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  1. Thanks MDM, that's helpful. I heard back from Alamy, and it turns out that there was a problem with my captioning last time I submitted live news, but I was granted access again.
  2. I just emailed them. Yes, I have previously been able to upload live news. Weird thing is I remembered that last time I uploaded a regular stock photo, it was available for sale immediately after uploading if description/headline metadata was present (if not, it was available for sale as soon as I added info). So I just uploaded the live news photos that way. Has that been the case for awhile, that images go on sale immediately, instead of after the day or two approval process?
  3. The "Live News" section is grayed out for me, on the upload page on Alamy web site; the "Stock" and "Reportage/Archival" sections are working normally. Also, I don't see a "live news" folder when logging in via FTP (to newsupload.alamy.com). I am approved for live news contributions. Anyone know why that is?
  4. Feature request: ability to exclude pseudonymous photos. I use my name for most of my photos on Alamy, but also use a pseudonym. On portfolio pages, all photos show...kind of defeats the purpose of pseudonyms in my view. I contacted support, they confirmed there's currently no way to do exclude pseudonym photos.
  5. Under "Discoverability" in image manager, I just noticed this--what does "optimized" refer to?
  6. My portraits of Dan Robbins, one of the founders of Paint-by-Numbers, were published in the Guardian, BBC, and Telegraph: https://www.telegraph.co.uk/obituaries/2019/04/09/dan-robbins-illustrator-designer-pioneered-paint-by-numbers/ https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-47822227 https://www.theguardian.com/artanddesign/shortcuts/2019/apr/05/from-warhol-to-minimalism-how-painting-by-numbers-revolutionised-art
  7. I just heard back from an Alamy staff person; in case anyone else was wondering, your portfolio page will include pseudonymous photos as well, no way to remove them. On the other hand, you can create galleries from the portfolio page, with whatever images you choose to add.
  8. Anyone know if it's possible to keep pseudonym photos from your Alamy portfolio page? I don't see any setting for that...
  9. My mistake; "personal use" is the default choice, so it's highlighted, to me it looked like a heading. So I thought that entire top section was "personal use.," as opposed to the bottom section, which is "royalty free license."
  10. I see, the "personal use" section for my RF images has the 5 yr limit, but below that, under "choose royalty free license," there's no time limit. I think I get it now, but yeah, confusing, and seems weird to have a 5 yr limit on personal use...
  11. Hm, I'm a bit confused about how/when 5 yr limit vs. no limit works. So in the first case I mentioned, you're saying the time limit will be removed after 24 hours, since I changed it to RF/editorial only? For new RF images, if I choose "editorial only," there won't be a time limit?
  12. Thanks. Also: how would I remove time limit for an RF image like this: https://www.alamy.com/cactus-euphorbia-trigona-against-a-solid-blue-background-image229544433.html It shows 5 year time limit for websites and magazines/books.
  13. Thanks John. Interesting about customers getting unique options, I didn't know that. RF editorial sounds like a good idea for me in this instance; so I would switch RM to RF, and then check "for editorial use only," right? ETA: I checked an RF image of mine, and that shows 5 year time limit too...so now I'm confused...
  14. I've seen people mention "in perpetuity" licenses, but I don't see that option for one of my RM editorial photos (and I got an email from an editor who wants to use it, but without time limit). When I choose editorial/editorial website/duration, I only see the 5 years option; am I missing something? Is that not available for RM? https://www.alamy.com/bruce-siewerth-former-theater-teacher-at-evanston-township-high-school-image229036237.html
  15. A map used to appear once I started adding info in the location field of image manager; lately I haven't seen that. Any recommendations about how specific this should be? For example, is an exact street address ideal? Intersection OK? (ie, Main St. and First St.) Also, is "1234 Main St. Los Angeles California" OK, or do I need to include country?
  16. I use a Canon 8-15mm at 12mm. 16 would work but much easier to shoot with wider lens. With my setup, I only need to shoot 4 shots around, and then I have a small nadir hole at bottom I need to patch. With 16mm you would need 5 or 6 images around, plus one tilted up I think.
  17. 360 panos are much better quality with DSLR/mirrorless cameras, where you shoot 4 or so photos around, standing behind the camera, and stitch. Single shot pano cameras tend to have flaws like serious chromatic aberration, lack of sharpness and dynamic range, stitching faults, etc.
  18. Yeah, one of my links was wrong; I do have photos in that group: https://www.alamy.com/360-degree-panoramic-view-of-pasadena-city-hall-california-image219619102.html Prices start at $399; $19 with the same image I had uploaded earlier. Guess I'll definitely be taking down the older images.
  19. Yeah, looking forward to getting more info...it's a bit confusing to me right now...
  20. Not sure about the royalties yet; presumably I would get a cut from 360Cities and Alamy for my 360s that Alamy sells via 360Cities. The reasons for deleting the old ones: 1) they don't show as interactive 360s at this time, and 2) I assume it's not a good idea to have dupe images on Alamy?
  21. I have photos at 360Citites.com and at Alamy. Curious to see how this partnership goes, and in particular wondering what this means for those of us who have photos at both sites. Here's the announcement at 360Cities: I already had uploaded a few 360 photos to Alamy months ago, though they weren't interactive on Alamy before now. Now the same image is on Alamy via 360Cities.net, presented interactively. I guess I should delete the original upload? There will be more duplicates for me... Original Pasadena City Hall 360 upload.HRRJN2 Same image,
  22. Found one of mine at the New Yorker site: Portrait of Chicago author Stuart Dybek. Contributor: Jim Newberry / Alamy Stock Photo Image ID : BEW1CJ https://www.newyorker.com/podcast/fiction/stuart-dybek-reads-steven-millhauser
  23. Yeah, I doubt many will leave based on this. Which stock agency has better terms? The sad reality is that there is a serious supply and demand imbalance with stock photography. Not that we shouldn't gripe or push back on changes, but photographers are not strong negotiating position these days.
  24. Makes sense to me, for those who want to spend time doing that. Though I wonder if older images get sorted last in searches anyway, as well as lower res images?
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