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  1. Aaaaaaagghhhhhh! A failure for soft and out of focus - after more than a year of QC success and 2500 images submitted - and you know what? It was deserved - when I reviewed the Image QC were quite right - which goes to show what? That it can sometimes get easy to keep uploading ibn the evening and have images pass the following morning, and gradually get closer to the borderline submission, but, more importantly, that no matter how good your submission history, QC are still looking at your images and if you submit a duff one they will an do spot it! Good for QC - keep us on our t
  2. Payments usually hit my account on the 5th or 6th of the month Kumar
  3. In terms of the people on the beach it doesn't matter that they are so small they cannot be identified, they still have to be counted and put in the Attributes for number of people. in terms of a silhouette, that is more difficult - strictly speaking a silhouette isn't a person, but could someone whose silhouette is in an image which is then used for commercial purposes argue that they are in it and demand compensation/a cut of the profits? (which is the point about people numbers and model releases in an image) I would be interested to hear what others think and do! Kumar
  4. Thanks everybody! Extremely helpful advice (wish it was mine! ) Kumar
  5. Hi all, I know this is a modern Morgan, but help with the exact type please? Thanks Kumar
  6. @ Paulstw "Too scared to add anything to the queue of 65 images I have waiting." Dont upload anymore till the "failed QC" (or hopefully the Passed QC) message comes otherwise the new ones will be failed as well Kumar
  7. Average for me - 39 licences for $2200 - average $56, some refunds and then sales of same image at a lower price at the beginning of the month which I think several people noticed Kumar
  8. I agree, Mirco, very useful, and helpful in improving ones own keywording for Alamy - use it with the "All of Alamy" feature to look back at keyword searches over the past year to see what is looked for and what isnt Kumar
  9. Paul - it's a great lens, one of the best. I got one just about a year ago and its probably already paid 50% of its cost back. Camera bodies get upgraded but a great lens will last you years. I am in the process of acquiring a 16-35 2.8L Mk2. I am sure I will have no regrets Kumar
  10. Alex - many thanks for finding that -in fact both of those photos in the link are mine, the other is C94DPA Kumar
  11. Yup, 4 today refunded and replaced with 30$ sales Kumar
  12. Congratulations to Andy Melbourne - Good photo and subject for the competition! Thanks Julie! Pleased to be short listed Kumar
  13. D0KXBC Kumar Sriskandan People shopping at M&S Marks and Spencer, Norwich, Norfolk UK Bryan, thanks for spotting that one! Kumar
  14. Ps. Julie - no worries! I would have no idea how to do it either! Kumar
  15. Same here in all respects! Kumar
  16. 39 licences, highest $210, lowest $5.95. Best month ever for zooms In newspaper scheme, not in NU. Shame about the lack of Huffs Kumar
  17. Here's my three.. My knee sunbathing, Atlas mountains, Morocco Tourist feeling the heat, Temple of Hatshepsut, Egypt Knackered camel taking a rest, Wadi Rum, Jordan Good topic Julie! Kumar
  18. About a minute or two if straightforward, maybe 3-5 minutes if needs some googling or wikipaedia help, or I need to look up AoA. Its unusual for me if there are more than 2 or 3 lines of words in the "main" keywords, and "comprehensive" keywords are vanishingly rare Kumar
  19. 47 licences for $2044 - average to good month, and a good start to July also Kumar
  20. Hi Semmick Photo First of all, if you are making a sale a month with just about 400 images you are doing well - congratulations! Secondly, sales do not contribute to the CTR as explained, and I suspect the reason your zooms have gone up but your CTR has gone down is that your views have gone up even more, due to the default 120 images per search that clients now see. However, if your zooms are going up your sales should also go up, and your ranking will hopefully improve as sales do count towards that. Good luck with it Kumar Sriskandan
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