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  1. I have recently sold an image, details of sale are: Country: Worldwide Usage: Magazine, editorial website use, one time use only Industry sector: Media, design & publishing Start: 20 July 2018 End: 20 July 2020 On searching on GI I have found the image used on skynews website. Didn't think skynews was a magazine? Wondered if this was an unreported used, as it was 11weeks prior to licence start date. Has anyone had a skynews sale usage described like this? Thanks, Paul
  2. Just taken 45 mins to load 24 images using non superfast broadband.
  3. Only my worst performing pseudo showing. Coincides with lowest value sale I have ever had Things can only get better! (I hope)
  4. Sunday Times 1st July Culture section P3 (cropped) and P34/5 - DYKK46 - Banksy(?) of Eavesdropping agents around telephone box - David Barrett
  5. Hi, Janet, Check out www.craigrobertsphotography.co.uk Craig uses OM d EM1 and has advice on mirrorless on both his website and his E6 youtube channel. He shots for stock (G) , magazines etc, and has some very good vlogs. Hope this helps, Paul
  6. HURTIGRUTEN Next Generation of Exploration (Polar cruises) brochure Shipwreck remains of Maud, Cambridge Bay, Nunavut, Canada - J0Y4NW - Sophia Granchinho Icebergs and shoreline house credited to All Canada Photos which I cannot find Both credited to photographer - Alamy stock (brochure free with Sunday Times)
  7. Alamy Measures last updated today, 14th February at 08.14 GMT, according to my screen. Definitely updated my data since yesterday.
  8. Sunday Times 11th February Culture magazine p48 - Snap Inc. banner on Wall Street - HRGH0C - Christopher Penler
  9. I thought that CTR was used by Alamy to determine the order of presentation of images, (i.e. on first page of a search term, as opposed to much later page where my images reside!). Or my view may be too simplistic. Paul
  10. Just seen details of a free alternative to Lightroom, which has just been released for Windows. It's called darktable 2.4.0 available from https//github.com/darktable-org/darktable/release/tag/release-2.4.0 I am not a Lightroom user, but know lots of people use or aspire to it, so maybe this could be of interest. If it is any good, please comment, as I for one would be interested. Paul
  11. Don't know if this is related to the uploading problem, but MyAlamy has been "unavailable" for the last few hours. Hope it's not another software type issue.
  12. BBC Countryfile Magazine November edition P6&7 – Loch Etive sunset – E8PRKP – Andrew Ray P8 – Pont Fawr bridge over River Conwy – DJJ7TR (cropped) – Outdoor Life Photography P9 – Bonfire Night Poppy, Lewes – BPYA2B – Jim Holden P16 – Farmer flying drone – FY5XPG - Chris Biele / Alamy live news P22 – Cliffs near Benacre – E9E4W2 – Julia Gavin P25 – Scallop sculpture, Aldeburgh – EFNFTB – Clynt Garnham Suffolk P26 – Minsmere deer rut – DP7N1K – FLPA P26 – Island hide, Minsmere – CENEFW – David Burton P56 – Beech trees, Arbroath – E4557X – Nature Picture Library P64 – Public
  13. Also, fashion shoots? As "journalistic" use is ok, surely John's comment "editorial only" should get round the problem.
  14. Yes, I use "Lens Correction". This zooms in on image, but can be moved around to show worst CA. Most images I leave setting at 100%, but sometimes have to reduce this as it changes reddish fringe to green! Only happens infrequently. Haven't found a way of batch processing, so quite time consuming......but still better than rejection
  15. Times 2 C3YW0M Paul Boyes Strutt's North Mill, Belper, Derbyshire, part of Derwent Valley Mills World Heritage Site, with River Derwent in foreground Thanks, Bryan. Much Appreciated
  16. When I started out with Alamy, I had rejections due to CA. Finally upgraded to a Canon EF-S 15/85 lens. Now use this for 90% + of my image submissions, but correct each one for CA in DPP. Not had a reject since I started doing this.
  17. Just have to wonder how "commercial" these images are? Restricted market I would have thought.
  18. Just checked my RAW file, and it's almost identical, just levels and shadows tweeked. Afraid altering saturation sliders and camera profiles are too technical for me, and Elements 10 is my nearest to Lightroom. It was the perfect, sunny day, so maybe I got lucky.......for once.
  19. Measures seems not to be updating at the moment. Latest update I have is 16th October. Hope it isn't just me! Alamy may be working on a problem; that's what has happened in the past.
  20. BBC Countryfile Magazine Special edition 2017 P32 – Pontcysyllte aqueduct – JB6321 – Sheila Halsall P39 – Dolphins jumping – CY5GFB (cropped) – Russell Symons P44 – Wayland’s Smithy – D8HXAB – David Lyons P44 – Offington White Horse – BRAK4H – Robert Harding P48 – Black-tailed Godwit – CX52E3 (reversed) – Arterra Picture Library P60 – Llangennith Beach – H668XR (cropped) – Paul Quale P61 – Culver Hole – F7XYD3 – Steve Taylor P89 – Kingley Vole Yew Tree – FG8HNC – Graham Franks
  21. Sunday Times - Home supplement - 8th October 2017 P6 - Sefton Park Palm House, Liverpool - E3MANW - John Davidson P28 - Frankfurt Skyline - DMM338 - Sean Pavone P30 - Cotoneaster Horizontalis - DHJAMC - Florapix P31 - Viburnum Betulifolium - EGPM61 - Flowerphotos P31 - Blackbird on Pyracantha berries - CC55FE - David Chapman P31 - Decaisnea Fargesii - J1T0RN - Garden World Images P31 - Rosa Moyesii Geranium - BR1NR5 - Tim Gainey
  22. BBC Countryfile Magazine – 20 Great Autumn Walks supplement Special edition 2017 P3 – Forest of Dean, Autumn – CEWR9G – Loop Images / David Cheshire P5 – Shatterford Bottom – DHGP8F – Bob Barnes P6 – Fallow Deer, New Forest – BT328T (reversed) – rainerbanks P8 – Tintern Abbey – AWRPJA - James Davies Photography P11 – “Wind Thrust” sculpture, Grizedale Forest – B1WXCJ – Stan Pritchard P16 – Highmeadow Woods, Forest of Dean – BB5JWK - Unai Pena P18 – Bedford Purlieus – DG8O4W – Micheal David Murphy P20 – Seal, Horsey Beach – D8EHMK – Kumar Sri
  23. Sunday Times - 10th September Homes supplement P13 - Railway line and view over Todmorden - BNTNWT - John Morrison P13 - Former Todmorden Industrial Co-op building - GMFFTO - Paul Boyes
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