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  1. Thanks Lisa. It is the Live News team that I have been dealing with and they have been chasing billing. Thanks Mark and Arletta for your suggestions. Carolyn
  2. I had two Stockimo LiveNews images used in an online UK newspaper last Christmas day - fortunately they were reported in the "Have you found" thread otherwise I may never have known. The sales haven't appeared in the Stockimo app so I have been regularly chasing Alamy over the last few months, but still no sign of them or any explanations on why it us taking so long and not been paid - the link to the images were included. It is coming up to a year now. What would you do? Thanks. Carolyn
  3. Was it by any chance an image relating to the Olympics? I had an email from Alamy in May (because I have images with Olympics in the keywords) advising the IOC (International Olympic Committee) had been in touch with them to make sure all content taken of or in Olympic venues or events on Alamy is supplied by accredited photographers and are also only available for editorial licenses. Alamy advised they had searched the term 'Olympics' and were in the process of adding editorial only restrictions to all images they find while they investigate. If you search for Olympics UK stadium I see s
  4. I have the same problem Phil - two batches uploaded this afternoon (old way) still not showing.
  5. When I registered with Stockimo I didn't link with Paypal as I didn't have a Paypal account. Thanks to the Have you Found thread I found out I have a couple of Stockimo sales in the pipeline. My understanding is that when the customer pays, the funds automatically go into the photographers Paypal account (if over £10). So I need to create one and link it to my Stockimo account. I have looked on the Paypal website and see that there are Personal Accounts and Business Accounts. The Business Accounts seem more complex to set up and I think incur charges, but Personal accounts don't? Can a
  6. Your images seem to appear under two different pseudonyms - Jeffrey Silver and Seashore.
  7. Anyone aware of any changes? Using advanced search with my name it is returning same error (different name!) as above. I have tried clearing the filters, but still the same. Have tried using other photographers name as well, but same outcome. If I put a search term, as well as my name it works, but not just with contributor name - I am sure it used to work with just the name! Anyone else experiencing the same? Thanks. Carolyn
  8. You'll carry on getting "peenuts" for your pix if you spell so many of your keywords incorrectly. If you have a problem with spelling, maybe you can get some help. Pix won't sell if they don't turn up in searches... any advice would be helpfull! If the link to your images is correct (2978 images) then you have a lot of restrictions on your later images Restrictions (cannot be used in/for) Worldwide, All Usages, All Medias, All Industries, All Sub-Industries including one of a flower? Is this intentional?
  9. I had a similar thing happen with yesterday's views. A search for "Lumley Castle" included an image of mine of a poppy, not taken at Lumley Castle and without these words anywhere in the keywords. Even more intriguing, looking at "All of Alamy" yesterday for the same search, or searching "Lumley Castle" from the Home Page, it doesn't show my image. Very strange! Carolyn
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