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  1. I am with Glover & Howe following a recommendation from Redsnapper a couple of years ago on the old forum Not had to claim anything yet (touch wood) Kumar
  2. Hi Barbara! Welcome. The other discussion would suggest that once images are submitted they cannot be changed/deleted till they pass QC. Hope they pass! Regards Kumar
  3. Hi Debramillet! At first glance your images look bright colourful and punchy and they look like they should sell. You absolutely must look much more closely at your keywords as others have said, for many reasons I think. Ask yourself when looking to keyword an image (or in fact, when putting the image up for sale in the first place); "What would someone use this image for?" Images with no information about their location are very much less likely to sell for editorial purposes, always put his information in, at least town/city, state/county and country The keywords in the
  4. mmmm, I had 3 to Mexico each for $26.01 for the first time ever, and also one to New Zealand for $118 which I think is the first one to have been purchased there. Also, the Russian federation and Italy seem to be paying more this month - all good news I hope Kumar
  5. 41 for $2463, best $150, worst $6.02; in newspaper scheme, not in NU; Agree with Pearl - October is usually a good month; seemed to start off slowly but OK in the end Kumar
  6. Daily Telegraph Tues 22/10/2013 AN21Y6 National Theatre London - Jon Arnold Images (Cropped) A7WWRP Third class railway carriage - John Henshall Kumar
  7. Hi Mirco - sorry, have only just seen this so my comments may be too late and already made but for interest I would keyword this as follows: Caption: Street scene, Karpacz town centre, Poland Europe Esskeys: karpacz poland street scene town centre center Main: (name of hotel) hotel polish towns road view europe european blue sky sun sunshine sunny day people Hope this is helpful! Kumar
  8. Agreed its been there a while. I had assumed it was for feedback just for Alamy's interest rather than more specific to the photogs. Has anyone had anything back from Alamy as a result of this tab? Kumar
  9. Daily Telegraph Business section print edition Mon 21/10/13 D4RMEM Grangemouth refinery, Scotland, Cropped, Chris James (Fully credited) Kumar
  10. Ditto, but I dont, for the reasons given above, use them just for the orientation of the image - that would simply damage rank Kumar
  11. Hi Alessandro! Good images! to sell more easily on Alamy need more bright colours and blue skies, and particularly more people in your images would be my only suggestions Kind regards Kumar
  12. Phil - Good for you - it doesn't matter where the sales come from. In additional to being obsessional about photos I also collect stamps (!) . The Pitcairn islands issue about 8 sets of stamps a year, and they are not for the use of the islanders but collectors around the world. Same I suspect with textbooks etc. The history of the islanders being descended from Fletcher Christian and the mutineers on the Bounty has a worldwide interest and the only income for the islanders is stamps, books etc. Kumar
  13. Definitely agree, license it as RM with no problems (Do NOT licence it as RF - if subsequently used in a way that the family are not happy with you might have a problem!) Kumar
  14. Very funny! Have a plus one for entertainment Alex! Kumar
  15. Saturday Telegraph Oct 5th Travel section: BEPGKG Masai Mara, Van der Meer Marica, Arterra Picture Library Motoring section: AR4CPD Volkswagen with a toilet setup in the boot acting as a speaker bass bin. Phil Rees Kumar
  16. How about something like "protest march marchers wildlife conservation USA". As more general keywords? Kumar
  17. Hi Gangoo, Thanks for asking for critique and well done for doing so - its not easy but it can be very helpful. I would hope you find this criticism to be positive! 1. The evening night images are far too dark - they will not reproduce well in mags/papers/books and are very unlikely to sell - need to lighten things up either with artificial light or high ISO 2. Grey skies do sell on Alamy, but nothing like as well as blue skies especially when linked to themes like cruise ships 3. If you try and include more people in your images they will sell better for editorial use; when you do,
  18. "Postman, D6NJBJ, Kumar Sriskandan/Alamy" John, many thanks for reporting that one! kind regards Kumar
  19. Congratulations Stipe! Onward and upward Kumar
  20. I did once have a similar thing with an image licenced to a magazine several times on the same day. They used one image as a main picture and the others as spot images at the start of each of five chapter headings. Congrats Diane! Hopefully no refunds! Kumar
  21. Didn't participate this time, but good selection of photos - I have just added "Triumphant" to a couple of mine! Kumar
  22. "02/10/2013, UK, Guardian, p3, counterfeit Ugg boots, C2TJJJ, Kumar Sriskandan [No credit - but almost certainly via Alamy]" Thanks for spotting that one Steve. Definitely via Alamy - Regards Kumar
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