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  1. Hi All Somethings changed for me but there seems to be a very strange clustering behaviour on some searches . Has reverted to before the new IM I think, also changed the order of my returned images for any given search term . The moving target has moved again. I think it is due to a refresh as I have some images being replaced by MS the thumbnails for the old images turn up in searches but when clicked on I get an error page so might have to wait for refresh in 24 hours ??????? Jon images that have sold dropping 160 places just one example Wonder what a search for SOLR would return?.
  2. Thanks we need a glossary now Thinking of sending in an image with a number in every field to see what goes where Jon
  3. Hi All Just had some images pass QC the keywords came over OK from Capture One in the order I had selected but change a tag to super tag and it screws up the order WHY? Also not importing the caption from ITPC WHY? Regards Jon
  4. Hi All Just had some images pass QC the keywords came over OK from Capture One in the order I had selected but change a tag to super tag and it screws up the order WHY? Also not importing the caption from ITPC WHY? Regards Jon
  5. Don't forget Kumar if a Tiger chases you you don't need to out run the Tiger only the person next to you. Jon
  6. Hi ReeRay Just tried this and guess what it doesn't work the tags and super tags are even more scrambled now this HAS to be a bug. Jon
  7. Interesting all I wanted was to save the tags in the order that was shown on screen over 3 images I hit save and it scrambles them and you can't edit them. Jon
  8. Hi All I have just retagged 3 legacy images that MS replaced they are different vies of the same subject but because they were reworded at different times did not have exactly the same kewords. So I selected all three and clicked on which tags and super tags were needed once I had settled on the desired setting I clicked save and guess what all the tags moved round to different positions. Shouldn't they stay the same if they don't its going to be a nightmare from now on as we can't get our kewording into the right order for similar subjects ( which is a good idea in a database surely ) Regards Jon We must have some sort of tag editor or we will be all over the place other programs let you move keyword order around before you submit so this may be the way to go for new subs . Have some new images in QC using new technique will see how I get on
  9. Hi All I normally use FTP because I have an unreliable connection I did try the new upload but it started before I was ready before you had to click an upload button . Anyone else found this I think clicking the button to start gave you a second to think "is this the correct image to send" Jon
  10. Then vote "neither". Because I also use photoshop for pixel level editing
  11. Hi Kumar First may i thank you for all your research secondly I had 2 images go on sale today and they appeared higher up in a collection of 52 of a particular subject so is it different folks different strokes . I think its to early to tell but the new AIM and search algorithm don't seem to be working in a consistent way. Regards Jon
  12. Capture One ​Why don't you look at the metadata in the library.
  13. Thanks Ian I should know better was P1 at the time I can't spell Schleicher either . Regards Jon ​Just tried its my BHZ image and if I do I have to put in all the tags again to get BHZ as the first tag just for one p
  14. If we have collections of images of the same subject type we would like to keep the kewording consistent over all of the images of that type just like we used to via copy and paste quickly and efficiently
  15. This is not a Sailplane F5TTW1 This is AT3J6H We are being told to add more keywords if we do more of this will go on
  16. There is another thread on this but its not as straightforward as it used to be fine tuning is near impossible
  17. I can add tags I also emailed member services to un delete them came back and they are now on sale don't know how
  18. I added more tags that seemed to do it where does it say that there a minimum number?? It also appeared that it was up for deletion .
  19. It only goes on sale if you make it go from red to orange thats what I can't do. If I could make it go from red to orange it would be on sale in 24 hours. Jon
  20. Hi All I have just uploaded 5 Images I can get 3 of then to go from red bar to orange bar on sale two others won't go from red to orange and there is nothing I can do to get them to go on sale. Checked all fields and nothing Any Ideas??? Jon
  21. Yes but If i have 20 images and more to come it takes ages
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