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  1. I had one zoom, one sale for August. July: 6 zooms, 1 sale. June: 8 zooms, 3 sales.
  2. You mean this? http://www.alamy.com/Customersearch/Customersearchhistory.aspx Just found it, very helpful.
  3. I'm sure this has been asked, but not having luck searching the forum. Looking for threads, articles, any resources on how to research picture needs: trends, gaps in what Alamy already has, what buyers are looking for. I do know about the Alamy blog... Any resources welcome.
  4. I've read about property releases in the forum and the Alamy contributor pages, but still a bit confused about this. I've seen photos like this skyline that are listed as RF, but I assume property releases were not obtained for all buildings pictured. I have many photos with buildings in them, but no property releases. Can I upload them and mark them as not containing property that needs to be released for commercial use, and select RF?
  5. My Alamy -> Account Settings (tab at top) or you can contact CR to ask about switching. Blue pays 50% with no additional fees. If I remember correctly once you switch to Blue you can't switch back. Looks like I was paying 10 cents per image, per month, when I switched to Blue in 2009. If I was still Blue, with 3000 images, I could easily wind up paying Alamy more than I make for some months. I see where Green is specified under account settings, but there isn't a place there to switch; I just emailed them. Thanks for the replies.
  6. When I first joined Alamy back in 2004 or so I think I was Green because I was paying storage fees. I switched to Blue a few years ago to avoid the fees. Thanks for the response. I can't find info on the Blue scheme at the contributor page, anyone have a link to where that is detailed? With Green I get 60% (I assume Blue is less?), which is nice, but the storage fees really add up.
  7. What about storage fees? I have a "green" account, and have been deleting images to reduce storage fees. Those of you with many images (1,000+), do you have a different type of account without per-image storage fees?
  8. I read the FAQ and tried searching the forum, but couldn't find the answer to this. Is it appropriate to upload photos of a public figure (well known or lesser known musicians, for example), shortly after their death? IOW, their death is breaking news, but the photos might be a few years old.
  9. I have a photo for sale on Alamy, that's not on any other stock sites. It's also been published on my blog, and is registered with the U.S. Copyright office. I recently found several cases of unauthorized use of the photo on several web sites recently, in addition to a presumably legitimate use where Alamy is credited. My questions: When images are licensed for use, are the buyers required to post credit to Alamy? My understanding is that sales can take weeks or months to show on our accounts--anyone know if Alamy can provide a more up to date record of sales on request? I've sent a mess
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