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  1. Difficult to analyse with any scientific certainty, but my thoughts are: 1. the drop/lack of sales - maybe not so with ALL contributors, is influenced by the Alamy policy of accumulating a VAST library? 2. we ARE, in the UK anyway, suffering from a significant economic downturn which is BOUND to influence sales here, to whatever degree 3. so many publishers are going for the 'we'll credit you' line rather than buying repro rights through e.g. Alamy - and wannabees are 'falling for it'. Ironically many photo mags do this!! 4. Alamy doesn't specialise - I think some libraries are latching
  2. If you state it NEEDS a release for commercial use but you don't have one then you can tag it as RM - you have stated already you don't have one so the purchaser of the repro rights will be aware of that already. (or should be). nj
  3. This may not help but you now have the D600 and D800 - both excellent cameras and, in many ways, plugging some of the gaps of the D700 - e.g. dual slots. nj
  4. Yes - increase in number on Alamy, very noticeable decrease in zooms (although that is not really an issue as most of my sales haven't been zoomed) and zero sales. That is why I have come to accept Alamy will never be a key earner for me but/and I ONLY shoot stock if I am already at a location anyway and I only process during 'dead' time. That's NOT me being negative, just pragmatic and business-like. nj
  5. Whichever way this goes I still very strongly believe the current position is unfair and unenforceable. There have been some very good suggestions here so let's hope Alamy takes this on board. nj
  6. There have been so many posts on this in the past. I just offer this, if it helps? If on checking the picture the blur is obviously deliberate then chances are that the QC'ers will realise that and make the 'on the spot' assumption that researchers/buyers will too. So: Does it look obvious to you? If so, submit it. If not reshoot and MAKE it look obvious. QC may arouse controversy occasionally but by and large they know their business. nj
  7. I agree - it is POSSIBLE there could be another Milvus "something" - black kite? For that reason alone NH searches would seek Milvus milvus specifically and MIGHT miss yours? nj
  8. I really support this proposal and hope Alamy will take it seriously. Why? 1. It is, by any definition, money that has been earned by US initially. OK, Alamy HAVE marketed/sold but without our work in the first place etc etc... 2. I would bet, in simple language, that Alamy's cash flow is a bl**dy sight healthiier than mine - I go under, my contributions cease, Alamy loses. 3. I cannot morally understand what is the basis for keeping back what is due to us the way it currently works. 4. Add up ALL the 'owed' payments across the Alamy platform at any one time, do a simple intere
  9. If enough contributors feel that there should be a more equitable approach we should all write to Alamy directly. Otherwise this will just be a collection of forum 'dark mutterings'!!
  10. Why should one have to de-register before payment to the CONTRIBUTOR WHO HAS CONTRIBUTED TO ALAMY'S BOTTOM LINE be paid??? Yes, I know we signed up to this but just re-read the OP and think on... I, for one think it is iniquitous that prices are dropping so low yet this has no impact on the current ruling. It is quite conceivably an unenforceable term in the "contract" and I for one will be writing in about it (rather than just moaning on here). PS - Alamy have derived benefit from that helping income since 2009 - the photographer who was the source of that income still has NOT had any money
  11. I would say around 2 to 3,000 (I have yet to get there) before any reasonable return starts. It is also important to consider what your pics are of, how they are taken. Being semi serious, you may need a load of around 0.5 million of the eiffel tower before one MAY sell, but if you have original and unique pics of less obvious or obvious but originally seen/photographed subjects they may well start a lot sooner with a lot less pics up here. I lapsed for a few months - bit of an illness - but am now back putting new work forward, with a much greater emphasis on people, and different ways of sh
  12. I just resort to good old cut and paste for the keywords - not a huge help but can save some time.
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