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  1. Hiya. Many thanks for reporting this Butterfly image of mine in the Independent. Cheers, Lindsay.
  2. Hi all. Firstly many thanks to all of you who have contributed to this forum over the past few weeks. FINALLY, after more than a year of trying, hassling, telephoning, and emailing, I have today had appear on my sales record the image used by the Times. A sale at $145.47. It just goes to show that perseverance - no doubt by both photographer and Alamy staff has finally paid off. But what a mission! Well done to all at Alamy for not giving up on this one. It does seem though that in this day and age, that Alamy could well do with reviewing and updating its online purchasing system. The fact tha
  3. Hi all - many thanks to all who have contributed to this topic. Its all too easy for me to sit out there taking photographs on my own and to not realise that there are MANY other photographers who may be in the same 'non-payment' boat! So, its great to hear all your comments! Thank you. OK, so it seems that there are many instances of Alamy allowing an image to be used, but then not having in place a robust enough mechanism for tracking and obtaining payment. Good news I got an apologetic call from MS today - and they tell me that my sale of one year ago is in fact 'going through in the next t
  4. On January 19th 2013 during the blizzards, I had a Railway image live news shot D2ANED used in The Times. It still appears in the google search for Orient Express. To date - one year later, and despite having had many communications with MS and Live News about this image, there is no record of this image being used on my account, and I nor Alamy have not been paid. I have regularly asked for this issue to be taken up, and am always assured that the sale will appear. But one year later, still nothing? My question is, why is it that the mechanism that Alamy has for images to be used and purchase
  5. Hi all - interesting stuff - I am waiting for notification of sales to the Times in January 2013, the Independent in July 2013 and the RSPB Magazine in July 2013. It is only through the posting of the great members on this site that I even know about the pictures being published at all. Well done and thanks to all.
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