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  1. GEO.de https://www.geo.de/reisen/reise-inspiration/22055-bstr-die-schoensten-orte-der-ostkueste-nordamerikas Indian Summer — Die schönsten Orte an der Ostküste Nordamerikas Indian Summer — The Most Beautiful Places on the East Coast of North America Fenced path to a small wooden bridge covered in leaves in a park on a sunny day. Beautiful autumn colours. WTAPDG Mauritius Images / Alpegor / Alamy RF
  2. bing.com today Aerial picture, boathouses in the island lake, Gustrow, Müritz sea scenery, Mecklenburg-West Pomerania, Germany, Europe Europe H2TJ21 Hans Blossey / Alamy RM
  3. National Geographic Traveller / India http://www.natgeotraveller.in/under-threat-of-demolition-mumbais-esplanade-mansion-is-a-historic-treasure/ Under Threat of Demolition, Mumbai’s Esplanade Mansion is a Historic Treasure A cyclist passes 19th century Esplanade Mansion, Mumbai, originally Watson's Hotel, the first luxury hotel in Kala Ghoda, Fort, Mumbai / Bombay, India RM4YK2 Rainer Krack / Alamy RF Old vintage 1900s photo of Watson Hotel mumbai maharashtra India DH1FM6 Dinodia Photos / Alamy RM
  4. bing.com today An undescribed octopus comes into focus during a blackwater dive at night miles offshore from Kona, the Big Island. DRH94K Jeff Milisen / Alamy RF (reversed l-r)
  5. GEO.de https://www.geo.de/reisen/reise-inspiration/11093-bstr-nationalparks-deutschland-welche-wildnis-fuer-sie-die-richtige Nationalparks in Deutschland: Welche Wildnis für Sie die richtige ist National Parks in Germany: Which Wilderness is Right for You Landscape in the National Park Sächsische Schweiz with rock formations around Bastei, trees and fog at sunrise REYA05 Mauritius Images / Frank Bienewald / Alamy RM im Nationalpark Kellerwald Edersee Deutschland ADYKY0 Mauritius Images / tbkmedia.de / Alamy RM
  6. GEO.de https://www.geo.de/reisen/reiseziele/19618-bstr-die-schoensten-herbstreisen-fuer-kurzentschlossene Die schönsten Herbstreisen für Kurzentschlossene The most beautiful autumn trips for last-minute travellers Netherlands, Renesse, Woman riding horse on beach FCBBD9 Mauritius Images / Frans Lemmens / Alamy RM The Desalpe. Swiss cows walking trhough the town of Lenk as they are brought down from the alpine pastures CB7JWK Mauritius Images / Alistair Scott / Alamy RM
  7. National Geographic Traveller / India http://www.natgeotraveller.in/a-star-studded-trail-marilyn-monroes-los-angeles/ A Star-Studded Trail: Marilyn Monroe’s Los Angeles Diners play pool at Barney's Beanery, famous West Hollywood hamburger restaurant Los Angeles California in the 1980s CEXYKM Nik Wheeler / Alamy / Indiapicture RM http://www.natgeotraveller.in/new-yorks-new-neighbours/ New York’s New Neighbours Interior view of Mercado Little Spain in Hudson Yards.Westside of Manhattan. New York City.USA TCHWF5 Bruce Yuanyue Bi / Alamy / Indiapicture RM
  8. National Geographic Traveller / India http://www.natgeotraveller.in/tracing-tel-avivs-bauhaus-wonders/ Tracing Tel Aviv’s Bauhaus Wonders Several Alamy photos here: Rafael Ben-Ari, Thomas Stankiewicz, dov makabaw Israel.
  9. Same here. I recently opted back into Distribution, but excluded Germany and Sweden where recent sales have been bulk rate and cheap. In euros, given my location: "Unkompliziert – Keine Abonnements, keine Credits, keine Registrierung erforderlich! Preise ab €9,99"
  10. GEO.de https://www.geo.de/reisen/21961-rtkl-yasuni-nationalpark-der-groesste-nationalpark-ecuadors Traumort des Tages — Yasuní-Nationalpark, Der größte Nationalpark Ecuadors Dream place of the day — Yasuní National Park, Ecuador's largest National Park A canoe with tourists paddling over Amazon at sunset. Yasuni National Park, Ecuador, South America. GJ7GDB Mauritius Images / Corbin17 / Alamy RM https://www.geo.de/reisen/reise-inspiration/19994-bstr-die-besten-orte-um-nordlichter-zu-sehen Die besten Orte, um Nordlichter zu sehen The best places to see Aurora Borealis
  11. Of course, but some might interpret this to mean that the extent of JPEG compression doesn't matter. JPEGs saved at low quality levels such as 2 or 3 will have more compression artifacts than those saved at 10 or 12. Best to save at the highest JPEG quality levels to be on the safe side.
  12. National Geographic / Travel https://www.nationalgeographic.com/travel/lists/activities/museums-with-beautiful-architecture/ Modern marvels: museums with spectacular architecture Granada Spain Andalucia Museum of Andalusian Memory by Alberto Campo Baeza. Top floor: restaurant of famous chef Alvaro Arriaga CR2RYD Wim Wiskerke / Alamy RM Danish Maritime Museum (M/S Museet for Sofart), Helsingor, Denmark. Architect: Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG), 2013. E75R7P Hufton+Crow / Alamy RM https://www.nationalgeographic.com/travel/lists/transportation/scenic-road-trips-aro
  13. I'm a loner by nature. In my professional days I would schmooze with clients and collaborate with art directors and food stylists. It was all very convivial. However, my most favorite thing about stock is that all the schmoozing is behind me now and I can happily wait for a bug or a cloud to crawl into just the right spot to take the photo. The fact that the remuneration is often barely enough for coffee these days is my least favorite. As for knees, it's a problem, one of them in particular. I usually hike with a monopod, ostensibly as an aid to photography but also as a fairly we
  14. GEO.de https://www.geo.de/reisen/21943-rtkl-beaune-frankreich-burgunds-romantische-weinhauptstadt Traumort des Tages — Beaune, Frankreich: Burgunds romantische Weinhauptstadt Dream place of the day — Beaune, France: Burgundy's romantic wine capital Hospital in Beaune KX372E Mauritius Images / Serge Noskov / Alamy RF
  15. bing.com today the road over Stoke Pero Common, Dunkery Hill, Exmoor National Park, Somerset, England, UK DM26ER David Noton Photography / Alamy RM
  16. I'm 75. It would be great to have one of those younger, springier bodies to traipse around in but coming of age in the mid-sixties was a kick in the pants and I'd hate to have missed it. Maybe it's because of that that every time I hear the name of the iPhone picture site we aren't supposed to mention, Iko Iko starts running through my head. (Talk-in' 'bout, hey now hey now I-ko, I-ko, un-day, Jock-a-mo fee-no ai na-né, jock-a-mo fee na-né)
  17. With Alamy, I have the option of not participating in the UK Newspaper cut-rate deal and so I don't. However, with distribution, there is no such option. I opted out last April and got a distributor sale a month ago, but fortunately it wasn't a bulk rate discount sale. In an email conversation with Alamy, I said I'd be happy to participate in Distribution again if I could exclude their distributors' bulk rate discount sales. It bothers me that an agency can go to their customers and say, "We can sell you almost anything in the Alamy catalog for pennies on the dollar" (or cents on t
  18. GEO.de https://www.geo.de/reisen/top-ten/16573-bstr-die-zehn-schoensten-bergdoerfer-europa Die zehn schönsten Bergdörfer in Europa The ten most beautiful mountain villages in Europe Rougon and the Gorge due Verdon Provence France AD3A68 Mauritius Images / David Noton Photography / Alamy RM River Oldeelva Olden Norway FJ1G4R Mauritius Images / Graham Mulrooney / Alamy RM https://www.geo.de/reisen/21937-rtkl-salisbury-eine-der-schoensten-kathedralenstaedte-europa Traumort des Tages — Eine der schönsten Kathedralenstädte in Europa Dream place of the day — o
  19. GEO.de https://www.geo.de/reisen/top-ten/11330-bstr-die-top-ten-der-schoensten-staedte-europas Die zehn schönsten Städte Europas The ten most beautiful cities in Europe Czech Republic Prague Charles Bridge Architecture Bridge Cities City Cityscape Cityscapes Color Colour Dawn BWPXC1 Mauritius Images / Frank Chmura / Alamy RM Riga, Latvia. Panorama Of Town Hall Square With St. Peter's Church, Schwabe House, House Of Blackheads. Famous Landmarks In Summer Evening Or Night At R7160E Mauritius Images / Ryhor Bruyeu / Alamy RF
  20. bing.com today Sunset scenery in Fanjingshan mountain with view of the Fanjing mount and the red cloud golden peak with Buddhist temple on the top in Guizhou China TRGDAH Keitma / Alamy RF
  21. GEO.de https://www.geo.de/reisen/reise-inspiration/21919-bstr-die-zehn-besten-reiseziele-fuer-alle-die-wildnis-lieben Die zehn besten Reiseziele für alle, die Wildnis lieben The top ten destinations for those who love the wilderness Aerial view of vast boreal aka taiga forest on sunny summer day in Oulanka National Park, Finland PEXGM9 Mauritius Images / Jamo Aerial Images / Alamy RF Eyes of a wolf covered in snow, Norway F4GYGE Mauritius Images / Fred van Wijk / Alamy RF Naranjo de Bulnes known as Picu Urriellu in Asturias, Spain PK5B25 Mauritius Images /
  22. Travel + Leisure https://www.travelandleisure.com/trip-ideas/best-lazy-rivers-in-america Grab Your Cooler, These Are the Best Rivers to Float in the U.S A People Playing And Floating On The Russian River HT7JH9 (Ron Koeberer) Alamy RM Pennsylvania Point Pleasant Delaware River New Jersey view River Country outfitters scenery tubing recreation relax float curren M3395M Education & Exploration 2 / Alamy RM
  23. bing.com today Germany, Bavaria, Ramsau, Wimbachklamm KJGD16 Westend61 GmbH (Günter Flegar) / Alamy RF
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