maybe UK law had something to do with it, but if it didn't I wouldn't be surprised that it was a decision based on feedback. I cannot say the same with other agencies I work with. In fact, some delete portfolios instantly if a member critiques certain decisions, even in independent forums.
  21. These are good news, and Alamy continues to be the ONLY agency that reverses decisions based on the photographers feelings expressed in this forum and through MS. Yet, if its alamy policy to drop decisions due to their lack of popularity it would be nice to ask us beforehand, in a case of two more sensible since we don't run the agency, and spare us the torment. Nevertheless it's a good decision.
  22. Please read the information on the links provided via email and in this thread. Euros via bank transfer are charged at $3.10. If you do not want to pay this fee, you have a free payment option in Skrill. But on Skrill it's said I'll be charged up to 10€ for sending money from it. I won't pay for receiving there, but to get my money on my bank account it seems to be a very different story. So, either receiving directly from alamy, or using Skrill I'll always have to pay to receive my money. - We don’t charge you when receiving money back into your Skrill account - Sending mone
  23. "Definitely agree about not running down Alamy on a forum for all to see as it's bad practice......, I have worked for myself for 35 years and lately with 50 % of my time doing photography and the other 50 % doing my other trade sub contracting where I have to take various tests get certificates to carry out works which I have to pay for, pay for tools, pay for vehicles and fuel and public liability insurance and then at the end of the day I get a small percentage of what the company charges me out for... now if I kept on moaning about how they are making all of that money out of me ( with
  24. This means that I'll be paying $3.10 for the bank transfer that until now was free. Picking up an idea read elsewhere why should I, and many other contributors I'm sure, who have uploaded thousands of images which actually sell and meet payout every month suffer, simply because some contributors uploaded a couple of test images that were approved because they were sharp and got an occasional sale but never get to the payout limit? Is this the way alamy treats the most committed contributors to this agency, that despite the brutal fall in sales volume and rate value still upload and are
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