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  1. Thanks Mark - very useful - can now enter the image of the month competition in "Lets talk about Pics" Kumar Sriskandan
  2. Heres one of my own collection of DVDs when I was trying to put them in alphabetical order... Kumar sriskandan
  3. Cameracraft;occasional PhotoPlus - Canon Edition and occasional Practical Photography Kumar Sriskandan
  4. I think from Alamy's point of view there are two issues here which obviously have a big overlap: 1. If you are hoping the image may be used for commercial purposes, as opposed to editorial purposes, and particularly if you have set the licence to RF, then the number of people is important because of potential legal problems arising from people in the photo who have not given consent to their image being used in such a way. In these images the total number of people must be accurate, and for each person, identifiable or not, there should be a model release signed (definitely if RF, and ide
  5. Hi Stephanie J, I also do much of my RAW processing in Lightroom, and then transfer to Photoshop for final editing and saving as a JPEG prior to sending the images to Alamy What you have heard so far is excellent advice - 1. For your first 4, choose safe images; put the camera on a tripod if necessary, shoot at an aperture between f8 and f16 in reasonably bright light, 2. Check each image at 100% resolution for sharpness and dust spots 3. In Lightroom, check and ensure it exports to photoshop in TIFF format, so you then only convert to JPG at the end when finally saving the ima
  6. The ability to do this would be an extremely useful tool for contributors and several people have asked Alamy if they could provide this. Kumar Sriskandan
  7. QC for me has been absolutely excellent over the past year - I upload images in the evening and they pass the next morning (assuming its a normal working day) - most recently last night/this morning. No obvious problems here! Kumar Sriskandan
  8. Hi Philo122 I tend to use Lightroom to do the RAW conversion and then transfer to Photoshop for final adjustments and saving; but in Lightroom you should be able to discover the actual file size in the Metadata section in Library when you open the image. For comparison I use a Canon 5D Mk2 which produces images which are 5616x3744 pixels in size, which equates to an uncompressed file of 60.2 MB, but the final JPEG files uploaded are much smaller than that Kumar sriskandan
  9. Hello Philo122 It sounds like you are mistaking compressed JPEG size for uncompressed size. The uncompressed size (ie the size the file is when you have opened it in photoshop or similar ) must be over 24MB, which means the compressed size ( the size the file takes up on disc) is usually 2-5 MB. You seem to have been trying to send Alamy 25MB compressed files which are too large. Read Alamy s' guidelines on file size which are stuck to the top of this section of the forum - they are very clear on this Cheers Kumar Sriskandan
  10. Jeff, sadly I believe the old forum is not available as a reference Kumar Sriskandan
  11. Likely to be a "Creative" search followed by a "relevant" search...As far as I am aware capital letters are irrelevant in the searches, and the spellchecker only corrects them because they have a capital letter in the software dictionary for proper names . (Having said that I think in a caption it is good to have place names in capitals or it can look a bit slapdash) Kumar Sriskandan
  12. Mark - My experience is that MS are quite good at following up primary usages in for example the Mail-on-line and other journals/papers/magazines etc, but use in blogs is often secondary to use in newspapers etc,, and appears to be much more difficult to chase up. My guess would be I am afraid, that MS will not get anywhere....There is always the alternative of your following it up privately yourself but in this sort of case you may feel its not worth the hassle Kumar Sriskandan
  13. 41 licenses, gross $1600+ (but note April last year I grossed virtually the same with only 18 sales....) Views and zooms both up; CTR about the same... In the newspaper scheme but not in NU Kumar Sriskandan
  14. PS. Ian - good to see you have joined in the end! Kumar Sriskandan
  15. I am sure one of the reasons most of us are having increased views is because Alamy recently changed the default number of images viewed by buyers to 120 as they said they would. Before I am not sure whether the default was 30, or it just defaulted to whatever they had last used. Most of us with large collections now see 120 views minimum for most searches, the only ones showing less being the ones where there are less than 120 images to see in the total search. Hence overall numbers of views have gone up; but zooms may not go up in proportion as buyers may not want to necessarily see so m
  16. Alan - I agree entirely - very worrying that there seems to be a gradual increase in laws which restrict public freedom, partly in terms of their effect on our business, but even more so in terms of their effect on what we feel are public rights in a "free country/countries". Surely if the agricultural businesses are doing things in the correct way then they have nothing to fear from street photography, and if they are not doing things correctly then they should be exposed and encouraged to change. What actually appears to be happening is more what one would associate with a police state, not
  17. I have been using manage Images v2.4 with Chrome over the last few days and have not seen any problems Kumar Sriskandan
  18. Ed - I would be very surprised if it did not pass - the moire is part of the image and obviously wont affect the surrounding buildings therefore. QC are good at this sort of thing Let us know how it goes! Kumar sriskandan
  19. Mongoose - Congratulations on your sales - You haven't said what your images actually sold for but I would expect they would be much less than the price calculator would suggest - this has been the case for a long time and reflects many things including particularly the abundance of images available worldwide, and bulk deals which Alamy has made in order (I presume) to keep business. In addition the Czech rep. sale is likely to have been through a distributor so you will get 30% rather than %0% net value. I am afraid that would seem to be the way it is at the moment Kumar Sriskan
  20. Hi Derek, A while back, Alamy instituted a "Ranking system" for pseudonyms which essentially determines which pseudonyms appear higher up in searches (ie which images appear first) - your rank is important as many buyers do not look at that many images when deciding which image to buy so the sooner your images appear in searches, the more likely you are to sell. If your pseudonym has a good rank your images appear early; if your rank is poor, then they are buried near the bottom of sometimes several hundred pages of images depending on the search term used. The ranking system, to my un
  21. Quote from Geogphotos: "Looking at your images I would say that you have very many similars, an excessive amount in my opinion. I would guess that you would have a high number of zooms for each sale. I don't consider myself as somebody who edits very tightly but your editing is very loose. This will damage your Alamy Rank and that will hit sales because your images will be way down the search order." I would agree entirely with what Ian says - If I was a buyer, looking at your photos and saw an image I might consider buying I may well zoom it - but if there were a whole load of very simi
  22. Interestingly enough I clicked ion the link yesterday and it loaded fine, but today it leads to an error page so maybe the link has been removed... Kumar Sriskandan
  23. Interesting article Keith - thanks. The implication of the final paragraph is that the French Privacy law can only be used if the publication of the image is also in France. Do we know if that is true? Many of us I am sure have photos on Alamy taken in France in public which include people. Should we put in a restriction not allowing its use in France, and would that then prevent textbooks with a worldwide circulation using the image, so reducing the chances of a sale? And if such a photo was bought and used by a website in a foreign country could a french person in the photo use French law
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