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  1. Radio Times 29 April-5 May 2017


    p105    No Secrets was the 3rd studio album of pop / folk singer-songwriter Carly Simon. It was released in 1972.     sjvinyl




    p117    Sue Limb writer author broadcaster & farmer pictured at Hay Festival 2006 Hay on Wye Powys Wales UK    Jeff Morgan 13




    p150/151    Spring flowers and green meadows, Casaccia, Bregaglia Valley, Engadine, Canton of Graubunden, Switzerland, Europe    Roberto Moiola (Robert Harding)


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  2. BBC Online    4th May    There are diseases hidden in ice, and they are waking up    http://www.bbc.co.uk/earth/story/20170504-there-are-diseases-hidden-in-ice-and-they-are-waking-up 


    Electron micrograph of anthrax spores    Cultura RM




    View from upper Taylor Glacier looking west towards the Beacon, Quartermain Mountains, McMurdo Dry Valleys, Antarctica    Colin Harris / era-images




    Mimivirus, computer artwork.    Science Photo Library




    Homo neanderthalensis, Neanderthal Man burial site (Teshik-Tash 1)    The Natural History Museum




    First published 1914 Coalcite Crystal Caves at Naica mine Santa Rosalia Chihuahua    SOTK2011


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  3. BBC News    29 April 2017    When Adolf Hitler confidante Unity Mitford came to stay    http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-39304317


    ADOLF HITLER with woman identified in Wikipedia and on Channel 4 as Unity Mitford but this is open to question   Pictorial Press Ltd




    British fascist, Unity Mitford, in Blackshirt uniform with Fritz Stadelmann, Hitler's adjutant in Berlin, Germany 1933  (cropped)  World History Archive




    1940 Front Page Unity Mitford arrives in Folkestone on her return from Germany  (cropped)  John Frost Newspapers





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  4. Radio Times  1–7 April 2017


    p130    Butterfly Brocade furnishing fabric by E W Godwin. London, England, late 19th century.     V&A Images




    p136    Kathryn Tickell, musician and composer, performing at the Folk by the Oak festival in the grounds of Hatfield House, July 2009    imagica




    p148    Italy, Lazio, Rome, historical center listed as World Heritage by UNESCO, Santa Maria Sopra Minerva church    Hemis


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  5. Hi Edo,


    I mainly use Lightroom, and I bought Afinity Photo a while back, although I haven't used it much.  I found the learning curve steep, but when I have got the hang of particular features it works well. 


    I have at times had files that ended  tiff.afphoto, and I couldn't find out how it happened.  Such files will only open in Affinity Photo.   I found that using Shift-Option-Command-S keys (or go to File/Export) brought up a dialogue where I can select from a range of file types such as tiff psd etc.  Since doing that I have avoided accidentally ending up with a .afphoto file that wouldn't import to LR. 



  6. Cycle magazine  February/March 2017


    P10   Dangerous situation for a female biker (cropped)    allesalltag



    p25    digital road sign by cycle route warning drivers...     transport picture library/paul ridsdale




    p44    Autumn colours (colors) in woodland in Hampshire.... (cropped)    Gillian Pullinger




    p60    No access to motor vehicles road sign    Robert Read Road Signs


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  7. BBC News Magazine  24 December 2016    How three men signed the USSR's death warrant    http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/magazine-38416657


    Russian President Boris Yeltsin second left Ukrainian President Leonid Kravchuk second right and Chairman of the Byelorussian    SPUTNIK




    Agreement on the setup of the CIS was signed in this building Belovezhskaya Pushcha Viskuli December 8 1991    SPUTNIK


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  8. Here are three pics from me:–


    Hawthorn tree in autumn, wne the leaves had fallen but the berries remained.  Powys, Wales, UK




    Maple leaves in autumn




    English Elm in winter; Surrey, UK.  This pic was taken in 1977, whilst Dutch elm disease was killing mature English Elms in the UK,

    but before this beautiful tree had been effected.  Unfortunately, it later was infected and had to cut down.


  9. Radio Times  29Oct - 4 Nov 2016


    p11   Prudhoe Bay    Design Pics Inc



    p61    A Brief History of Seven Killings (pic cropped and cutout)   Steven May




    p140    Accra Ghana    Universal Images Group North America LLC




    p144    Lucy Porter (pic cropped and cutout)   WENN Ltd




    p154/155    Livraria Lello, Porto    Zoonar GmbH


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  10. Radio Times  1-7 October 2016


    p29  Marie Antoinette pocket watch No. 1160. Artist: Breguet, Abraham-Louis (1747-1823)       Heritage Image Partnership Ltd





    p29  either of the following two (identical image)  ABRAHAM-LOUIS BREGUET French watchmaker, known for instruments of great accuracy Date: 1747 - 1823       Chronicle

                                                                                  Abraham Louis Breguet    Mary Evans Picture Library


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  11. Radio Times    9-15 July 2016


    p16-17    Charlie Dimmock holding a spade against a backdrop of an English summer garden.    Alan Burles




    p19    Trainspotters watching a steam train climbing Dainton bank in Devon.    Jonny White




    p114-115    Isokon Flats, Lawn Road, Belsize Park, 1933 -34. Front elevation before restoration.    Arcaid Images




    p126    largest spider in the Netherlands, the great raft spider    Buiten-Beeld




    p128    Mark Lawson journalist and author. Specialising in culture and the arts photographed in London, England.    Edd Westmacott




    p141    digging the weeds out the soil with a garden fork    Libby Welch


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