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  1. How can this be worth it with the vagaries of the Alamy reranking system and many inaccuracies in captioning. Its impossible to separate some English villages. Regards Jon
  2. Hi All I for $35 zooms ok loots of views??? good luck for November Jon
  3. Hi Allc I get "multiple values" even when the caption is the same Jon
  4. Hi Mike This is of some concern especially as the calendar company concerned has ceased trading so waiting until next March to bill then seems to put it mildly stupid . Jon
  5. Thanks Paul dare I ask which March/April. This late reporting/payment needs tightening up on very slack business practice . You have to pay for the calendars COD or within the month this is taking the **** Still have DM from last November not paid
  6. Hi All Found in J Salmon "Tractors 2018" + 3 of mine only found by accident browsing in book shop hurry up and chase as Salmon are closing down. Steve Cooper Noel Bridgeman Paul Lilley Gordon Ridgewell Diane Randle David Bleaker Mark Richardson Mark Boulton
  7. Hi All Here is a list of the other photographers will also post in images found Steve Cooper Noel Bridgeman Paul Lilley Gordon Ridgewell Diane Randle David Bleaker Mark Richardson Mark Boulton Regards Jon
  8. Hi Richard No all images have both Photographer and Alamy credit Jon
  9. Hi All I was looking at calendars in a local book store when much to my surprise I spotted 3 of my images used. I purchased the calendar only to be informed by the shop owner that that was the last time he would be selling calendars from J Salmon as the were going out of business . When I was near a computer (as measures won't work in iOS devices or at least none of the ones I have ) and no sales reported . Should I or any others be worried about payment. Regards Jon
  10. Hi All Why do S ( the mobile site that dare not say its name) live news images turn up on Alamy Am I missing something. Are some contributors are using the live news feed to populate their portfolio missing out on QC etc Jon
  11. Hi All Another fall in DACS here down £195 even though last year I sold over twice as much . ???????????? Not sure where I'm missing out I find the claim confusing thought I had max ISBNs. Regards Jon
  12. Hi All 3 for $143 zooms still looking good and passed the 3K barrier. Regards Jon
  13. Hi All I have images of Clun and Aston on Clun so far I can't find a way to separate them in searches (please feel free to chip in) Also doesn't help that there are incorrectly titled and tagged images in the search. Jon
  14. Hi All Who finds it impossible to log on anymore especially with apple products iOS especially. No matter what I do no luck 30+ captchas no luck now have to wait untill get back into office before kewording This issue must be affecting others. Jon
  15. Hi Martin Yes I agree its a pain you can't log in on well at least I can't log in on iOS devices so when out of the office I'm ALAMY BLIND . Please sort it out Alamy Regards Jon
  16. Hi All +1 here impossible to use iOS devices the n out and about I tried 20 times today with no luck I even had to go through 2 captchas to post this. As Duncan says please sort it out. Jon
  17. How will this affect rank ??? will it count as one download/sale at point of purchase or 100 when will rank be applied as it could skew results massively Jon
  18. No Geoff but they have large portfolios so they may have a different perspective on the matter. Jon
  19. Wonder what Jeff Keith and Doc will have to say ??????? Jon
  20. Yes Geoff they get all money up front and which PU customer wants 100 images they may never download all 100 so its win win for Alamy. Jon
  21. Hi All I didn't agree to discount my images time or skill this is ridiculous . Prices are low enough already and sales few and far between . Text book publishers are going to love this it won't be policed and buyers will get away with murder . Large portfolio holders built up over years won't be happy, I want to opt out of the Discount and also print sales as I print myself Microstock by the back door Jon
  22. Hi All Zero here views disappeared for July ?????? Jon
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