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  1. Hi Betty Just heard from MS the google captcha will be gone next week hurrrahh Jon
  2. Hi All I can say is don't tell them anything they don't need to know for you to comply. A friend told them things that they can't find out and gets interrogated every time even when transiting gets held to last minuet . Jon
  3. Hi All Im now getting captcha failure dialogue boxes when browsing the main collection along with dimmed display. Jon
  4. Hi All You have to draw around things now twice just to get here and also was in the middle of rewording and got a captcha dialog box still can't check things on iPhone etc . This is silly please stop it ALAMY so far during kewording and checking forum I have had to log on 6 or 7 times . Jon
  5. Hi All Still can't log on using mobile device this is getting ridiculous . Regards Jon
  6. Hi All All the Captcha nonsense is getting ridiculous I have had to get through 6 screens of pictures just to post this and can't log on when out of the office on iPhone or iPad . Whats going on Alamy either stop it or get it right across all Platforms . Heaven knows what the customer experience is like. Regards Jon
  7. Hi All If I have to click another image of an out of focus sign ill go mad you can't log in on your iPhone or iPad and even on my Mac it took 2 attempts clicking on signs. Come on alma sort this out . Jon
  8. Hi All 1.5 down and 500K up thats when it works I don't know how I need up with so many images here. Jon
  9. Hi Doc Im also finding the order of images within pseudonym changed with older images superseding newer ones the older ones haven't been fiddled with i.e. they were keyworded before the new IM. I think its been churned a little too much don't you? Jon
  10. Hi All Just had a look interesting images are appearing in searches that have NOTHING to do with the search term used????? also the new mix is strange buyers are going to be confused. This needs tweaking so results are at least what you expect . Regards Jon
  11. Hi All Have you seen this in the lets talk about pictures the Telegraph is behind this. Has your local newspaper started a Facebook Camera Club? Jon
  12. Hi All I use an i1 pro to keep things profiled between devices it just take the guess work out of colour management especially if printing .(saves time and waste) I must say I calibrated my new MacBook and can't see much difference between Apples out of the box profile and the one generated by the i1 Jon
  13. Hi All Yesterdays submission just passed so it must have got there thats fast 12 hours from sub to on sale pending database update . Jon
  14. Hi All Just tried FTP and got the socket error twice so tried web upload they went but the thumbnails haven't shown up yet???? Jon BTW How long do the thumbnails take to process on web upload ?????
  15. Hi All The results from the new search engine are all over the place I'm getting plenty of views. BUT today I searched for two towns I have images for the search results included images at least 100 miles away and of in one case waterfalls ??????not what picture editors are expecting. I am finding more and more spurious results high up in the search after the update. I know the subject/subjects but someone was from a different location/country they would have to trawl through them to find out they are incorrect. Also impossible to attach correctly stemmed tags because of character limit looking for workaround . I think we need some guidance on whats what as everybody is in the dark over the new system . Jon I haven't changed any legacy images apart from a couple of spelling mistakes and am still shooting uploading.
  16. Do they ask for the sheet now as not sent it in the past? Jon
  17. Yes Geoff when are we going to get a sensible update??? according to measures I have 11 hours left
  18. Hi All Just been looking at some search results and some images don't appear . if I search for a given term that I know I have 118 images for, my first image comes in at say 20. If i click on more it normally opens a page with either that image first or other images that come before it in the search but if you click back to the original search page the images that are before it i.e. 6 or 7 images that should be on page 1 aren't there . They always used to be . Has the new SE screwed this up too???? Regards Jon Will look into it further .
  19. Hi All Zero but as my measures didn't update until 1am this morning I still have 11 hours of the month left things are sure screwed up. Will we be getting daily or weekly updates now???????????? There is a small DM one but probably won't show up. EDIT one for $89 turned up on dashboard not on in measures yet so its either yesterday or today I don't know which confused ??????????? Jon
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