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  1. USA, Food Network magazine, June 2018 issue


    All Photos are credited to Alamy only


    Pg. 24, Berries on toast, Could not find


    Pg. 53, Coronation chicken (cut out), Tim Hill




    Pg. 151, Bushel of Maryland crabs, Edwin Remsberg




    Pg. 152, Lobster Cover, Monhegan Island, Maine  (could not find)


    Pg. 152, The Fish House Market, Monhegan Island, Maine, Michael Ventura (always fun to unexpectedly find one of your own...shot last summer!)



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  2. 1 hour ago, John Mitchell said:

    I had a hip replaced in January and have only just started getting back to submitting new images. My zooms and sales held steady, but I made sure to submit a few images (old and overlooked ones mainly) every week or so while I was recovering.


    P.S. This month has been slow for both zooms and sales so far, but things seem to be picking up.


    I hope you are more hip than ever John :).  Wishing you the best.  I am due for a new knee....not looking forward to it.

  3. 40 minutes ago, funkyworm said:


    Theatres? Seems to be a common thread with those reported here and mine. I did a wee image search with mine but no joy. Usage must be fairly recent as I only took the shot a couple of months ago.


    For me, one was a performing arts theatre, another a casino and the other, a DC federal government building.....but I suppose all of mine could be venues for performances of one sort or another!


  4. 40 minutes ago, AlbertSnapper said:

    Alaska Beyond (Alaska Airlines) printed magazine.


    This magazine was actually published in April 2017, but I'll detail it here..




    page 65: Las Vegas - John Kellerman and another by Rolf_52

    page 71: Food - Bon Appetit

    page 115: Nat Museum of African & American History Dov Makabaw

    page 117: National Archives Rotunda Michael Ventura

    page 117: Nat Air & Space Museum Alexandre Fagundes

    page 166: Del Mar beach, California Me ! a nice two page spread :)



    Thanks Albert, for the spot!

  5. 1) That everything and anything can and does sell.  


    2) Having a large and diverse collection is very much a plus.....unless you are like Wim, who has a high quality and tightly edited collection.

         I don’t have the skill or discipline that Wim has.


    3) That the internet, crowd sourcing and digital cameras in nearly everyone’s hands, have helped reduce the once healthy stock pricing.

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  6. USA, The Washington Post, Travel section, May 13th, 2018 issue


    Pg F2, Cahokia Mounds State Historic Site, Illinois, Carver Mostartdi



    Pg F3. Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona, Pere Sanz



    Pg. F6, Castillo San Cristobal, San Juan, Puerto Rico, Efrain Padro



    Pg. F6, La Fortaleza, San Juan, Puerto Rico, Robertharding



    Pg. F6, Mesa Verde National Park, Colorado, John Prior Images



    Pg. F7, Olympic National Park, Washington (state), Stefano Politi Markovina



    Pg. F7, Redwood National Park, California, Erik Lattwein




    Pg. F8, Mission San Jose, San Antonio, Texas, Sean Pavone




    Pg. F8, Glacier National Park, Montana, T.O.K.






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