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  1. Hi All Were have the updates gone I haven't had an update since the 22nd and that was sort of half an update. Has anyone else had an update ??/ Jon
  2. Sorry Geoff I should have said it was for a batch of legacy images that MS replaced for me that may me the reason but MS said that it should resolve with an update of AIM Jon
  3. Hi Geoff Still getting truncated tags also the order of uploaded images is different in IM to how they appear in search. Do apostrophes count ?? apply? is the new search engine stemming or not? Jon
  4. Hi Ace Stratford on Avon = Tesco Stratford upon Avon = no Tesco. Could change as the elves push buttons . Jon
  5. Hi Im a mac user and use transmit there options are available but never had a problem either here or with clients and I don't have any bandwidth typically 1.5Mb and below. Jon
  6. Hi All I thought duplicates DID affect rank now Alamy are saying they don't???? "The duplicates will not affect the search engine results or your ranking so it is perfectly fine for you to leave them if you would like to." Jon
  7. Hi Wim Thanks for all the hard work but i don't think you or anyone else knows whats going on (i certainly don't) I have a couple of emails into CR about tags will post after resolution . $2445.29 is the worrying bit if you lose out because of a failing system so do Alamy to the same amount, all the emails I get back seem to be Customer centric not Contributor friendly. Regards Jon Still submitting
  8. Hi All I have some legacy images with more than one word per tag when there should be only one word per tag is this a comma thing or a bug thing + 30 character thing??. Regards Jon
  9. Do they know ill try Mark but fingers crossed . Jon
  10. Thanks Paulette OK if there is a limit can someone at Alamy please tell us then we won't keep making mistakes. Jon
  11. Hi All Just checked 14 similar images in IM it reported that tags were different across all images so I selected all tags to be same pressed save then one tag is truncated whats going on they were OK before. Fast giving up the will to live with this new system why change when the old one was so easy . Regards Jon
  12. +1 Could it be a mistake with new MI, forgetting to deselect images already captioned and tagged? The way that clicking on a new image in the new MI doesn't automatically deselect the previously selected image(s) is a rather non-standard UI, which has already caught me out more than once.
  13. Hi All Looking at this again you can see your ref numbers if you can be bothered to start at the last down load then scroll through all your images . If you go to an image in IM via search guess what your image number is missing but if you scroll to it its there FAIL But it takes ages depending on your connection speed. Makes you wonder who tested this . Jon
  14. Hi Kumar Interesting that you had a slightly different response from Almay than Philipe did?? "over the coming weeks and months, there will be a series of changes to enhance the search experience on Alamy which will result in the positions of image fluctuating." So all the work many have done so far is a waste of time if the search is going to change Im leaving legacy images well alone . Jon
  15. HI All Thanks to Doc and Philipe for their research but Alamy's response stuns me. Keep up all your hard work then we will move the goalposts . Just tell us how it works and what to do thats all we want so we don't waste more time and effort tagging captioning only to be told don't do it that way. Regards Jon
  16. Hi All How do we see our image ref numbers as the have disappeared from my IM . They are not visible in a general search if you put Alamy's image ref in IM it displays the correct image but guess what my image ref is missing hence when talking to CR we can't locate images to replace . I must be doing it wrong but there must be a faster way than scrolling through thousands of images, just wasted an hour and a half on looking for 2 images and could only find one. Regards Jon Any help tips gratefully accepted .
  17. Hi All Has anyone else noticed that the more images number has disappeared (10.45GMT) it used to give total of images you had for particular search term its disappeared now when I search Anyone else?? Jon
  18. Also why can't we have our file ref numbers on searches like we used to so we can go to image and edit. Its taking me ages to find things to copy and paste from not that I can like we used to. Jon
  19. Just tried that Alan and it seems ok even takes into consideration deleted images.(I think) Jon
  20. Dont forget the jpeg compression will also vary the Mb size. with varying complexity in image
  21. Morning Philippe Have you noticed the strange clustering?? groups of 10 to 14 from certain contributors. Jon
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