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  1. Hi All 1 for $5.00 but sales every month for over a year now . Jon
  2. Hi Betty I can only get in through history not through google search. Jon
  3. Hi All The image search seems to be broken from my point of view the thumbnails load but when you click an individual thumbnail the single image page associated with it won't load you just get the three blue squares. Anyone else having problems this is on a MacBook using safari. Thanks Jon
  4. Hi Ed I would go for the 15 inch also ask for a discount I registered as a business and got s discount off this 15 inch so don't ask don't get good luck Jon
  5. Hi All They take longer to load in 2 or 3 sections . Jon
  6. Hi All One for $14.00 not much but now getting a sale a month for over a year. Regards Jon
  7. Hi All Please Please check the submission guidelines for local papers as if your not careful they grab copyright or unlimited use etc etc. Regards Jon
  8. HI Rob What about the cars in the background they have reg plates and look vaguely American???? can you make out some sort of plate on the front?? Also could the MK reg on the car in the background be the two letter code for north east London?? Jon
  9. Hi All One for $13 some zooms and one zoom for feb. Regards Jon
  10. Hi Again Has anyone had trouble with the DACS claim form it won't let you proceed without a ISBN number just keeps looping back?? Jon
  11. Hi All Just spent all afternoon searching (thanks Mark) but still no ISBN's So unable to complete DACS form Jon
  12. Thanks Mark I hadn't Im a photographer not a hacker. Thanks again Jon
  13. Hi I can never find any of my uses despite searching I find this withholding of essential information frustrating. (yes check images found and reverse image search ) Jon
  14. Hi Mark How on earth do we find the ISBN number when almay won't tell us. Regards Jon
  15. Hi All Something strange happened for me today even though I had my first sale and zoom last week, this morning in measures 4 of my Images showed up for this search term "Ölheizung" even though that search term is not in any keywords caption etc etc never had this happen before . Is this the new algorithm or an auto translate. Like the rest of you views etc on the deck . Regards Jon
  16. HI All Sames as last year 33 so its head down and sort some keywords and submit more. Regards Jon
  17. Hi All 7 for $188 fingers crossed for Jan. Regards Jon
  18. Thanks for the info Ian is the just an agency hoovering up creative commons and dumping them here?? Jon
  19. Thats true John but we tag caption etc correctly this is putting all our hard work at risk by affecting rank I don't think Alamy should allow this ,. Jon
  20. Hi All Was just checking kewords were correct for some of my images when I noticed the page populated with some fresh images because of the 20 on the search page 8 were mine. The new images were part of a portfolio of 2,220,414 individual images making up 222205 pages (100 per page) It says its an historic image but its not .many of the 2 million are but not all and the tags bear no relation to the image and the vast majority of the others have inappropriate tags and captions. Is this just an agency dumping images into Alamy ??? should they be allowed to get away with so many inappropriately tagged images . Should Alamy do something about it what do you think or any with larger portfolios i.e. Keith Doc or Jeff. KJ0R4X will give you a clue to find them Regards Jon edit: looks like many/all have same tags just to get then on sale
  21. Hi Liam Check out capture one I think there are free Sony options. Jon
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