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  1. Basic stuff if people know/find out about it sure. Everyone has to learn - and for stock QC is no bad teacher.
  2. Congratulations - it is a great feeling when someone chooses a photo that YOU have taken, isn't it!! nj
  3. I may have missed the comments I am about to make in all the pile of good advice above Paul, in which case apologies! Alamy Member Services were VERY helpful to me in the past and happy to send a 100% blow up to show specifally why failure occurred. Try them? Also, work the lens to get the OPTIMAL detail/sharpness etc out of it. I have a 17-55mm Nikon lens (DX) and find much sahrper results from around f10 than around f22 - for instance. I have so been where you are - so GOOD LUCK and keep at it. Nick J
  4. I would certainly use VR/IS/OS on a monopod - not confident I could make it as steady as a tripod! Have you considered a Vitruvian tripod? Made by Giotto's they are a lightweight, foldable tripod with the option to unscrew a leg (on the tripod) and use it as a monopod. http://www.ephotozine.com/article/giottos-vitruvian-vgr8255---mh5310-630--review-13536 nj
  5. I very recently sold this - it went for a respectable $55.00 - B7WDF8 Chickens Dentdale OK so it's only one sale (second sale in 2 weeks with just over 1,300 up) but, having read a few sad/downbeat stories about sales on here (and I confess I wrote one or two back in the day) it just shows that anything will sell!! I know we all need to keep an eye on what seems to satisfy the market but I shot this, very randomly, whilst out walking in Dentdale a few years back. My take is that if the quality is there, submit and be damned. nj
  6. It's been said before and doubtless will be said again, but in the context of selling/marketing stock (especially in such a MASSIVE reservoir) it is the quality and accuracy of the keywords that will guide the buyer to your work, irrespective of how good it is. nj
  7. Just read Mirco Vacca's post - In have recently returned from Poland - Krakow - and photographing people was NOT a problem. Sure, I asked, nodded to the camera and/or whatever means I had at my disposal (not polish!) and there was not the tiniest hint of an issue... nj
  8. I would be prepared to bet that the vast majority of postcards in the UK with people have NOT hat PR or Mr signed by anyone in them. (in fact, I know this). nj
  9. Well done - a link to it, or similar MAY help identify where it may have gone!
  10. Why the term 'Microstock'? Micro -= what? Is it one of those phrases like Royalty Free that folk misunderstand? Puzzled of Cardiff
  11. I am not too sure we can 'blame' anyone for this in some respects. Technology will always advance, ultimately for our benefit. There will be winners (mostly) I guess and losers/fallout. Any change in camera technology was BOUND to have a profound effect as we moved away from film to digital; Cost, immediacy, ease of production etc etc. This, in turn. would inevitably bring a whole new slug of participants who saw dropping of costs, immediate results and a potential to earn anything at all really, which they couldn't or wouldn't have done via film. If there is 'blame' to be apportioned for th
  12. Instead of thinking as the photographer, try instead to think as a traveller. Imagine you have never been to Canada - what sort of photos would invite you there, or arouse your interest/curiosity?
  13. I'll have a try!! A travel photo to me is a photo that I would take (these always/often appear to be taken around towns/cities and iconic locations) if I was travelling! I live outside Cardiff but reckon it is quite acceptable to call a photograph of Cardiff Castle a travel photo (even though I took it) as I would certainly shoot it if I was from away. It doesn't, to me anyway, matter that I live nearby - it still qualifies as a travel photo. Obvious travel subjects would be the Eiffel Tower (AARRGGHH), the Paris Bateaux Mouches, The Pompidou Centre, Christ the Resurrection, Sydney Harbour B
  14. I THINK Alamy feel 4 is enough to guage quality by in the first instance. Ten might be a bit OTT and, anyway, increase your chances of fouling up?
  15. Five minuses - is a bit churlish. I would 'red' someone for rudeness, being a general "p in the a" etc but not for simply stating a view. There is plenty of room in my view, for lots of opinions. It's how you present/respond to them that may incur greeies (yuk) or reddies?? nj (expecting lots of greenies for being so damn nice)
  16. Like Allan Bell, I too submit smaller batches and await clearance before sending more. It doesn't bother Alamy not getting your work quicker, not with over 38 Mn pics already!!. IF (and it has to be IF, as we aren't deliberately seeking to fail QC!!) there is a fail at least the attrition is less - albeit the 28 days is galling. (don't get me started!) I recently had a batch fail - my fault - spots on sensor - and I am now embroiled with Nikon about it. Long story and wrong thread. I did struggle at first with QC but with advice from the forum and patience it is now not the issue it
  17. I didn't really seek a character affirmation or assassination here, by the way. Just wondered why it had gone so quiet. I now realise he has left the Alamy Contributors forum (for now, anyway!). nj
  18. There is NOTHING wrong with being an old fogey - the Alamy forum is littered with us. With hindsight comes wisdom.
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