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  1. 1. The ability to load more than 96 thumbnails per page on a search return, combined with larger thumbnails that show as the full image rather than a square so that it is clear which are horizontal vs vertical. I am typically working on a 30" display and when 96 images load it only shows two rows of thumbs on a display area that has room for 24 rows. In many cases the search results are in the 100s so instead of seeing the total result on multiple pages they could be viewed on one. In conjunction with a scale slider to adjust the thumbnail size would be great. 2. The ability to replace an older image with an updated version of that same image. As Lightroom, Photoshop and my own processing skills have evolved I have reprocessed hundreds of images and in many cases the result is a dramatic improvement. I would love to see those improvements reflected in my collection but the current process of deleting and re-submitting in a new submission is too tedious, drawn out and confusing to track. 3. The ability to do an inverted keyword search. If I do a search for "New England" I get all the images with the keyword New England but what I really want is all the images that do not contain New England, and the ability to batch apply "New England" to all the relevant images where it is currently missing. Really the batch apply would be a bonus. If I could just identify all the images that are missing a given keyword short of having to go through every image individually would be a vast improvement. 4. The ability to search by images that have sold and those that have not. 5. The ability to see Stockimo images included.
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