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  1. Images sold in January

    German Television use
  2. I thought I would be good to start a new thread, the old one was close to 50 pages deep. I hope it is a good omen that my first sale of 2018 was a book sale for $250! I want to be hopeful that these will be more commonplace in 2018 for all!
  3. Images sold in January

    Row homes in Washington DC. Marketing packaging for $$
  4. How was your 2018

    2017 ~ 203 sales 2018~ 228 sales + $1209
  5. How was your 2018 (and December!)

    December was my best month of 2018! 24 for $1837......a good way to end the year! I hope January can continue the trend!
  6. Has the last day of the month 'surge' been and gone ?

    No surge here but December was the best month of this year. 25 more sales than 2017 and a nice boost from last year’s gross income....but still a long way off from my best income year in 2011.
  7. January 2019 Challenge: Happy New!

    Only a tad warmer than here. Going to Italy and Corfu....mostly to see my father’s Italian family but taking pics along the way for sure! Got a cheap ticket for flying on New Years Eve. It seems that no one wants to fly then.
  8. January 2019 Challenge: Happy New!

    Happy New Year to everyone!! I am heading out of town tomorrow for a two week trip so I may not be on the Forum so much. I wish everyone a great new year!! (sorry for extra big photos, I can only seem to copy or drag very big or very small versions) My Happy New 3 1) Making new friends 2) Boy with his baby goat 3) Happy Birthday Girl
  9. January 2019 Challenge: Happy New!

    Paulette wins! Next challenge. Just kidding of course, but your cute baby bear cubs will be tough to match Paulette!
  10. Images sold in December

    You have a point there!
  11. Images sold in December

    I do try and shoot meals whenever it is possible and appropriate to do so. I can pay for some dinners out! This was used for a German direct mail brochure for $$
  12. Have you found any Alamy photographs December

    USA, Parade magazine, Dec 30th 2018 issue Pg. 7, From the animated movie, The Gruffalo, AF Archive
  13. Images sold in December

    I take the bad with the good...this month has had a bunch of good! 9 sales near or above $100. So the sting of couple of $ sales is not so bad.
  14. Images sold in December

    One of two photos sold for an editorial website for near micro prices
  15. Have you found any Alamy photographs December

    USA, Travel + Leisure magazine, January 2019 issue Pg. 40, Uttarakhand, India, Kiteshots Pg. 59, Sitka, Alaska, Design Pics Inc
  16. very quiet

    Three dropped in this morning but two were nearly micro prices
  17. Vote for the December Challenge

    Honored to make the short list. Some mighty photos to pick from!!
  18. Merry Christmas

    Merry and Happy Times to all! Hope everyone has a prosperous 2019
  19. Images sold in December

    Memphis Tennessee. Personal Use Sale reported today!
  20. Have you found any Alamy photographs December

    USA, The Washington Post, Travel section, Dec 23rd 2018 issue Pg. F2, Leon Trotsky's grave, Mexico City, Mexico, John Mitchell (credit to Alamy only )
  21. Have you found any Alamy photographs December

    USA, Washingtonian magazine, Jan 2019 issue Pg. 27, Sidney Bechet, Bygone1 Pg. 27, Marian Anderson, World History Archive Pg. 27, Sister Rosetta Tharpe, Pictorial Press
  22. Images sold in December

    Cape May, New Jersey. Personal Use
  23. Images sold in December

    Sea of Gallilee, Israel, ancient boat. Editorial use for $$
  24. Images sold in December

    Swimmer, Katie Ledecky. Editorial use for $$
  25. Have you found any Alamy photographs December

    USA, National Geographic History magazine, Jan/Feb 2019 issue Pg. 16, Ukraine landscape, O. Mitiukhina Pgs. 70-71 (two page spread), Grand Royal Palace, Barcelona, Spain (people were removed), Endless Travel Pg. 88, Poster for a 1939 movie about Jesse James, Pictorial Press Pg. 92, Interior of the Biete Maryam House, Ethiopia, Danita Delimont Pg. 94, Biete Medhane Alem, Ethiopia, Dave Stamboulis