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  1. I have alreadt resigned and my contract comes to an end on the 30 June 2021 - what I am alluding to is that between the 17 May 2021 and the 30 June 2021 I am not in contract with Alamy - I am waiting for a response...
  2. I thought I would check my current contract - within my dashboard I can see that my current commission model is 'Alamy Blue' - I then clicked on 'your ciurrent Alamy contributor contract' - this showed the new contract that does not come into play until 24 July 2021 - this document also states that 'Alamy Blue' was discontinued on the 17th May 2021 - rather confusing methinks...
  3. hahahahaha 🙂 what a larf you are matey 🙂 maybe Alamy is fed up with wheat and want a more mixed grain approach - enjoy your self importance lolol
  4. My contract is terminating on the 30th June - I have just deleted my images but it appears they will still be available to the company to sell until 25th November this year - question is, is this legal for Alamy to do this given that the contract is no longer extant???
  5. I terminated my contract earlier today by email - just had a reply saying that they are sorry I'm going and my contract will be terminated on the 30th June...
  6. Just sent my termination email notice to Emily Shelley - mainly because I had 5 sales last week via bulk distribution for a total of $0.67 - the total for me was a wacking 20 cents.
  7. How would one terminate the contract with Alamy? Would an email to contributors@alamy.com constitute 'in writing'?
  8. Hi All and many thanks for the advice and observations - to recap I was asking about the Sigma 150 - 600 sports lens for canon - well, I tried one out on Monday and to be honest it's just too heavy for me to use easily - 6.25 pounds is a bit of a lump plus the camera - need to eat more spinach I'spose...anyway, thanks everyone 🙂 regards Colin
  9. Lovely day here in Dorset - sun is shining, broad beans are growing, spuds planted 🙂
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