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  1. Hi all, when typing in the "location" field on the "optional" tab a drop-down (and a map?) used to open up, where you could select a precise location. That´s the way it is still described in the AIM instruction manual. But for me there is no drop down menu or map. Did this change (for everybody)? Or is this some browser issue on my side? Cheers, Axel
  2. On the new dashboard I can only find the number of images with "good or optimized discoverability" and with "poor discoverability" but not the total number of images on sale. I know it´s only a simple addition of the 2 numbers but it would it would be great to see the total number at a glance (just like we were used to with the old dashboard).
  3. I just sold an image. Under details it says: "Usage: iQ sale: Magazine" What does iQ stand for? I suppose it´s not the name of the magazine
  4. For my last few batches the keywords have not been imported from the IPTC data. All keyword fields (and caption) are blank when I open them in "Manage Images v2.4". Am I the only one with this problem? Or has the Alamy upload process changed somehow?
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