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  1. Many thanks for the responses. Much appreciated. I'll not get too hung up about 'Discoverability - Poor' but just keep plugging away, adding images with what I think are relevant Keywords.
  2. I have been a contributor since 2006 and uploaded a small number of images over the years. I now have 1687 images on sale. My returns have been very modest, but I plan to continue to contribute. Up until recently my ‘Discoverability – Good’ images were relatively small number, but now all my images are ‘Discoverability – Poor’. Can you advise how I can start getting some images’ Discoverability – Good’ or even ‘Discoverability Optimised’. Is it the number of keywords/tags that is the problem?
  3. There is no problem, its a question of what is the easiest and most useful way of working. If you use AIM only, then the data (captions, sales etc etc) only resides in Alamy. By using Lightroom Alamy Bridge, then all the relevant data is held locally and uploaded to Alamy, and it also downloads data from Alamy concerning the images. My related question is whether the Lightroom Alamy Bridge plug-in is fully compatible with the new Alamy Image Manager?
  4. Yes, but its more than just 'before or after' captioning and tagging. If you caption and tag using the Alamy Image Manager (AIM), then the data is only held in AIM. If you do the captioning in Lightroom, and use the Alamy Lightroom Bridge, then the data (all data not just captions) is held in Lightroom and then transferred to Alamy.
  5. I have been using the Alamy Lightroom Bridge plug-in for Lightroom supplied by JKCC Ltd, and therefore doing all the captioning and keywording etc off line in Lightroom, rather than using the new Alamy Image Manager. What do Alamy contributors think, do you recommend Alamy-Lighroom Bridge as a good alternative to Alamy Image Manager?
  6. I have also received a similar email from Alamy today, and 2 of my pictures taken at Kings Cross Station, London have been removed because quote: - "'Network Rail' the rail transport company, has been in touch with us requesting the removal of the below listed images of your's" and "They say you’re selling these without authorisation and this is violating their exclusive intellectual property rights...." One of the pictures is of my wife as a traveller, that happens to be in the station, and the other is specifically of the station. In both cases the pictures were on Alamy as having Pr
  7. Of the panoramas on my web site, all from 2010 are Sony Sweep Panoramas, which is probably about 50% of the images. I now regard my web site as a shop window, rather than for direct selling. A few years ago, I actively marketed my web site, via traditional printed adverts in local magazines, and that did produce reasonable sales of say about 6 to 8 per month for panoramic canvases. However, that was not cost effcetive, when taking account of the cost of advertising, and I also reached the stage of hoping I would not get too many orders, due to the effort involved in making the orders, as I
  8. So far, I only have a few images for sale on Alamy that were taken using Sony Sweep Panorama. Although many of my sweep panorama images are fine for Greeting Cards, Canvases, and framed prints that I sell, I am ultra careful when submitting to Alamy QC, as I would not want one bad image to spoil my batches of submissions. Regarding minor imperfections that can occur in Sony Sweep Panorama images, such as people with two heads in the distant background, Sony introduced 'Intelligent' Sweep Panorama for their lower end cameras with 1080 pixel height. I found that system to work very well, and
  9. I have looked again, and found out where to set Default Licence type in Alamy. It's in Alamy, not the Lightroom Plug-In. This is the sequence: My Alamy - Manage Your Images - Defaults and pseudonyms (click on this text along the top of screen) - Select Default Licence (radio button) and Select Default Pseudonym (drop down list) - Save. By doing this, the images that you upload are set to the default license type and default pseudonym, in the first instance. You can then change the images to different license types and different pseudonym, during 'Manage Your Images' before the images go on
  10. I use the Lightroom Alamy plug-in to initially upload the images, and Alamy sets them to RM as that is my default. I can then go directly into MI at Alamy, and I can change any of the images from RM to RF. I then complete the Keywording and other metadata in Lightroom, and the Lightroom Alamy plug-in updates the images at Alamy and then they go on sale. Derek
  11. Jools I usually have pleny of pixels to play with using Sweep Panorama. A sweep panorama with 1856 pixels height has 7424 pixels when cropped 4:1 aspect ratio. When taking a sweep panorama, I tend to identify a potential scene, capture it using Sweep Panorama, then do the detailed composition, when cropping it during post processing - almost the opposite when taking a 'standard' shot, where I would do most of the composing before taking the shot, then only tweak the composition during post processing. However, my latest camera, the Sony A5100 (like my previous NEX 3), can been zoomed to di
  12. For almost 15 years I have been taking panoramic images, initially stitching individual images together with various software. Then when Sony introduced Sweep Panorama in 2010, I started using Sweep Panorama (in camera stitching) and although relatively low resolution (1080 pixels height), presumably using video technology in the camera, it worked well and completely speeded up the taking and post processing of images. However, I recognise that the Sony cameras that initially offered Sweep Panorama do not appear on the recommended list of cameras for QC, and I have not submitted any. More
  13. Although I have been a contributor since 2006, I have onty recently started submitting in earnest. As a matter of principle (or perhaps lazyness) I do not obtain model or property releases. Here are some questions:- I set up my default, some months ago, as RM. I cannot find out in 'My Alamy' where I did that. I am probably being stupid, but any advice about where I set up that default would be welcome. Having set up RM as my default, at the same time I also set up my default as 'Editorial Use Only'. Like question 1 above, I cannot find where I set that up, and in particular I wish to c
  14. The problem is that I uninstalled the plugin some time ago, because I was having problems (not all software related - some were due to 'operator error'). I'll either reinstall the version I already have, and then check for upgrades, or contact Jim Keir direct. What is your experience of the latest version, is it working well. I'm slightly concerned that it no longer appears in the 'official' Adobe list of plug-ins for Lightroom.
  15. I previously used Lightroom Alamy Picture Manager in 2013 but stopped using it after some problems with Lightroom 5. I have just restarted submitting to Alamy and I am manually managing my images in Alamy, and its a pain, as some of the data is already held in Lightroom. You say there has been an update release - looking at the Lightroom Plugins web site, it does not appear in searches from Lightroom, but going straight to the web site http://www.lightroom-plugins.com/AlamyIndex.php the latest version quoted is 3607 dated 11/8/13. Can you advise how I can obtain the latest release that you ref
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