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  1. Presentation use should be only available to businesses and recognised institutions. Possibly to students with ID. Only ever in sizes suitable for on-screen or half A4 print use. Covers are not presentation use.
  2. As of this morning GMT 8:39, still no update -- think about the hamsters.
  3. Try going to reverseimagesearch.org where you can search by a link to the image or upload a copy of the image using Google, Bing and Tineye. There is a plugin/add-on for Firefox called "Search by image" as well. Right click on the image you want to search for and select which search engine you want to use or you can access the upload feature from the task bar camera icon. it may be available for Chrome as well.
  4. DACS tweeted that everyone should have theirs by the middle of next week. Kerchingh!
  5. Marianne had a point about a MacBook and this is what I was addressing. Sorry if I disturbed the cosmic order.
  6. .MacBooks can be dismantled - see many fan fixes on YouTube - and seem to be more easily serviceable than your average laptop as far as accessing the fan/s.
  7. I have revived a few of my daughter's laptops by using canned air to blow out the fluff and dust. What happens is debris is sucked into the centrifugal fan from underneath and builds up behind the air slots in the radiator that vents out from the side of the laptop. I have stripped laptops down and removed the wad of fluff but it is a task and a half. To do it safely: Unplug the laptop and remove the battery if possible. With the battery removed let the laptop sit for a full minute before attempting to use the canned air to allow all capacitors to discharge. Arrange the lapto
  8. Marianne wrote: "I am also extremely happy with the 40-150mm zoom - the inexpensive version - which I got for $99. Someone in this forum recommended it back in 2014 when I got my Olympus mirrorless. It is so light (under 1/2 lb) - and really sharp. I intended to get the pro version eventually but at $1400 and over 1 1/2 lbs, I don't think it's really worth it for what I shoot these days. The other is just so light to take along, I'd keep it for travel even if I got the pro version. " I also have an old 4/3 version of the 40-150mm that came as part of a kit that is quite shar
  9. You must have reminded them Rolf there was a slight shuffle:)
  10. Olympus M.Zuiko 12-100mm f/4 IS (24-200 in old money). 561grams.
  11. Enable grid if your camera allows it and that tends to work better than the level indicator. If your viewfinder has a visible focus point array use that. Failing that align the edge of the viewfinder frame with the horizontal reference as a guide (this way you can find out if you viewfinder is correctly aligned with your sensor).
  12. Try this site: http://www.tanks-encyclopedia.com/ww2/nazi_germany/sdkfz-221-222-223.php
  13. The best way to see Manhattan is from Brooklyn Heights and along the waterfront there - consider walking in across the Brooklyn Bridge. Roosevelt island via aerial tramway. Staten island ferry is a free photo platform for views into lower Manhattan and harbour sights (Long lens and good luck with light) and be prepared to sprint around to the departure gates at the Staten island end unless you want to spend time at the terminal there. There was a spot in Greenwich Village that give classic views into the midtown tall buildings that you might recognise from any number of establishing shots
  14. Even all the old Ford Crown Vics are gone from Manhattan at least. It's Toyotas, Nissans and a few domestic models all of which are low emission. Even the gift shop at the Museum of New York only has Prius toy taxis.
  15. Then is it not time that Alamy went back to the 60% to photographer and 40% to Alamy split?
  16. Half of the earliest batch sold well for prices that now we could only dream of and some sell still and one still gets not to bad prices.
  17. Effectively the security guards left their posts went into a public place and interfered with a member of the public going about their lawful business. They have no right to do that as they have no powers of arrest and there in nothing they can legally do. All they have to do is call the police and ask them to investigate and if they were concerned that is what they should have done. Even if the photographer was on the port property all they could have done was tell the photographer to leave on pain of trespass even then they have no right to detain anyone. I keep a few loose to hand ou
  18. Even though my Alamyrank took a dip two cycles ago I am getting more sales and some semi respectable prices. My own site is selling more as well at good prices. Proper paying businesses see micro sites as well dodgy and unprofessional so paying a bit more at Alamy is not a problem for them. The Federation of Small Businesses has been promoting a better approach to copyright and the message that not having a licence for all the IP on ones website exposes ones business to legal action and damage to reputation. It is time to remove those images from the micros because even if Alamy is do
  19. Point out that a "statement of truth" is sufficient for the Intellectual Property Enterprise Court and provide them with statement of truth along the lines of: This is a statement of truth. I declare that the image (ref. No, XXXXXXXXXX) as seen at my website (Link) is my intellectual property. Signature: _____________________ Date: ___________________ The good news is that the defendant is spending money on a solicitor and they are therefore taking the matter seriously and will cost them more in the end. It is hard to say if the solicitor actually believes that a RAW
  20. Mark is perfectly right and as he is speaking from direct experience of the process that lends a significant authority to what he has stated. There is a difference between a speculative invoice of the Getty ilk and a claim reasoned and properly made giving the infringer an opportunity to seek advice and make a counter offer. As long as a claimant follows the procedure laid out in the guidance to the IPEC Small Claims Court there is no problem claiming for the normal fee for use plus uplift for various types of flagrancy from the outset and getting it as a judgement. The Webb case is only ex
  21. Gina ask member services if they can change the name on your main pseudonym to the one you want -- I am sure that they will be able to do that. They are very helpful. Doing that will not affect your ranking where as creating a new pseudonym and moving all your images to would mean that the images will have a median rank.
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