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  1. Ian Murray, aka 'Geogphoto', has been barely present on the new forum. Is he around still? nj
  2. Just my opinion here...the bug and the hut look saleable to me. NOT the same as 100% pin sharp, but saleable. The coast shot, for a new entrant, was dicing with death due to the oof foreground flower and I think the chipmunk/squirrel's eye is soft and lacking sharpness. I honestly think (infact KNOW) that what Alamy QC'ers call SoLD does sell via other libraries (been there done that) but, for better or worse, when we sign up to Alamy to promote our work it has to be by their rules. I do NOT always agree with QC but I do accept their judgement - they are usually spot on. nj
  3. Brian, I guess some of what you said will not happen is happening. We frequently see the results of the immediacy of mobile phone reportage from Syria on the TV and in the papers. I guess that folk on site when something shocking happens will simply use their mobiles - why pay a reporter to photograph it when this happens? Sadly, the likes of those you quoted, and others too, are icons of a bygone era by and large. There are those who might agrue that they used new fangled equipment in their day when they could have used 5X4 or 10X8 cameras? It's all relative. I agree with your sentiment
  4. Chris E - zilch/nicht/zippo/nothing/zero/ - except a black box when I hit the red arrow. n
  5. Point taken Ed but this, in fairness, applies more to commissioned work than speculative stock work. Sure, it should apply to both but stock is dictated by the market whereas so many 'clients' seeking commission work expect it for zilch/nicht/zippo/nothing/zero/free/credit/exposure............................................(nurse, the screens). nj
  6. With apologies to those who have seen it - I think this combines humour with a real message and the next person who offers me a credit or an advert gets it both barrels!!
  7. Be optimistic but it doesn't necessarily mean sales will come out of it. It probably means that at least your work has been viewed, along with others, so there is an increased potential, but in and of itself, it doesn't mean a sale - or sales! Good luck anyway nj
  8. I think the only comment I might add here, if it is relevent to the OP, is that you should never put up a photo here as, say, RM, and with another agency as RF. That can lead to a right kerfuffle as I understand it, especially if both sell! nj
  9. Wikipedia is a reasonably reliable source of information, albeit that this is supporting/back up information and NOT key to secure a sale, but a definite NO in my view would be to copy/paste. I, too, would also double check details. We all have to source information from somewhere - it is not hard coded into our brain at birth - but treat it as something we can leanr from and adapt rather than just blindly copy (and forget). nj
  10. Be prepared for happy monday, miserable tuesday....................etc. There is NO consistent sales pattern so you're mind set should be in it for the long haul. Good luck. Nick
  11. Hi, I agree with pretty well all the good advice above and would absolutely emphasise two which have stood me in good stead. 1. where practicable, include people (maybe one with and one without) - this sends out the message "what a great place - and folk visit it too". 2. there are a few similar, eg the tiger and giraffe shots? 3. get more pics up here - if stock is new to you 113 might seem quite a haul, but in terms of a bucket of over 38 Million on offer with Alamy it's a very very small gnat's testicle in a safari park. Good luck and go for it. (ok, so it was 3!). Nick J
  12. I for one don't claim it will increase sales - I staunchly believe that you increase sales by adding more images (more choice) and tightening up on keywords. BUT, if it helps me manage my portfolio (by telling me much more quickly that my coastal work is my best seller for example) then I am better placed to know what subjects to submit. I do NOT claim this to be an exact science - too many variables by far - BUT if it helps me refine and concentrate what I do, then it can't possibly do anything but help? It MAY help lift some shots for a while by middle ranking against the new pseudos? nj
  13. I burst out laughing when I read the justification..............................and then cried.
  14. Let those better qualified advise but MY understanding is that when you set a new pseudo and allocate photos to it, it picks up a middle ranking so it MIGHT help? nick
  15. To be honest Ed, I only did this last week (following some very helpful advice from Alamy MS) so it's a bit early to tell if sales will improve. I have also revisited my keywords, which, I guess would have MORE impact on sales. Sure I could have not done the 're-pseudonym'ing' and just done a visual check on my sales but this just gives me a discipline to follow and keeps me on track. I bash stuff in but up til now haven't really managed the collection as carefully as I might/should.
  16. Thanks Maurice!! I am seeking to increase my Alamy sales turnover and am running a spreadsheet with sales details against each of my pseudos. I'll trial this for a while and see where it goes. nj
  17. There have been numerous posts on this topic and, having read them, I now use pseudonyms as follows: Each of my shots gets categorised into: FreespiritCoast FreespiritCityscapes FreespiritNature FreespiritTownsVillages etc etc This enables me to very easily run through all my sold work, identifying strong/weak sales areas. So far, FreespiritCoast has sold the best, and FreespiritLandscapes the worst. So, I will put greater emphasis on Coast (and TownsVillages) and less on Landscapes, Cityscapes and Transport, for example. To many of you this may be a no brainer but it certainly helps me f
  18. Good God - thank you Keith!! I agree that it would be more than a good idea - indeed very helpful - if each individual pic could be checked for number of zooms - this could help us refine it and improve sales chances. Edit keywords, delete, refine, etc etc. nj
  19. I have no expectations from Alamy at all - every sale is welcome. That way I am always pleased, never disappointed.
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