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  1. This so very much depends on WHAT you shoot. Some are very comfy with current/contemporary whilst others are equally at home with travel etc - I will be honest and say I would find it very difficult indeed to swap mindsets/disciplines.

    So maybe my op needed to refletc that - we all are apples/pears/oranges etc - with different contributions in different disciplines. To throw out generic questions won't really earn meaningful results - just a general trend (which, for what I shoot is downwards).
    Maybe kewording might help - I revisit every month or so but to little avail.


  2. Keith has been very helpful to me in the past and yes, his focus is on "stuff that sells" - but to a specific market which I admit I don't do as I don't believe I have that skillset.


    It's a bit disingenuous to say it's not rocket science as different folks work to different strokes. I am not complaining about lack of sales on that basis - I am just saying that whareas my work DID sell better it isn't now - same work, different result.


    Well done Jools!

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  3. I have a fairly small number of shots here on Alamy and therefore, although slowly building it up, have no expectations of great things.
    That said, even those have all but vanished. Very few views, currently two, and no sales since ...(a while ago).

    I subscribe to the view that 45Mn photos whilst offering a very wide and varied selection, also, to a degree, works against itself. 
    so, what do I do? What I always do. Carry on...............!!

    It costs me little (I don't shoot stock for a living) so my minimal returns aren't drowned in cost.

    Head->Brick Wall->Head.


  4. The press must have thought all their Christmasses had come at once when this deal/these deals were signed off. Guaranteed quality, via the QC mechanism, dirt cheap prices.....................and, lest we forget, the Daily Fail is the holder up of all that is good and virtuous in the UK! The press/media lead the pack in low/no repro rates so don't be alarmed when it goes squiffy!
    And, on that note, may I wish all contributors and Alamy staff a happy and healthy 2014. (that should send my currently stuck green arrow into orbit!!).

    Best wishes all,


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  5. I used to worry about trying to second guess what the buyer might want. Even limiting my response to Natural History, Alamy must have hindreds of World Wide buyers of NH - either for advertising or specialist NH publications. So, I don't second guess all these buyers any more, I just make the very best and most realistic end product I can and pitch it through Alamy. It is all too easy to sweat and groan over stuff like this and, I suspect, it makes not a jot of difference in the end. As long as it safely gets past QC that at least gets it out there (and, of course, with good keywording).
    I do agree with the non-vignetting comments though :)



  6. I suspect that if you tie in an unusual angle/take on an iconic spot/site with carefully thought out keywording and some unusual light you stand a very good chance of a sale. May be a bit of a buggeration factor if your previous zooms/sales history is not too good and  has forced you down the ranking - always a downside - and forced your gem onto page 93 but always worth a go. Not to will guarantee no sale :)


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