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  1. Joseph - if Alamy is actually removing images of low quality, would you expect the Company to advise the image contributor that they have done this? Regards Colin
  2. That is a good point but if it was planned than I would have thought the Alamy Team would have advised us that it was happening?
  3. Alamy appears to be very quiet on the subject....
  4. You are correct - shortly after I posted that all was well. it went skew wiff again!!
  5. I have found that Internet Explorer works fine but Firefox does not - have just cleared cookies/history from Firefox and normal business has resumed :-) I think someone suggested this a few days ago :-)
  6. Hello Orest - I believe it is quantity AND quality - I have less than 600 images with 6 sales last year and 1 so far this year - I intend to upload many more this year :-) your image sare very good by the way :-)
  7. Hey Starsphinx - I agree with you - Ihave under 600 images and have 10 sales in total but 6 this year !!! :-) I'm inspired to increase my images in 2019...best part of your post? 'remember why you love taking pictures' - well said :-)
  8. Hi Everyone - have had a few sales albeit with a low portfolio - I have recently had one sale of $12.56 so was expecting a debit of 50% from Alamy - however, my account reads 30% ($3.77) debit from Alamy and a further 40% ($5.02) Distributor commission - can anybody please explain why the double debit? thank you and best regards colin
  9. I agree with Colblimp - banning to me seems archaic and fulfills nothing...as there is a qc process, all images that do not meet the criteria should be rejected...but to be put on the 'naughty step'? Silly I think and Alamy misses out on potential future sales during the banning period...
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