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  1. Sheila, simply because my website hosts my personal landscape and Nature work whereas I use Alamy for all my commercially orientated work. John Mitchell's first sentence above sums up my situation - I am a very keen stock shooter but it is NOT my primary income source. I think stock is yours? nj
  2. Thanks everyone - I will look into these. Just keen to increase exposure to the fact I do stock with Alamy! nj
  3. Hi all, This has probably been asked in the past, but I couldn't find it. Do any of you let the big, bad world know about your Alamy portfolio with the aim of getting exposure for it (and, abviously, help with sales)? If so, may I ask how you do it? I am thinking of doing this and would appreciate any pearls! nj
  4. Hopefully - if Alamy read this. I thought is was aimed at Alamy but maybe a delay as they are waiting for other opinions? nj
  5. I wonder how often that little blue figure under your photo/non-photo gets updated on the forum? I am at 1273 now but the 'little blue figure' hasn't kept up. Not exactly earth shattering - just idle early morning (in the UK) curiosity! nj
  6. As they haven't answered this at all - we, er, don't know!
  7. I am struggling to check out detail in these pics given the size they are. This is challenging when I come to answer questions such as How many people!! Can this NOT be made larger? Yes, I know we can go back to the source image but this really is clunky, and when the pic is already infront of us it really would be so much easier if you could enlarge it? Nick J
  8. Between 1 and 3 minutes generally for keywording. I have a template in front of me as a guideline and just adhere to it. Sometimes I need research on a species, location or similar but try not tobe TOO verbose - that's what the forum's for I wonder if you take one hour are you risking too many and drowning the shot? Where What (incl latin names for species) - key whats - not everything visible! Who How Many Mood/Emotion? - just one or two words - funny, sad, etc nj
  9. I can't claim to know the reason, but I do have to say that the 100% crop on MY screen DOES absolutely look soft (I have a PhD in SoLD before anyone starts arguing!). Maybe heat haze and/or aperture but SoLD it is. nj Afterthought - it does look a bit like the stabiliser was on and the camera was tripod mounted??
  10. I lodge my work with another agency - both are RM - called fotoLibra. I do this so as to not have all my eggs in one basket. I currently have almost 9,500 pics with fotoLibra but I do have to say that I have found sales to be very disappointing. That said my current level of sales with Alamy are even worse than that so I have no real answer that leads me upwards and onwards! I have never seen stock as my main income stream but would really love to increase my earnings anyway! nj
  11. I struggle to understand WHY it should be necessary to 'blur' something we see every day in their loads, and forget seconds later - are we paraniod. I agree witk Keith - if it is a personal plate (and possibly illegal!!) then err on the side of caution but even then - just tick it as needing a PR (for commercial purposes) and state you don't have one. For the car and the personal plate are then accounted for. nj
  12. "Twas brillig and the slithy toves Did gyre and gimble in the Wabe..." Thanks so much for taking the time to give the keywords the once over. Comments noted and acted on. So, pending further observations, off to continue research into other reasons why my sales are so cruddy (home made word). nj
  13. I know the importance of this area having contributed my thoughts in the past.But...do I really?? I have just spent several gleeful hours revising them after a helpful article in the latest Freelance News courtesy of Alamy. Maybe I AM doing it all horribly wrong and MAYBE (ha!) that is why my sales are so, well, not really! Has anyone got the inclination to give JNJ a very quick once over? If not, I do so understand. But if you do you'll have a new welsh friend.
  14. "Maybe not here in Europe for most uses, But it would definitely get you sacked as a PJ in the US." My work is more outdoor photo/editorial aimed and NEVER at Reuters or similar Press outlets so maybe a different playing field? Current news/issues relies on integrity (ha!) but if a cig end is removed from a country lane in the Yorkshire Dalessurely to Heavens no one would care a monkeys? (If they even knew?). If, however, a cigarette was removed from a celebrity's hand or mouth I could 'sort of' understand.
  15. Absolute sense - but I think Alan Bell was just making an ornithological point. As long as we reckon the word could feasibly be searched on we should include it. nj
  16. Yep - seagull is a generic term for these birds - generally the latin name is prefixed with Larus, so Herring Gull = Larus argentatus, Black Headed Gul = Larus ridibundus (riddybiddybunndy etc etc!!). nj
  17. The yellow one looks more like common birds foot trefoil to me (bacon and eggs)? The middle one are sea pinks, or Thrift, I think (Armeria maritima). The top one I have seen but don't know. nj
  18. Blimey Marc - how long exactly IS a piece of string? Alamy is a generalist, catch all library/agency/thingy with buyers from newspapers to magazines to books covering a huge range of subjects. Likewise, the zillions of contributors here shoot for their own skills or across all the possibilities so, to quote Lord Morrison of Oop North, yes, it's a very broad question and the answer will be equally as broad (and meaningless). Sorry that probably wasn't much help. I suggest you shoot what YOU are most comy with for Alamy and go hell for leather at it - different lighting/angles etc etc. nj
  19. I suspect that 'unwanted items' may need further clarification here Charly. A crisp packet or cigarette end removed is not, to my mind, manipulation, but if a bus stop or car was 'unwanted' that I would say is. If the wind can blow it away or it moves anyway (bird in the sky) then I don't think that is loss of integrity or manipulation.
  20. Adobe, from reading various forums/fora?, seem to have mightily hacked off a lot of folk with one stroke here. May I ask just what the new set up is? I gather it applies only to CS and that it is taking away delivery via DVD/online or whatever and forcing buyers down the cloud route (rowt for our friends acrss the Atlantic) for a monthly sub? nj
  21. Stab at reasons for lo/no sales (only for those affected by this phenomenon): 1. Recession 2. Too much choice 3. Alamy Rank - I have almost 1,300 pics on here - a drop in the ocean! 4. Subject matter/material - is it landscapes, urban, architecture, news, natural history etc etc? This is apples and pears territory. 5. Depressing prices to virtually zilch to secure business 6. too many pics - 36? Million? 7. No specialisms all any or none of the above - in other words, across such a MASSIVE supply and so many photographers, split across the many photographic disciplines when added
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