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  1. 18 years with Alamy averaging sales of $29k per annum and I'm in Gold so not happy!! When I started it was 70/30 in my favour, now I'm supposed to be content with 40/60, unbelievable. I've had over $500k in sales which isn't taken into account, setting a starting date for this new system in the middle of the pandemic when sales are down anyway is just so demotivating I'm considering if it's worth all the time I spend in front of this screen!! 😡 Jeff
  2. Sir Richard Dearlove former Head of MI6 sold for editorial website use for a sad $5 😞
  3. Tower Colliery miners march to the mine on the day they bought it in 1995 & on the day it closed in 2008 both sold for personal use $$.😞
  4. British playwright Sir Tom Stoppard pictured in conversation at Hay Festival, sold for editorial use mid doubles figures $$
  5. Portrait of John Humphrys, journalist and BBC tv radio presenter broadcaster. Sold for magazine use, mid double figures $$
  6. Early D1 image from 2001, sold for television use for reasonable fee $$
  7. Processing beef carcasses in an abattoir, sold for magazine use, small fee $
  8. March from Ebbw Vale steelworks, sold for newspaper use, small fee $$
  9. Puppet shadow theatre in Cyprus, sold for editorial website $$
  10. Michael Sheen at Hay Festival, editorial website use, never has he been sold more cheaply $ 😞
  11. Just as well having an image technically perfect isn't a criteria for a sale!!
  12. Colour neg scan from 1999 Rugby World Cup, sold for a sad $7.56 editorial website use.
  13. Boris at Hay Festival. Sold for a really sad $3.88 Website, app and social media
  14. Team member with canary in cage at Dinas mines rescue station Rhondda Valley South Wales UK used for detecting gas underground pic from '92. Sold for book use, mid $$
  15. Search alamy Public toilet in Northern Cyprus sold for presentation use, small $$
  16. I use VueScan from www.hamrick.com which I've always found excellent.
  17. Just a straight scan with an Epson V750 Pro print scanner, yes properly exposed and the negs were home processed.
  18. Colour neg from '98, point to point horse racing in hail storm. Sold for presentation use, small fee $$
  19. Ryder Cup, Newport 2010 sold for commercial website use, just crept into double figures $
  20. Early digital from 2000 on Nikon D1, sold for magazine use for modest $$.
  21. Nice set of pre college pictures from '84 miners strike sold for television use. Happy $$$
  22. Legendary Welsh poet RS Thomas pictured at 1992 Hay Festival sold for editorial website use for a very poor $13
  23. Cardiff prison, sold for editorial website use for a sad $5 😞
  24. Another pre college picture from 1984 miners strike. Sold for editorial use, mid $$
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