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  1. I have just started to play around with the portfolio page, but no matter what I do, a link with a number is created for my alamy ID. I saw earlier where others had changed that number to a name after having created a portfolio with a number, but it won't work for me. Can anyone help? I figured it out. It wouldn't work in Firefox. I used Microsoft Edge and it worked fine. my portfolio is now set with my name too: https://www.alamy.com/portfolio/dianemacdonald
  2. It's been ages since I uploaded anything, and had never encountered a problem before.
  3. Ah yes. It was at 4%. Will go back and check now! Thanks everyone !
  4. Thanks Bryan. I'm trying FTP now, but I can't find where the images are. Need to walk away and try later. LOL!
  5. I'm getting the message: "Upload Failed. Cannot connect to Alamy." Any idea what is going on?
  6. They are definitely after the more arty types of images as opposed to the regular stock look of Getty Moment. I have 58 on Stockimo and around 70 on Getty Moment. I started submitting to both around the same time and learned pretty quickly from the rejects what both were likely to accept and reject. An image accepted at Stockimo is not likely to be accepted at Getty Moment and vice versa, so I have an outlet for both styles! All non model and property released images are accepted as RM at both Stockimo and Getty Moment.
  7. Sounds like a good idea Ann! I'm new to the iphone (just got it this week as I was in the market for a new phone anyway.) I have a lot of questions about how stockimo works. My first image was accepted, but the other handful since have been rejected. It's so different from shooting "real" stock. LOL! But I am having fun! I think it is making me rethink the way I shoot everything!
  8. I have just bought an iphone 5S, but I was in the market for a new phone anyway. I uploaded a couple of images on Tuesday and had one accepted, and the other rejected. The few others I have uploaded have been rejected. The images get votes from judges based on their personal preferences and a quick look at the collection seems to suggest they are looking for manipulated images rather than straight out of the camera shots. I'm still learning how to use the iphone and the apps. What puzzles me is that if I do use a filter of some sort and try to upload the image, I get a message saying the image
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