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  1. I did once have a similar thing with an image licenced to a magazine several times on the same day. They used one image as a main picture and the others as spot images at the start of each of five chapter headings. Congrats Diane! Hopefully no refunds! Kumar
  2. Didn't participate this time, but good selection of photos - I have just added "Triumphant" to a couple of mine! Kumar
  3. "02/10/2013, UK, Guardian, p3, counterfeit Ugg boots, C2TJJJ, Kumar Sriskandan [No credit - but almost certainly via Alamy]" Thanks for spotting that one Steve. Definitely via Alamy - Regards Kumar
  4. Average month, 33 sales for $2300 gross, only 2 were distributor sales Best $300 Least $ 12.33 In newspaper scheme, not in NU Best wishes to all Kumar
  5. Generally they dont so long as you are putting them up for RM editorial use, rather than RF. However you do need to be careful with sculptures as they may be under copyright of the artist; and also around the world there are a few buildings which can cause photographers problems for example the gherkin in London, and The lights of the Eiffel tower lit up at night. I dont know about the CN tower - best to find out if any of our canadian colleagues can advise. For public sculptures if they are simply part of the general scene then no problem RM, but if the photo is specifically of the sculp
  6. Hi Jools, Two very different opinions at the top there! If it helps, have a look at the Alamy contract here http://www.alamy.com/Blog/contributor/archive/2011/02/16/4860.aspx Although it headlines with Museums and galleries, if you read it to completion it also covers other things like Heritage sites. If you feel you can live with that, then go ahead and put them on, maybe with a restriction on germany specifically, but if you suddenly see one day that its been sold to a (eg. german!) textbook and that would give you sleepless nights, then its not worth it! The problem is w
  7. Hi Jill, I got the newer Mk2 version about a year ago - it is a fantastic lens! I also have the 100-400 L 4-5.6, but frankly the 70-200 with the x2 converter Mk3 gives just as good results, is lighter to carry around and I get much better results from the 70-200 on its own than I got from the 100-400 at the lower end of its range, so from my POV the 100-400 is fairly redundant now! I think its the best lens I have, even if it does, as you say, look like a thermos!! Cheers Kumar
  8. Mirco, Congratulations on reaching 3,000 images. Always nice to reach/pass a milestone! Cheers Kumar
  9. I would be cautious about putting it as RF due to the recognisable buildings and writing as you point out. There is if I remember rightly also something specific about central Birmingham and photography releases which more knowledgeable colleagues than me may be able to elucidate. If it was my image I would say "property release needed" and "No I haven't got a property release" and leave it to the buyer to decide what to do with it I would not put any restrictions in, however. Regards Kumar
  10. Hi Jill, Many of them may predate the time when Alamy started not allowing RF with people in unless you had releases - I think that came in with manage images 2.1; before that you could say an image had people in, but you had no releases, and still market the image as RF, so many of them may have been on sale from several years ago Regards Kumar
  11. Many institutions, not only, but including zoos, both in this country and abroad say that photography is allowed, but if you read the small print on their website/and/or ask about then selling the images even if just for editorial use, then you find that the rule is you cant, in theory, use for "commercial" purposes. We photogs have a problem here because we tend to associate the word "commercial" with advertising or making money usages as opposed to editorial, but what the institutions mean I believe, by "commercial" use, is any use, including editorial, where the photographer is paid for the
  12. Agreed - seems strange - I also got the top 500 e-mail. I queried the meaning with MS in terms of whether it referred to numbers of images sold or gross value. They replied ""We select the top 500 photographers of the quarter depending on the total sales on the account" which is a bit ambiguous. FWIW my figures for the previous quarter (Apr/May/June) are: Images sold: 128 Gross value: $6122 I'm sure Redsnappers' figures are better than mine. Cheers Kumar
  13. Hi Jill, With a Canon 5Dmk2 i find images passing at ISO 3200 with no problems - with the 5Dmk1, 1600 was fine, but I agree with previous suggestions that QC tend to be more lenient in situations where a high ISO is obviously needed - eg at dusk. Flash can be used but can destroy the ambience. I use IS lenses, but would consider a monopod a reasonable compromise. I very rarely use a tripod as too bulky to carry and irritates other people as it gets in their way Kumar
  14. Nice shot Wim! Was it in Sept 2011? - I was there, and the reflecting pool was empty for repairs, but I did not cotton on to the idea of standing in it! Kumar
  15. Hello Lynn, Interesting exercise to see what people come up with in terms of keywording for your sea fishing image: From my point of view I would do it like this (simply my way, not of course likely to be the best!) Caption: Angler fishing with a rod in the sea at Fernandina beach, Florida USA Ess Keys: angler fishing sea beach USA man fisherman rod Main keys: waves surf waters edge america american US united states of america fernandina beach Florida casting reel fishing outdoor activity activities hobby hobbies (whatever season or month it was), coast shore shoreline coastline seas
  16. And also I suspect they dont want us photogs pestering the buyers for tear sheets etc Kumar
  17. OK Doc thanks. Good stuff. I am in the same boat as I said. Still showing 'Awaiting QC' after 16 days. What do you like to use for your small camera Doc? The other 30% of the time. Hi Gervais; The other 30% of the time I use the Canon 5D Mk2 but with other lenses rather than the 24-105, except for a very few images which are from a Canon G11
  18. "11/09/2013, UK, London Evening Standard, p43, Heathrow departures, C69CFD, Kumar Sriskandan [Cropped. No credit but almost certainly via Alamy]" Steve - many thanks for finding that Regards Kumar
  19. Hi Liam, Congrats on the sales, but my suspicion would be that you will be lucky to find out where exactly they have been sold; try google images or tin-eye; but the huge majority of images found in this thread by the stalwarts of Images found are in UK publications, particularly newspapers in the UK Cheers! Kumar
  20. Hello Liam, Presumably you have had these two come through as "Images sold" - if you give us a bit more info about what type of sales they were (type, circulation, country etc), assuming they were RM, and the price you got, then we may be able to narrow the hunt down! Kind regards Kumar
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