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  1. Alamy measures

    Joseph - if Alamy is actually removing images of low quality, would you expect the Company to advise the image contributor that they have done this? Regards Colin
  2. Odd Alamy Measures

    That is a good point but if it was planned than I would have thought the Alamy Team would have advised us that it was happening?
  3. Alamy appears to be very quiet on the subject....
  4. Is the forum behaving oddly for anyone else?

    You are correct - shortly after I posted that all was well. it went skew wiff again!!
  5. Is the forum behaving oddly for anyone else?

    I have found that Internet Explorer works fine but Firefox does not - have just cleared cookies/history from Firefox and normal business has resumed :-) I think someone suggested this a few days ago :-)
  6. Is the forum behaving oddly for anyone else?

    Unusable I'm afraid :-(
  7. 500 sales

    Congrats :-)
  8. No sales after a half year

    Hello Orest - I believe it is quantity AND quality - I have less than 600 images with 6 sales last year and 1 so far this year - I intend to upload many more this year :-) your image sare very good by the way :-)
  9. very quiet

    Hey Starsphinx - I agree with you - Ihave under 600 images and have 10 sales in total but 6 this year !!! :-) I'm inspired to increase my images in part of your post? 'remember why you love taking pictures' - well said :-)
  10. Sales : credits and debits

    Got it now - thanks Alan
  11. Sales : credits and debits

    OK - c'est la vie - thanks
  12. Sales : credits and debits

    Hi Everyone - have had a few sales albeit with a low portfolio - I have recently had one sale of $12.56 so was expecting a debit of 50% from Alamy - however, my account reads 30% ($3.77) debit from Alamy and a further 40% ($5.02) Distributor commission - can anybody please explain why the double debit? thank you and best regards colin
  13. I agree with Colblimp - banning to me seems archaic and fulfills there is a qc process, all images that do not meet the criteria should be rejected...but to be put on the 'naughty step'? Silly I think and Alamy misses out on potential future sales during the banning period...
  14. Hi Everyone - I have an image that is not yet on sale and needs keywording - I have images of a similar image/locationon Alamy taken a few months ago - is there a way that I can locate the earlier images and transfer the data to the new one on one screen? Thank you all and help greatly appreciated Colin
  15. New Lightroom Calssic CC first impressions

    Very helpful video - particularly around the colour mask - I've used LR4, 5 and 6 and upgraded to LR Classic via the adobe photography plan last week - very pleased with it :-) Not so sure about LR CC to be honest, I do not think I have a use for it... Thanks for posting the vid :-)