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  1. Hi just to ask you what other sites are some off you selling your photos on. Fotolia, Shutterstock, Dreamstime, 500px ect. I have sold 2 images so far this year for $133.00. @ we are into month 10. So i was wondering what other stock sites to try? Any suggestions. Thanks
  2. Hi, QC replied today, one photo failed (soft or lacking definition) so 31 day counting weekends.
  3. Hi, uploaded 16 photos on the 21th July, as yet i have had no reply from QC. So one or more has been unsuccessful, i thought that you were in the sin bin for 28 days? At the moment it has been 30 days and i am still counting. Dose the weekends count in the 28 days or not? My sin bin should have ended on Monday. I have 45 photos from "Race-for Life, that i am waiting to upload. Can you help. Geoff
  4. Had a sale on the 17th July, photo DAN8XY photo of a swan for $12;21, I receive £3;67
  5. Hi had a sale two days ago on the 17 July photo DAN8XY, only the second this year for $12;21. Alamy Distributor commission 30%, $3;66, plus 40% Distributor commission $4;88. "70% altogether" . I receive 30% only $3;67. Can you explain this to me. I only get 30% Geoff
  6. Hi, I have been taking photos of jet planes vapor trails lately in the sky, can I sell them as RF? or do I need a property release, as the jet planes can be seen in the photos, even though they are very small.
  7. Hi, I have read two articles lately about sharping sky, there both said that you do not sharpen because of artifacts. I use Lightroom @ I use the preset sharpen-scenic. It sets Amount to 40, Radius to 0.8, Default to 35, Masking to O. Do you sharpen the sky or not? If yes what setting do you set? Geoff
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