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  1. I had a similar problem with Nikon repair in New York recently.  I still had 2 D700's that I love.  Earlier this year, I sent one in to repair the CF card door that had broken off.  They estimated the repair with shipping, to be around $250.   A couple of weeks later, I got a call from Nikon saying that they no longer had the parts and will no longer service D700's.  They offered to send me a refurbished D700, with a  much lower shutter click count, for the same price.  I took the deal.  I know that is not what was offered to you and it is hard to give up what you know and love, so I feel for you!!   I did end up upgrading to the D850 as well and have grown to love it but it comes with a hefty price tag.

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  2. 35 minutes ago, MariaJ said:

    I have an outdated Photoshop program that doesn't recognize the ARW files from my sony rx100.  I use the free DNG converter on the Raw files and then work with the DNG files.


    I could wrong Maria  but I think you can still update the camera raw converter for older Photoshop versions.  I would try Googling that.

  3. Yes, In Photoshop you can open any jpeg as a RAW.  You don’t get any more data then what is already in the jpeg but it gives you the raw tools for tweaking the photo, with obvious limitations.


    To do that, you need to be in Bridge (I would think Lightroom has this option too) and have an image selected and then click on the "File" drop down menu and then click on "Open in Camera Raw..."

  4. USA, National Geographic History magazine, Sep/Oct 2018 issue


    Pg. 22, Temple of Baku, Azerbaijan, Julien Garcia




    Pg. 34, Bagoas pleads on behalf of the Nabarzanes, (credit to Alamy only) could be one of several contributors of this same illustration.

    Below is just a reference.




    Pg. 83, Blind-Man's Buff in PUNCH, (credit to Alamy only) could be one of several contributors, below is just a reference




    Pg. 87, "From Hell" letter, Credit is to Steve Vidler but can only find two, both contributors are The Picture Art Collection




    Pg. 89, Burial site of Mary Jane Kelly, London, Maurice Savage





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  5. 36 minutes ago, Pearl said:

    The ranking is not based on how long a person has been a contributor but on how well their images have performed during that time.  The intention was to bring the best images to the front of search results.  Being with Alamy for many years has given the opportunity to attain a good ranking and therefore a good search position.  However ranking seems to be less of a factor nowadays which is why we are seeing some fairly awful (imo) images coming up early on.




    Thanks Pearl for clearing that up, my statement was over simplified.  

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  6. Ciao Lorenza! I think your photos are good solid stock worthy photos.  Your captions seem good too.  I think it is mostly due to the fact that you joined Alamy relatively recently, a year and a few months ago.  For those of us who joined early on, like ten or more years ago, we were able to establish a good ranking....in other words the images appear in the first few pages during a buyer's search.  I do think you will need to give it more time to see positive results.  



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  7. I don't cover news or shoot for Alamy Live News but here are three that relate to news, in a way.....I think?


    1) At a press conference in Washington DC




    2) Behind the scenes at an outdoor live tv news setup




    3) A newsstand in Rome, Italy



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  8. I would say for seascapes, generally it is best to keep the horizon straight.  But I did a shoot, a while back, on a sailboat and I in some shots I let the horizon go off a little to add some dynamics to the sailing...this photo has sold.  I should reprocess it, I could do a lot better with the raw tools that Photoshop now has (such as the dehaze slider)....this is a 13 year old digital file.







  9. 1 hour ago, Doc said:

    Just stupid and dangerous


    Is it that difficult to pump them up with air once you get to the beach??


    When I was a kid, you had to blow air rafts with your mouth....then came the foot pumps....and now they have air pumps that can work off a car electrical port.