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  1. Mail online - 26th October Barnsley Hospital - BK9AP3 - Steven Gillis Credit - Alamy
  2. The Caravan Club Magazine - November edition Front cover House on North Yorkshire Moors - B3RRD7 - John Short Credit - Design Pics Inc. / Alamy
  3. Mail online - 19th October BrightHouse store - D8TBZF - Ben Wyeth Display of TV's - D8TAAY - Ben Wyeth BrightHouse store - CCA5D5 - Edward Moss (cropped) All credit - Alamy
  4. I use the same 15-85 EF-S lens on a Canon 550D and did have an early failure for CA.For a while I used PTLens plugin with Photoshop to manually fix images for CA and, although effective, it was tedious. Then I swapped to LR4 which does it automatically. I also tend to downsize to 2400 x 3600. I've had no QC problems with CA since in over 100 submissions. I had wondered about downsizing, but then why did I buy the 60D. Seems like I will have to look into buying Lightroom, so if Alamy could arrange a few sales.......... Thanks for all the responses and suggestions, much appreciated. Pau
  5. I've just returned from QC's naughty step after a fail for CA. On checking a number of my images which were ready to submit, I have found some CA on quite a lot. It is not too obvious, not as bad as Alamy's example, but I am now a little paranoid about it. I used the lens without (noticeable) problems on my Canon 40D, so perhaps upgrading from 10mp to 18mp on my 60D made the problem more obvious. Has anyone else had a problem with these lens / camera combinations? My attempts to eliminate the problem with DPP software don't seem to be very successful, so I need to find a solution, or I'll be r
  6. Mail online - 6th October Striding Edge, Lake District - AD8GM2 - curved-light Credit Alamy only
  7. Mail online - 5th October Iceland frozen food store - A2P2FW - Colin Underhill
  8. Mail online - 3rd September Shambles, York - AE43W1 - Ken Hackett Just seen this one which doesn't seem to have been reported previously.
  9. Mail online - 2nd October Kilnsey, Wharfedale - AWDG1N - Wayne Scott Bolton Abbey - B7ND0R - Mark Sunderland Swaledale - BW99C2 - Mark Sunderland All Alamy credit only
  10. That was actually 25 straight passes. Prior to that I had a failure last August, then 20 straight passes before that. I would have said that wasn't too bad. Just feeling very frustrated.
  11. I made a submission on 2nd September, and it has been flagged "Awaiting QC" since then. I contacted MS the morning, and received the following response. Please note that a longer wait time for a submission awaiting QC is an indication that one or more images in the media have failed. In these circumstances your submissions will be stored in our batch fail process, where you will have to wait up to 28 working days (excluding Saturdays and Sundays) to receive a notice of the submission failure and details of the corresponding failure reason. Previously we have found that giving a lon
  12. Thanks, folks, for your replies. On further research it appears that the image (BDTJHW) was published in the Guardian on the 5th July, and appears to have been used by BestBeachHolidays on 11th July. I hope it's a genuine customer, but I fear not! Anyway, I am waiting for MS to call me back and will give them details and then wait and see what happens. Thanks, Paul
  13. I have found one of my images (zoomed 5th July) using Google, and it was noted as July 2013 BestBeachHolidays Page 8. Website is given as www.bestbeachholidays.co.uk, but when I try to load it I get an 'exceeds bandwidth' notice. Has anyone heard of them? Should I wait the normal 12 weeks before notifying Alamy? Any help appreciated, Paul
  14. Camping and Caravanning Club magazine August 2013 p100 Corfe Castle ARCKRJ cropped Roy Rainford p114 Statue of John Bunyan heavy crop cannot be sure but suggest BDW4XT Colin Underwood (apologies if incorrect) p115 Ely Cathedral BMYMX8 Keith Taylor
  15. Certainly looks like a French Bulldog, but a young one, yet to fill out to that stocky look. Hope we are both correct!
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