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  1. 7 minutes ago, John Mitchell said:


    Trust you're headed for a warm and happy place.


    Only a tad warmer than here. Going to Italy and Corfu....mostly to see my father’s Italian family but taking pics along the way for sure!  Got a cheap ticket for flying on New Years Eve.  It seems that no one wants to fly then.

  2. Happy New Year to everyone!!  I am heading out of town tomorrow for a two week trip so I may not be on the Forum so much.  I wish everyone a great new year!!

    (sorry for extra big photos, I can only seem to copy or drag very big or very small versions)


    My Happy New 3


    1) Making new friends




    2) Boy with his baby goat




    3) Happy Birthday Girl



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  3. USA, National Geographic History magazine, Jan/Feb 2019 issue


    Pg. 16, Ukraine landscape, O. Mitiukhina




    Pgs. 70-71 (two page spread), Grand Royal Palace, Barcelona, Spain (people were removed), Endless Travel




    Pg. 88, Poster for a 1939 movie about Jesse James, Pictorial Press




    Pg. 92, Interior of the Biete Maryam House, Ethiopia, Danita Delimont




    Pg. 94, Biete Medhane Alem, Ethiopia, Dave Stamboulis



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