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  1. Not had one for about 2 weeks? I just check Track Submissions every 2 days or so. Odd that IF they have stopped we haven't seen any notification.
  2. Dear Pearl, Kindly keep your 'good' ideas to yourself in future. My batch has landed on the queue with the issue so now are all waiting for 24 hours - except it won't be. One queue is now into day 3. What is Welsh for GGRR!! (GGRRIO?)
  3. Still awaiting pass through - the 24 hours is long past so I will sit tight and wait.
  4. This is by no means a rhetorical question... but how could you know which pictures won't sell (or, conversely, which pix will)? I take note of my sales, in choosing which subjects might be worth shooting. But, even after amassing 7,000+ pix here, I really can't guess which of my pix will sell next. A lot of my favourite pix haven't sold at all, while a few pix have sold many times. In short, if I was to cull my Alamy collection, I might be deleting pix which could sell next week. I wouldn't know where to start... The only, and best qualified people to know what will sell out there
  5. Yet the other queue shot through - sounds like a problem on queue 'x' then. Hey ho.
  6. Hi, Anyone else stuck in this? I sub'd two lots yesterday - one went through and is now up for sale, the other is stuck in this queue. I ask as I haven't seen this before. nj
  7. No offence caused at all 'Sprocket'. Your post was to the point, I replied to the point.
  8. Ha! Nothin KM!! As it happens, I am into Cardiff right now to do that - all telepathy you know.
  9. Thanks all - for now I will make sure any shots of properties managed/owned by Cadw are taken from public places. Will keep an eye on this and pass any updates on if/when I get them. Gervais, that was truly DREADFUL!!
  10. Blunt = blunt. I have no issue getting commissions and have not, in 11 years, had to cancel one single workshop. Alamy forum readers/contributors do not form part of my customer base, any more than I would expect them to. QC Past struggles are just that, PAST. Also, having re-read my opening post, my issue is not around the quality of my work (otherwise it would not be on Alamy) - rather it is around my asking colleagues about my selling techniques (keywords, use of pseudonyms, subject matter etc). I am not clear on how these have a bearing on customers dumping or not accepting me.
  11. but this may well apply UK wide. In Wales the Quango that runs most of the castles/ancient monuments is called Cadw - in England the equivalent is English Heritage. A few weeks ago I was stopped by a CADW official from shooting castles in Monmouthshire, specifically White Castle. It was pointed out that to shoot commercially a fee would be payable by prior agreement, she thought around £200.00 - ha!! My question, having thought about this, is - what is to prevent me shooting from public property suh as a footpath or road/lane as opposed to paying an entry fee and shooting off Cadw
  12. I had two very helpful emails from Alamy MS on this but, saddo that I am, I cannot copy/paste onto the forum, it appears. If I can find a way MS are very happy for me to do this. (Jools, stop telling me off!).
  13. Cheers Mr Addict - I do also run a successful photography business, courses, workshops, commissions etc - phew! (Freespirit Images) I was just looking to add an income stream of some substance to my existing ones. Still, after all the great advice I have had off the post this could still yet happen. nj
  14. Thanks so much everyone - you have all been really helpful. Lots of practical advice there! I do find stock hard (I never thought it would be easy) and it does get me down sometimes but those of you who know me know I will bounce back - just with a differing approach. I will read through your comments (twenty paces?!!) and reformat my approach/attitude. More shots->more variety @David - I was with fotoLibra from the beginning - it never REALLY did it for me. 43 sales in the last four years! Nick
  15. Ah! Understand now Chrissie! I would genuinely LOVE 5 to 10 sales a month and this is why I NEED to know what is possibly going wrong so I can attempt to fix it. I could try asking MS for a quick opinion but to be fiar they have better things to do. nick
  16. Thanks all - John, I agree. I just really want/wanted to make a success of stock - depending, of course, on what is the definition of success. And, yes, every so often I review it and do issue a 'crie du coeur'! Sung, you are right I think that fotoLibra is just no longer viable for me to waste my time on. I will not scrap it, but just not spend time adding any more. Instead, I will just focus on building up on Alamy, my concern being that during the time I build up to my 5,000 plus, the prices and sales will have slid down commensurately! Thanks all - I think I will concentrate my gener
  17. Not sure what you mean by well placed Chrissie. They are with fotoLibra, if that's what you mean, and I am not at all impressed with how they have done. But, is that a reflection on fotoLibra or my work? (rhetorical). nj
  18. Hi All, I seem to have reached a crossroads with stock photography. In fairness I only have 1500 pics on here, but also have 9,500 pics with another agency, fotoLibra. I would reasonably expect to sell up to maybe 5 per month across the two but come nowhere near that. One sale every two months would be good! I have been at it for as many years as Alamy have. My crossroads dilemma is that if I just pack it in and walk away I will never sell, but if I carry on slugging it out I don't sell anyway! Does anyone else feel they have reached their crossroads too? And, if so, have you had a
  19. Thanks Chrissie and Keith, I have only lodged them thus far with Alamy (not many and no sales) and fotoLibra (utter waste of time). So I am trying to place 'specialist' pics with specialist rather than generalist libraries. I will have a look at NPL.
  20. Hi all, It has occurred to me that my small, but perfectly formed, collection of NH photography is just NOT selling at all through Alamy or a.n.other agency I use - to my chagrin! Is anyone out there happy to point me in the direction of an NH agency they use or have heard good things about? Nick J
  21. Experience! The 'not so new' word that is dropped in at every opportunity and seldom actually makes sense in the context into which it is shoe-horned. To have read this reply is enhancing your 'reader experience'. Bring on that highly customised exoerience (baby)... Give me a break!!
  22. Great title to this post!! Is the OP offering? If so, grab all his details now and track him, indeed hound him, to the ends of the earth! (unless, of course, you do want help with image theft!).
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