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  1. A couple of archival pics from me:


    Eddy Merckx; widely regarded as the greatest ever racing cyclist, at the World Championships in 1970.




    British Airways Concorde 206 G-BOAA in flight; England, UK – 1980




    Another pic of Concorde added.  It is of the pre production version produced to finalise the version to be used by airlines.


    Concorde plane 101 G-AXDN (pre-production version) in flight UK – 1974



    I also realised when adding the third pic to this post that the film stock used for the three pics were in themselves iconic in their day.  The first pic was taken on Agfacolor CT18, the second pic shot on Kodachrome 64, and the third one taken on Kodachrome II.

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  2. BBC News   16 October 2017    How the humble S-bend made modern toilets possible    http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-41188465



    Engraving depicting a water closet by Jennings of Lambeth, with valve and S-bend.     World History Archive




    Dirty Father Thames': More an open sewer than a river, the disgusting state of the Thames in London in 1849 .    World History Archive




    Alexander Cumming      Paul Fearn




    CRAPPERS Victorian flush toilet advert     Pictorial Press Ltd


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  3. Radio Times . 2-8 September 2017


    p33    THREE RING CIRCUS, (aka 3 RING CIRCUS), from bottom left: Joanne Dru, Dean Martin, Dean Martin, Jerry Lewis, Jerry Lewis, Zsa       Everett Collection Inc



    p140-141    night view from Rhone river in Lyon city with Hotel Dieu and Fourviere cathedral, France   (cropped)       beatrice preve 




    p151   Forsythia         Anna Yu




    p152    Baby fruit puree jar isolated on white       Anton Starikov



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  4. Radio Times   26 August - 1 September 2017


    p6   Cheltenham Literature Festival - Day 10 Featuring: Giles Coren Where: Cheltenham, United Kingdom When: 11 Oct 2015       WENN Ltd




    p64    A paperback copy of the dystopian novel The Handmaid's Tale by Margaret Atwood.    sjbooks




    p95    Pile of Lego bricks     incamerastock




    p122 .   Edinburgh, UK. 15th Aug, 2013. Jenny Eclair at the Edinburgh International Book Festival .   Steven Scott Taylor


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  5. Radio Times    19-25 August 2017


    p3     route 66 sign missouri  (cutout)       david a eastley




    p31    Paris, France. 17th Aug, 2014. Womens World Cup Rugby Final. England versus Canada. Sarah Hunter (England) tackled by Andrea Burk (Canada)  (cropped)    Action Plus Sports Images




    p115    Dava Sobel. At the Edinburgh International Book Festival 2011.  (cropped and cutout)   Lebrecht Music and Arts Photo Library




    p142-143    Aerial view of Sugarloaf Mountain on Greers Ferry Lake in the Ozarks of Arkansas USA  (cropped)    Terry Smith Images




    p143    Historic route 66 highway signs in Missouri USA. Blue sky background     Michael Flippo




    p143    American writer Mark Twain     SPUTNIK    (I think this is the correct image – there were seven other copies of the same photo on the first page of search results!)




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  6. Radio Times 12-18 August 2017     


    p23    ELIZABETH GARRETT ANDERSON (1836-1917) English physician and feminist about 1888      Pictorial Press Ltd        




    p24    medicine, surgery, amputation of a thigh, apothecary Peter Squire, surgeon Robert Liston and Joseph Lister, 19th century     INTERFOTO




    p55 .   Vintage photo circa 1910s of Russian composer, pianist and conductor Sergei Rachmaninoff (1873 - 1943).     Archive Pics


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  7. BBC News – Business   28 August 2017    Why did we use leaded petrol for so long?     http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-40593353  


    Dr. Alice Hamilton, ca. 1920     Everett Collection Historical 




    Vitruvius    Chronicle




    Old non operational gas petrol pump  (cropped)         Paik Photography




    Asbestos Warning Sign     A Periam Photography 


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  8. BBC News – Business    21 August 2017        Why didn't electricity immediately change manufacturing?    http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-40673694


    dynamo AC exciter Siemens          Igor Golovnov




    Pearl Street Station Central Power Plant, 1880s       Science History Images 




    English cotton mill circa 1835       INTERFOTO



    Centrifugal governor and gears of a beam engine. Labelled Johnson's Iron and Steel Co Ltd. Birmingham.  (cropped)      Clarence O. Becker Archive    centrifugal-governor-and-gears-of-a-beam

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  9. Radio Times     5-11 August 2017


    p85.       The Death and Life of Great American Cities.        UrbanImages 




    p105.     Oklamhoma Poster.   Either Pictorial Press Ltd or SilverScreen   (identical pics) 




    p143.     1744 GNR Class N2 on the Mid Norfolk Railway.    Major Gilbert



    p143.    Holkham Hall, Norfolk, England, UK.     Ivan Vdovin 




    p143.    Elm Hill in Norwich.      travelbild




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  10. BBC News – Business    7 August 2017 .   'The devil's rope': How barbed wire changed America   http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-40448594


    JOHN WARNE GATES /n(1855-1911). American promoter and speculator .       Granger Historical Picture Archive




    JOSEPH GLIDDEN (1813-1906) US farmer who patented barbed wire .     Pictorial Press Ltd





    UNITED STATES OF AMERICA - CIRCA 1962: A used US postage stamp commemorating the 100th Anniversary since the 1862 Homestead Act.      Chris Dorney




    Black and white lithograph print circa 1868 depicting the spread of settlers westward across the USA in the 19th century.      Archive Images




    Native Americans driving off settlers' cattle in South Carolina.        North Wind Picture Archives


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  11. BBC News 5 June 2017    1967 war: Six days that changed the Middle East    http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-middle-east-39960461


    events, Six-Day War 5.- 10.6.1967, Israeli tanks in the dessert, Sinai, military, soldiers, Israel, Egypt, Middle East Conflict    INTERFOTO




    Moshe Dayan (1915 –1981) Israeli military leader and politician. Chief of staff of the Israel Defence Forces (1953–58). Defence Minister during the Six-Day War    World History Archive




    Prime Minister of Israel, Levi Eshkol (Right) with Shimon Peres (later PM and president) 1965    World History Archive


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  12. BBC News  29 May 2017    How the lift transformed the shape of our cities     http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-39735801


    Looking down in an open steel lift shaft in a modern building    Tromp Willem van Urk




    Kings Bedchamber, Chambre du Roi, Palace of Versailles, city of Versailles, Ile-de-France, France, Europe    Robert Fried




    Elisha Graves Otis (1811-1861), demonstrating his patent safety lift at the 1854 New York World's Fair.    Everett Collection Historical


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  13. You're very welcome Paul - and thanks very much Graham, that Carly Simon LP is one of mine [maybe there's something in this Karma lark :)]



    14/05/2017, UK, Observer [Magazine], p47, chilli peppers, A6RWEW, Graham Corney [Cutout. Alamy credit only]

    14/05/2017, UK, Observer [Magazine], p47, cucamelons, E98HHK, Francesco Palermo [Cropped. Alamy credit only]

    14/05/2017, UK, Observer [Magazine], p50, red kites, CN7775, derek watt [Alamy credit only]

    14/05/2017, UK, Observer [Magazine], p50, canoeing on River Nene, DCTPYA, Lovelylight [Alamy credit only]

    14/05/2017, UK, Observer [Magazine], p50, Wadenhoe Mill, A2AM1G, David Bartlett [Alamy credit only]

    14/05/2017, UK, Observer [Review section], p3, Le Jardin des Plantes in Paris, CETY30, Piere Bonbon [No credit - poss not via Alamy]

    14/05/2017, UK, Observer [Review section], p37, HDR Shot of moody river scene - Cam in Grantchester, BDAXR9, JPagetRFphotos [Alamy credit only]

    14/05/2017, UK, Observer [Review section], p40, Hermitage at St Petersburg, D2R3EC, robertharding [No credit - poss not via Alamy]

    14/05/2017, UK, Observer, p2, Wellington cable car NZ, H8XRXJ, imageBROKER [Cropped. Alamy credit only]

    14/05/2017, UK, Observer, p8, St Martin-in-the-Fields, HN6Y9, Bailey-Cooper Photography [Cropped. Alamy credit only]

    14/05/2017, UK, Observer, p24, Abbey Mill in Tewkesbury, AADY32, Mark Boulton [Alamy credit only]

    14/05/2017, UK, Observer, p27, Rio Grande, C7BT19, Brad Mitchell [Alamy credit only]

    14/05/2017, UK, Observer, p33, AIDS poster from 1986, A71C79, Photofusion Picture Library [Alamy credit only]

    14/05/2017, UK, Observer, p46, Mekong River, F3EJCJ, Sergi Reboredo [No credit - poss not via Alamy]


    You're very welcome, Steve.



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