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  1. My largest single sales from a well known micro, compared to my biggest sale from alamy on that month. From the micro agency I'm excluding all other hundreds of smaller sales, even if many of those smaller sales are still higher than the rest I get from alamy. August: Known Micro agency (highest net sales): 35.17$ / 19.05$ / 18.95$ / 17.66$ / 14.27$ Alamy highest sale (net): 19.14$ September: Known Micro agency (highest net sales): 91.86$ / 66.85$ / 31.21$ / 29.85$ Alamy highest sale (net): 15.02$ October: Known Micro agency (highest
  2. I also have experimented on this subject and found that after "optimizing" several images, they have fallen drastically in the search results. I had several images on the first page of a specific search that returned almost 700 photos. One was in the 29th position and the other three near the bottom between the 90th and 100th position. After optimizing four images all of them dropped three pages in the search results. The optimization I've made consisted in deleting some less relevant keywords and adding expressions, like the two-word name of the subject to the super-tags, and keeping
  3. Well, we have two very recent cases particularly bad in Portugal. The most recent a 300 year old sculpture, and previously a 19th century statue in the facade of a building of the neo-manueline style and a landmark for several reasons. Both were tourists from the selfie brigade, but nonetheless there was a photo involved.
  4. I would like to see Alamy giving a search advantage to those images that have been keyworded with 50 tags to motivate people to review their images. Those who were able to reduce to 30 keywords would receive a even bigger benefit. Not only would that recognize the efforts of those who try not to spam, but punish those who use a horde of irrelevant keywords. In fact, my experience tells me that 30 keywords are more than enough. Looking at alamy measures and other agencies that identify the keywords used by buyers show that almost all searches use a couple words and are pretty direct on what
  5. What's wrong to have a simple page with the portfolio organized in folders where we present a potential costumer our work with a payment and billing structure and even support team if they require it? Alamy already hosts our work, so they would not be entering the hosting business, just providing a way for us to organize a view of it to potential clients. Everybody wins. Creating a personal website, with payment and billing options and all that alamy already offers is not that simple for the vast majority of us. I know as I've created a couple of personal websites.
  6. I've asked for the development of the photographer page for years now, and even got answers from alamy in discussions unfortunately stating that that's not their priority. With simple work, like allowing to create folders to organize the portfolio, the display of more thumbnail per page, and a simple introduction/presentation column that would be enough. I often felt tempted to promote my portfolio in alamy, since alamy already provides the payment and billing structure and a support team making it much more easy than to build a personal website. But with such a poor page I always gave
  7. The two darker ones at the bottom left and the three silver ones on top of them with the golden stripes in the forehead are, according to wikipedia, the Sparus Aurata. And they have as common name in English: Gilt-Head Sea Bream. In the wikipedia page there are the common names for them in several countries. You may want to include some of those in the keywords. I don't know about other countries but in Portugal it's a very appreciated fish, and it's called Dourada. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gilt-head_bream
  8. Decrease of 50% in the number of sales compared to 2014 Decrease of 71% in net income compared to 2014
  9. I don't know if I have mentioned this before, but I would like to have a more developed search engine inside the manage images. For example to search withing a specific pseudonym and to be able to sort the results.
  10. That problem in not exclusive to micros. In respect to Portugal in all searches I make on alamy there are gross errors of misidentified places, monuments, and all sorts of things. Including messing up world heritage sites names! Sometimes I almost sent alamy a mail, but didn't do it because it would become a full time job. The fact that alamy has an advantage of years in terms of editorial content, which is not a surprise since it's the agency's main focus, obviously gives it not only a larger collection but probably more correction in terms of keywords and captions. In terms of the Mi
  11. I think that being in 2015, has given everybody more than enough time to get over the trauma. Microstock was an absolute inevitability despite some people refusing to see it. Once high-quality and affordable digital cameras were invented allowing anyone to become a photographer, and high-speed Internet access became widespread allowing high-resolution photos to be sent and bought from anywhere, the recipe was complete. Maybe you could hate the Internet, maybe you could hate digital photography. But hating something that was inevitable... Even if the price for Microstock RF photos had b
  12. As far for allowing contributors to set their own prices there are some examples in Micro agencies in the footage segment. The leading micro agency in footage allows you to set the prices freely but informs the contributor of the overall average sale price of the agency's actual sales, and the average sale price of the best sellers, in each image submission page as a way to inform the contributor of a realistic price and avoid dumping. Another agency has a three tier system and we can choose the tier for each video. This last example is a good solution to avoid excessive confusion among cl
  13. The question is, how long will you be safe on the themes you sold recently on alamy and didn't find competition on Micro? It's becoming more and more common on the MSG Forum for people to complain about falling income, over-saturation of the market, low income not justifying expensive productions, etc. So, what are stock photographers doing to keep their income? Besides submitting to new and very dubious agencies, they are moving into new types of subjects that weren't their initial focus like travel and themes editorial in nature. And I think this trend will grow. We are already seeing ma
  14. Exactly. I also think that RF Editorial should be an option for every image if the photographer wanted. RM could be an option for extremely high-quality content with high costs of production, for images resulting of some sort of exclusive access to a place or event, or had Model or Property releases hard to get for others, if the creator decided so. I would add that RF should be licensed with limitations of use if it was to be supplied in the Micro / Low Cost style just as it happens in Micro, contrary to the traditional RF license. For more uses Extended Licenses would be required. T
  15. My honest opinion? At this moment alamy cannot offer almost anything that Micro won't be able to offer currently, or at least in the near future. SS alone added almost 400 thousand images this last week and tenths of thousands of videos. Plus, Micro offers vectors, footage, sound clips, etc. So it gives more choices for clients to shop anything it needs, most of the times in one single place in a very effective manner. With the introduction of RF Editorial in 2007 the last barrier has been broken because it competes with RM. Sure, clients wanting an exclusive use of an image may need
  16. When I get 5x more RPI in the type of images that alamy is supposed to be the expert in a single micro agency this tells me that alamy, with a great sorrow, will be the last to receive new material. But it's not just the RPI, the actual income is greater with only a tiny fraction of the images I have here. I've made everything to keep these images only available on alamy. Yet, after 7 years with lower than expected results and the competition strongly building up on Micro after Editorial RF became available, I just gave up and start submitting this type of images to them since I believe th
  17. Dangerous thought. How can you be sure that lowering prices would create volume? Perhaps raising prices would create volume. Sometimes it's all a matter of perception -- i.e. if something costs a bit more, it is often perceived as being better quality. Alamy has a different type of collection when compared to micro agencies, even if a large portion overlaps or is even the same. So that difference must be taken into consideration, when adopting a new strategy is considered. But the problem is that alamy is not going in the right direction. At least looking at my income in the past
  18. Although most people point the low prices for which images are licensed in the Micro agencies as the worst thing for photographers on that model, the truth is that the worst thing is the unstoppable greed of the agencies and total lack of respect for their contributors. For example IS, once the leading Micro agency decided that the business was unsustainable if they had to continue to pay 20% of commission, so they lowered from 15% to 20% whee only a handful of photographers could reach the top tiers. Many agencies frequently sign highly damaging or ethically appalling agreements, like
  19. I've got one sale from June 2012 and another from January 2013, both around $40 unpaid, and another of $6.33 waiting to be cleared for about 5 months. What I cannot understand is why sales with values equal or close to micro aren't immediately cleared. How can a company justify being unable to pay for $6 immediately? Or even 40$?
  20. Very true! And the saddest part is that I have two. I'm in the bottom of the food chain!
  21. Maybe that's what's causing the silent treatment... But he's not trustworthy too. When it's mentioned that the product doesn't need batteries because it recharges through the kinetic energy of the pet, I cannot know how he can endorse that, since he hardly moves except to go to the food and water bowls and to the litter. Even when I try to play with him, he prefers to stand there and watch me play alone with his toys. If I were to rely on him for that I would have broadband for about 3 minutes a day! Don't believe that cat, He's a liar!
  22. Since my cat is endorsing it (B84YCK ) I would think that it would tell me if this an April's Fool prank or not. But no matter how many times I ask, it keeps the mouth shut and acts as if it has nothing to do with this or any knowledge about it...
  23. Considering how loose, layered and confusing his clothes are I think it's quite possible that the image is not photoshoped, and a simple result of the previous with the angle and the slightly diffused light around him that eliminates strong shadows around the arm that could create shapes and volumes.. Plus the angle of his hands seems perfectly natural to me since we do not see him holding anything, but simply pointing. The light colour in the tip of his finger seems to be the nail and not the chalk so there's nothing wrong with the position or anatomy of the hand. I can put my arm and han
  24. In the Portuguese islands of Azores the milk cows not only roam free in the fields, but the landscape itself is amazing. Plus, this happens in many places in Portugal. As for wrong captions and keywords, every time I search anything about Portugal many of the images have wrong identifications, not only in the location, the characteristics, but even in the name of what is being shown. Unfortunately these results appear in the first pages, which means that they are being uploaded by people with high rankings that should know what they are doing.
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