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  1. Thanks spacecadet. The name is probably on the back, which I couldn't see. May well be a private yacht, but it was moored with charter yachts. Their details I found via google, but I did have names. Paul
  2. I took this photograph FFXGDD in Malta in early December 2014. It was moored with a number of others which were all for charter. I have tried to find an identification, but without success. Has anyone the expertise to help with identification? I've tried to insert the image but without success. All help gratefully accepted. Thanks, Paul
  3. Rick, I am still waiting for a submission on Saturday 10th. Alamy say that glich should be all sorted by the end of the week, so not long to wait. Either that or I will see you in the sin bin!
  4. The upload page in My Alamy appears to have grown outside of its window, leaving the upload button not accessible. Has anyone else experienced the same issue? Or is it just a mixture of computer issue and operator error? Paul
  5. Has anyone downloaded the "Summary of items sold" list shown under Sales History in My Alamy? As it shows all details including a thumbnail of the image, thought it would make a good record. Wondered if it could be incorporated into an Excel document, so that I could add comments. Unfortunately it is not a long list, in my case
  6. Daily Mail online 3rd September Terminal building, Birmingham airport - C3RKBK - Images of Birmingham Premium Baggage carousel, Manchester Airport - BMGHDA - David Kilpatrick Monarch Airbus A320, Luton Airport - E67A38 - Oramstock Story about baggage delays at Birmingham! 4th September School sign painted on road - AX5KB7 - Eye Candy Images Car park, no ball games sign - DR69WH - Chilli Chops Female traffic warden - BJ1NEE - Keith Morris
  7. 4th September - Daily Mail online East Midlands Airport passenger terminal - ANPRX - Colin Underwood Jet2 Boeing 737 - DRKH1W - Veronica Thompson
  8. Just tried My Alamy and there is a notice saying there is a problem. No further details. so we will have to have patience. Grrrrrr!!
  9. Andrew, Try www.silverbeantrailers.com. They make and supply "airstream type" burger vans. Not saying your image is one, but would not be surprised. To me it's the newness that gives it away. Paul
  10. Hi, Andrew, It certainly looks like an Airstream, but it also looks very new, possibly not a conversion. I know that there is a British company that build "airstream type" caravans, but cannot think of their name, at the moment. I'll look into it and let you know if I come up with anything. Paul
  11. Country Walking May 2014 P42/3 - BTF8M2 - Bempton Cliffs - Christina Bollen P49 - BX8KP8 - Bluebell woods, Hebden Bridge - Steve Morgan P49 - BM7MM8 - Rochdale Canal, Hebden Bridge - Paul Boyes P50 - DD5WCH - Gibson Mill, Hebden Bridge - Peter Jeffreys P51 - C7FD4T - Stoodley Pike - Mike Kipling P51 - BMTTE5 (cut out) - Hebden Bridge sign - pabsigns P53 - BM96PH (cut out) - Ted Hughes plaque - Joe Doylem P53 - C3BFF9 - Mytholmrord - Ian Dagnall P54/55 (spread) - BDTFR3 - Kilve shoreline - Adam Burton P56 - CX2TON - Dunster Castle - Adam Burton P57 - CPEC3H or CPEC26 - Clevedon
  12. As requested P53 - BM96PH (cut out) - Ted Hughes plaque, Mytholmroyd - Joe Doylem Sorry only one of yours I could find. In article about Hebden Bridge, your old hometown, I believe. 2 of mine in same article....tee hee!
  13. Country Walking May 2014 P10 - AMGJ7C - Ben Venue, Scotland - David Robertson P10 - DE9XMF - Stanage Edge - Alan Novelli P11 - ANGJPD - Campsie Fells - David Robertson P12/13 (spread) - B6PKD4 (crop) - Coppermines Valley - Chris Joint P16 - BE4014 (cut out) - Ruskin's Gravestone - Derek Harris P25 - AN5RJ1 - Divis & Black Mountain - Paul Lindsay P29 - A34F4A - Chough - Worldwide Picture Library P30 - DWE75A (reversed) - Mountain Hare - Papilio P32/33 (spread) - BORTEM - Sumburgh Head - Vincent Lowe P35 - A4YNOW - Lundy Island - Philip Bramhill P35 - C95AOB (reversed) - Puf
  14. MMM The Motorhomer's Magazine - May Front Cover BAY9FD - Lavender in Drome Valley, France - Juergen Richter Credit - LOOK Die Bildagentur der Fotografen GmbH
  15. Guardian 14th March Arbroath harbour area - BEF2K - John Peter Photography credit alamy only http://www.theguardian.com/money/2014/mar/14/lets-move-arbroath-angus-smokies
  16. Daily Mail online 17th March Skipton church - AYY2RB - Andrew Craven House at Newnham, Cambridge - AG266G - Tony Lilley Skipton Castle - AGEDXF - Ros Drinkwater Canal (presumed Skipton) - cannot find Newnham College - BMABN2 - James Appleton Monmouth - AGB73R (crop?) - Robert Read Falmouth harbour - cannot find All credit alamy only www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2582467
  17. Daily Mail online - 15/18/26/28 February (updates) CTC7CD - Santorini - Jack Sullivan - (credit - alamy) A3TGP5 - Maldives - JTB photo - (credit - alamy) List of 12 most photogenic places in the world. www.dailymail.co.uk/travel/article-2568378
  18. Sunday Times - Homes section - 23rd February P16 - Hebden Bridge & Mytholm - C7FDOH - credit Mike Kipling / Alamy P16 - Sherborne town centre - BCF9RB - credit Ian Shaw / Alamy
  19. Mail online 18th February A2WWJ6 - St Catherine's Monastery - Jack Sullivan
  20. Daily Mail online - 2nd December St Tropez - BGFDDH - Kuytig - Travel Isles of Scilly - B1TEDH - Peter Barritt + Maldives that I cannot find. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2517671/Is-St-Tropez-No-St-Ives-How-Britons-mistake-beautiful-UK-landmarks-exotic-locations.html
  21. Daily Mail online - 1st December Bridge Gate, Hebden Bridge - C73FK5 - Ian Dagnall
  22. Daily Mail online - 27th October Beetham Tower, Manchester - D9E3B8 - PUREPIX Bavarian Christmas Market, Manchester - AWE14W - Christopher Perkins
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