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  1. Hi Jan, As I understand it all newcomers are put in by Alamy at the average rank. They then rise or fall depending on their subsequent performance, but since the ranking system uses the previous 9 months data to generate a rank, newcomers will stay on average rank for 9 months before moving. You may notice that average rank in the BHZ system is around page 20 out of 25 pages, but I think this is because it is only the active enthusiastic contributors who play the BHZ system and there are a lot of "dead" contributors out there!! Regards Kumar
  2. Good advice I think Jan from Martin - also, rather than waiting till you have taken a few hundred images, I would upload 4 good sharp images immediately, get them passed and then you can gradually add to them as you take the shots,which is much more satisfying, not to mention faster and easier on the key-wording front! Good luck and welcome Kumar
  3. 2013 not bad - hit a bit by the reduction from 60% to 50% monies to the photographer Stats as follows for those interested: 2012: Total number images average: 11,022 2013: Total number images average: 13325 Increase in 2013 of 21% 2012: Number of views : 216424 2013: Number of views: 314540 Increase in views: 45% (mainly due to the default number of views changing to 120 from 30) 2012 Number of Zooms: 1647 2013 Number of zooms: 2201 Increase in zooms: 34% - perhaps as a result of both of above factors 2012: Number of sales: 381 2013: Number of sales: 456 Increase
  4. Congrats to Redsnapper who has made the front page of the Daily Telegraph today with DND63Y, image of the storms and waves in Aberystwyth Kumar
  5. C442MJ Kumar Sriskandan Customers at the checkout, the Truro branch of Marks and Spencer, M&S, Truro, Cornwall UK Thanks for the spot, Bryan! Merry Xmas and have a green one! Kumar
  6. From my stats over the past 5 years December is usually a bit down on views and zooms, but also this december, in addition to the usual Xmas bank holidays, there are 5 weekends so I think it is likely to be a quiet month Kumar
  7. Thanks Craig! (Not sure the wife's too keen on being called a fussy shopper tho' ! ) Regards Kumar
  8. Thanks David, for posting this again. I remember it well from 3 years ago, and it's all still valid today. A good reminder for us all Kumar
  9. No significant change in traffic for me, so looks like good news for your portfolio, Mirco! Kumar
  10. Hi Patstubbs, If you take a photo of Lincoln Cathedral from public property, or even on its land itself, you do not need a property release for editorial image use. I generally play safe with churches/cathedrals and say that they require a property release and I dont have one. (I presume they are the property of the church of England). Generally if the photograph is specifically of the building, or the building forms a large part of the image, then I say "Yes" to requiring a release and "No" I dont have one. If the image is of many buildings as in a city street scene or a skyline, I g
  11. 40 sales; several at the $175-180 level, lowest $7.85. In Newspaper scheme, not in NU Kumar
  12. Thanks Steve - got it, but find the Sales screen rather easier to view/assimilate! Hopefully MS will sort the problem soon! Cheers Kumar
  13. Thanks Mirco! MS have told me there is a problem with some screens and are looking into it. Congratulations on your recent sales btw Kumar
  14. Joe/Martin Thanks for the replies - sounds like its just me then! I'll get on to MS Kumar
  15. Hi all, Anyone elses "Summary of items Sold" screen gone blank since yesterday evening? (and items have been sold!! ) Thanks Kumar
  16. Congratulations Mirco! I am sure you are aware that when a contributor makes his first sale he has to buy his colleagues a whisky?! Kumar
  17. Hi Jill, assuming its outside rather than inside, the main problem this time of year is poor light levels. If you have access to the Canon 70-200 2.8 with its excellent IS, I would take that, dont bother with a tripod, and set a reasonably high ISO - you dont mention which camera you have but go for 800-1600, and see what the shutter speeds are that you get. Dont forget that they do not have to be pin sharp to be good images of sport - some motion blur sometimes helps. I would work with aperture or shutter speed priority rather than manual, and experiment; also set the focussing to AI Servo to
  18. I am sure the G16 will be accepted by Alamy - it's predecessors were. I think it's too new to have made it to the list yet. I believe this weeks Amateur Photographer has a review of it. Kumar
  19. Holkham, near the beach, Norfolk, on a colder than expected Easter Sunday morning! These cold fish really need a speech bubble... Riders out on Newmarket Heath on a frosty morning Kumar
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