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  1. Hi Sally, Over ten years ago, I used to cover a lot of rock concert for a big American agency. The favourite tool in my camera bag for this type of event was, earplugs... If you are at the front in the photographers pit, you will still ear what is going on with them, but you won't be deaf at the end of the festival. And personally I found that it allowed me to be more focused on the image taking process. Have a good day.
  2. Living in a small town where not much happen, I still try to find some images on my time off. Not sure if this one will work, but that was a good way to spend the end of the day.
  3. The Northern Territory Parliament House in Darwin, here we like to call it "the wedding cake"... Under one of the first storm of the season, approaching...
  4. Hi there, Here come my three photos: Place des Jacobins in Lyon France: Construction in the city: And the Boab tree in Darwin City. The Tree was planted in the late 1800s and mark the site of Darwin city first primary school: And this is it for me this month. Have a good day.
  5. Two images to finish the month for me. First a man walking his dog along the beach: An while I was watching the sunset I eat a nice little burger: I don't know if there is really a market for this type of images on Alamy, but I liked them. Have a good day, Regis
  6. A photograph that had been sleeping in my hard drive for about a year... And that I just decided to upload... And another one at the Botanic Garden in my small town:
  7. I really don't have anyone especially outlandish in my photos... So I will post the best I can: School uniform and fake tattoo of the rebel child: A speedo should be on, whenever you feel like it: And long socks are the best: Not as flamboyant as the other entries. But I really enjoy looking at the photographs from this month them.
  8. Earlier in the month, I went swimming at this water hole with my family. This week they closed it because of a 3.4 metres crocodile swimming in it... Also, Coming out of the water, walking back up the stairs, I had to stop to let a snake cross over the steps. But it was a Green Tree Snake, from what my wife say, so not dangerous.
  9. Thank you Paulette. I do tend to like cats too. And that one is a good one, but he just likes to sleep on my car out of all the one in the parking...
  10. Ricoh seems to be coming up with a new GR, the GR III. It is an APS-C sensor. If as good as previous GR cameras it should be a good compact one.
  11. At my next door neighbour, this was my first photograph sold on Alamy: After a cyclone in the street just up the corner from me: Another neighbour frangipani: All this is from Darwin, Australia. Have a good day. Sorry, forget the first one, it was indoor, so here comes a third outdoor, my neighbour's cat who like to sleep on the roof of my car and is not too happy that I have to go to work in the morning:
  12. Hi there, Thank you for stepping up Colblimp , much appreciated. Yes, it was a photo done with my phone. I tend to do a lot of photos with my phone when not at work. At work it is mostly Nikon D800 and D810. Playing with phone pics or a small Fuji X-100, outside of work is a way for me to keep having fun while taking photographs. A way to refresh if I may say. Yes, in my case Regis is masculine. Have a good day, Regis P.S: I really enjoy having a look at the current monthly challenge, some really interesting images in there.
  13. Hi there, I am very humbled by your choice, for a quick snap of my little one done as we were having a tea party. but I am at the moment in the middle of an overseas travel, for family reason, not exactly vacation. with very intermittent and shaky internet connection, from my mobile phone only. would the person in second position, be able to run the next challenge? I am really sorry, but won’t be able to get proper internet access for a few more weeks. And my state of mind isn’t really where it should be right now. Please accept my apologies.
  14. Hi GVallee, The caption for your images reads Port Dougas on the sales pages. ;-) Have a good day.
  15. Hi fotoDogue, I use the 5c, and usually connect via Wifi, but the Wifi, now that I have upgraded, doesn't seem to work proper... I now go faster via cell phone than Wifi... Go figures... Have a good day, Regis
  16. Hi there, I just found that, and it might explain the problem: https://discussions.apple.com/thread/6546549 Have a good day, Regis
  17. Hi Andy, Thanks for the answer, I will try to have a look at it in the App store. Have a good day, Regis
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