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  1. Carol, The lights should go from blue when the battery is empty to red flashing when almost charged to solid red when fully charged. My RX100 battery will only fit in one place and lies horizonally when the gadget is put into the power source, the lights are on the top. The battery shouldn't be loose. I've never used the other connections (usb), I just plug into the wall outlet. Hope you can get it sorted! Carole Edit: I just put a battery in and it does go blue, turns red, goes out, then after a couple of seconds turns blue again to continue charging.
  2. Maria and Carol, I hate charging the battery through the camera and the Micro USB "trap" door is flimsy to say the least so I use a Hahnel Ultima Plus charger which charges batteries from both my Sony RX100 and Sony A6000. It came with interchangeable plugs for USA, UK, Euro and Australia as well as USB and 12V power sources so is perfect for travelling. It was a bit more expensive than I originally wanted to pay but it's been worth it for the convenience. https://www.hahnelusa.com/li-ion-battery-chargers/ Carole
  3. Totally agree, I've had the Sony NEX6 and now the Sony A6000. The NEX6 developed a problem with the back screen after approx 12 months. My A6000 died after 3 months while on an overseas holiday, then again 2 years later while on another holiday. All fixable and thankfully still under an extended warranty but very frustrating. I've been looking at the Fuji X-T20 as a replacement but keep talking myself out of it as I love the weight and image quality of the Sony - plus I don't have the spare cash at the moment. Would I buy another Sony? Probably not! In saying that my RX100 M1 hasn't missed a beat!!! Carole
  4. I remember my first 3 sales! I'd given up looking - hadn't checked for several months at least but one day I decided to explore a bit further. I went into shock when I saw 3 sales, the brain fizzed, then I ran around telling everyone I knew (and a few I didn't know). It was a good feeling - and still is!
  5. Sony A6000 RAW files are definitely 24-25Mb. Don't know much about LIghtroom but opened up in Photoshop (16bit) they increase to 137Mb and same when saved to TIFF. Saved to a JPEG (8bit) at highest quality they end up approximately 11Mb. I've had no problems with any Sony camera passing QC so far, using the 16-50mm lens and now the 16-70mm lens with no problems from artifacts etc if I reduce the size. Letty, when you get your processing organised you should have no problems getting through QC as IQ on the A6000 is brilliant. Good luck
  6. Many thanks for your answers Lisa and Betty, I think I uploaded from Camera Roll but will make sure I do so in future. Its good to know the view I'm seeing isn't the one Alamy are seeing. iPad and Stockimo are new so it's a learning curve for me. At the moment it's telling me I uploaded 28 minutes ago - actually uploaded last night! Thanks again for your help. Carole
  7. Hi, I've uploaded 2 images to Stockimo via an iPad mini but the uploaded photos, although sharp on my phone and in Camera Roll on the iPad, they look very blurry and pixelated when I check in my activity on the app. Is this normal or am I doing something wrong when uploading. I uploaded the 1st photo several months ago and I don't remember it being blurry but is now. It failed with a score of 2. When the second photo was transferred to my computer via dropbox it was sharp and is 3.3mb, 3914 x 2202 at 72 ppi. Carole
  8. Thanks Edo, I hadn't thought of that and now look forward to getting my Sony back better than it was before Yes, I did have the RX100 MK1 with me but fortunately the A6000 held out (albeit with a lot of removing and reinserting of battery) until I got home and as mentioned before I was really pleased with the new camera/lens combination. The 16-70mm leaves the 16-50mm kit lens for dead! Many thanks for all comments.
  9. John, that was my original thought but I used 3 genuine Sony batteries (I had 2 from the NEX6) and it made no difference, then I thought it might be the SD cards (all Sandisk) and it happened with all of them. So I think I must've bought one of the few lemons. Hopefully they'll replace the camera as, judging from the few I've checked out so far, I'm really happy with the quality of the photos and love the lens. I guess it could've been worse - it was frustrating taking the battery out to reset all the time but at least it didn't die completely till I got home ​ I've had no problems with the RX100 - so far!
  10. Despite having my NEX6 repaired twice under warranty I was happy to buy the A6000 and decided to add the 16-70mm Zeiss lens to the combination. The upgraded lens made all the difference and I decided I was set for life. There is no comparison between the 16-50mm and the 16-70mm lens despite reading some not so good reviews for the Zeiss lens! 6 weeks into a 10 week European trip and the camera started giving me "Camera error, turn power off then on again" messages. The only way to fix it was remove and reinsert the battery but the problem continued intermittently till I got home. After sitting on the table for a week I went to turn camera on and up came the message again, only this time it wouldn't go away no matter what. It's now back with Sony with the demand for a new camera instead of repairs. It's less than 4 months old! Has anyone else experienced my unfortunate run of luck with Sony? I deliberated long and hard before buying the A6000 as the trip alone was costing heaps. Yes I had the Sony RX100 as a backup but it doesn't give the same quality photos as the A6000 and 16-70mm lens. They are sharp! It has really shattered my confidence in Sony as when I get it (or a replacement back) I'll always be thinking "what next!" ​
  11. Many thanks for the offer Allan but unfortunately I won't be anywhere near Cambridge. We're heading to Scotland, Northumberland and Lake District then train to Devon and Cornwall before heading across to the Dordogne region in France and Spain. But I appreciate your offer as there's nothing like local knowledge Carole
  12. Many thanks everyone for clarifying my thoughts. It looks like the netbook will be coming with me - it's basic and not suitable for processing but is excellent for storage and I can easily copy to another portable hard drive for safety. And most important - I can see what I've downloaded. I'd be devastated if I got back home and found my photos had disappeared as there's no chance I'll ever be able to revisit and reshoot. Allan - I wish there were 11 weeks in July, my list of to do's before I go doesn't seem to be getting any shorter Carole
  13. Hi There's probably an answer to my question on the forum somewhere but I can't see where! So I'll risk boring everyone and ask again in the hope that some of you will be patient and reply. I'll be travelling UK and Europe for 11 weeks in August and wondered what everyone does to store their photos while on the road. It's been 10yrs since I've had an extended trip (usually I'm only away a couple of weeks) and the last time I carried an average sized laptop which served it's purpose but felt like a couple of bricks in my back pack. I have a netbook with 250GB of storage on it which I have used in the past but didn't really want to take it with me as I'm concerned with weight and convenience of travel - increasing age bows the back as well as the legs I also have an iPad mini which has 64GB of storage, as well as numerous portable HDD (500GB and 1TB). I've never uploaded to the Clouds as somehow I've never trusted them for my photos and thought it would take too long to upload the RAW files. I'm not sure how to get photos from the SD card/camera to the cloud anyway although I'm sure checking the camera manual would no doubt help in that area! I have considered buying the Western Digital wireless HDD with the SD slot but it's expensive and without a laptop I'm not going to be able to see if the photos are actually on it before reusing the SD cards. If it's only got a USB charger I'm not going to be able to charge it without the netbook anyway. It has mixed reviews on the internet ranging from slow wifi, complicated to set up and limited battery life to excellent. I've considered buying a heap of SD cards but I usually manage to fill at least one or two 16gb cards in a day so at that rate I'll need a bag full of them! Is there any easy, relatively cheap solution to the problem? Has any used the WD wireless HDD or should I resign myself to carrying the netbook just for storage Carole
  14. Carole Lloyd


    I agree! If we could upload from phone to PC to Alamy (iPhone and Android) there would be no need to develop an Android app. Or maybe my reasoning is too simplistic Carole
  15. Carole Lloyd


    I'd like to know too as I've just upgraded to a Samsung Galaxy S4 and the photo quality is excellent. Don't want an iPad any more than I wanted an iPhone (although both have been seriously considered) so hoping for Android Stockimo soon. Carole
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