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  1. You broke it??? 😉 I haven't seen this one, I visited the Tully one three years ago. Rather impressive. Have a good day.
  2. One of my favourite fishing spot when fishing land based:
  3. Hi Gvallee, It that the Tully one? My partner grew up in El Harish, next to Tully. 😀
  4. Hi there, Not a big milestone for most of you... Especially considering the time that it took me to achieve it... But today I passed the one thousand photographs on Alamy proper. In fact I started with Alamy a long time ago, but didn't really work at it for many years. Then last year I decided to focus a bit more on it. Keeping in mind that I earn my living only via photography, but mostly working for another type of organisation. So what I put on Alamy is my weekends and holidays. I see it more as a thing to do to keep pleasure in photography and not get burnt out at my regular job. Attached is one of the photographs that got me over the thousand today: And yes, strangely, since I started to upload more, sales seems to have picked up a bit... 😉 Have a good day, Regis
  5. Hi there, Technically uploaded in July, but came online on the first of August. So it makes it ok I guess... A Tokyo sunset.
  6. Hi Betty, Sorry for the delay in replying, I was on holidays, real one! That was nice, real nice... Ok, so yes it is $5 for the dip, but first it is big, nearly as big as the plate of fries, and second it is Australian dollar, so it would be around $3.5 for you. And last, well, yes, every thing is expensive in Darwin, which is one of the main raison why our population is falling. People are leaving to go where it is cheaper. We are a bit far from everything here, so everything is expensive... Have good ay. 😀
  7. A typical Australian shed roof made of corrugated iron, with a lot of copy space.
  8. My three: The Great Air Race Memorial in Fannie Bay, marks the point where the first aerial flight from London England to Darwin Australia landed in 1919. 11th Nov, 2018. Commemoration for Remembrance Day for the centenary of the Armistice, at the Darwin Cenotaph on Bicentennial Park in Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia. 25th April 2018. Australian military at the parade for Anzac Day 2018 in Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia
  9. From the festival last weekend in my town: And at a nearby park, near the beach:
  10. Hi there, I took a few month ago a few photographs of something that I was thinking was already fully represented on Alamy. But I find it beautiful and took a few photos anyway. Uploaded the images and once online, checked my keyword to see what was the competition...Only my pics came up. Since then the series has been zoomed three time and yesterday it sold for the first time. On the sales report it says iQ sale, what does iQ mean? Does anyone know? Have a good day, Regis
  11. Hi Michael, Thank you for including one of mine, I really didn't expect it, as sports is not really my thing. And also, because I honestly believed that many photographs were much better than mine. Good luck everybody.
  12. Hi there, Looking at this link: https://www.boredpanda.com/embassies-around-the-world/ I would say that it should not be too difficult. Have a good day, Regis
  13. I know that, but I was just wondering if in a place like Alamy, the file size would make a difference. For what it is, I am actually rather happy with the sales I got with such a small number of photographs here. Thanks all for the replies, that was instructive. Have a good day, Regis P.S: I nearly bought a Fuji S-2 Pro a few years ago, but at the time Nikon had just released the D100, and I went with it. I liked it until I got a D2X. But yes today, for personal stuff, I do prefer something like the Fuji X-100. Just personal taste really. Some people like stamps or old motorbikes or airplanes, I like cameras... Lucky that I also use them as working tools.
  14. Hi there, Yes I remember the Kodak DCS 200, was the first digital camera I worked with, as assistant in a big studio. At the time it was more expensive than a car, and from memory, was around 1.5MP It was attached to a computer because it could not save the images to a card... And we felt like the kings of the world using it... Probably because we were young... Now about the Fuji X-100, I am not looking for a smaller camera, I just want one that I have fun when using it. This is a camera that I really like not just for the small size, but also because it reminds me of the cameras that I used a few years ago, that had films inside. I am very happy with the quality of image that it produce, I was just wondering if having more MP would make a big difference in sales. If it is not huge, I might wait for the new version. I think that I read somewhere that a Fuji manager said that in 2020 they will have a new one coming out, with a new sharper lens and better autofocus, and maybe weather sealing. So I will try to make my old one last a bit more. If it dies before that, I might go for an X-Pro2. Thank you all for the multiple replies, much appreciated. Have a good day, Regis
  15. Ok. I was just wondering how did you manage the paraglide and the camera at the same time...
  16. GrandMa filming a kids choir with her mobile phone at the Mindil Beach market in Darwin Australia.
  17. Hi Alex and Colin, Thanks for the replies. The reason I ask is because I work every days in a job where I use mostly two Nikon, a D800 and a D810, and an array of lenses and lights. Mostly indoor. So for what I do outside of work, I just want to have fun, trying to keep pleasure in the craft if I may say. As such I use a small Fuji X-100, the original one with a 12Mp sensor. This is what I have been using for a while for the photographs that I upload on Alamy. Apart for the past few weeks where I used my child camera (a more recent X-100) as mine was at the repair shop. While using my child's camera, I realised that mine was rather old and that maybe I should use a newer one? I actually really enjoy the small and light little fuji, even if it is not perfect. So I might continue with that for a little while. Until a new version with a better lens comes out. Thank you for your time and advice. Have a good day, Regis
  18. Hi WillN, In the past I tried to submit some of them among other photographs that were more "standard", and they got rejected as soft and lacking definition or something like that. Recently I submitted two of them, just by themselves (Like the one below) and put the name Defocused view of an outdoor marquee, in the submission title. So as to show that it was deliberate and not a focus mistake. They did pass without any trouble. Maybe that is the way to do it? Have a good day, Regis
  19. That is a really cool photograph Kumar. Were you in the air too when you took it?
  20. Hi there, Does any of you have seen a marked difference in sales when changing from say, a 12MP camera to a 24MP or more camera? As in an increased number of sales. Thank you for your time, have a good day, Regis
  21. Trying to get photographs of people doing things. Not sure if this qualify, but that will be my try for this week.
  22. Swimming pool fun: My kind of sport: Run run run:
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