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  1. But doesn't Corbis and some other agencies do the keywording themselves? In which case if they decide to make the keywords visible thats up to them - my grouse is that I do my own keywords (like everyone on Alamy), and I feel a bit hacked off that now anybody can have a look and copy/add if they wish to. Keywording is hugely important and time-consuming. Which brings me back to the point that this may benefit Alamy overall but not an individual contributor - at least not most of the ones on this forum Kumar
  2. Martin Wilson said: "Why does someone searching for an image need the keywords at all? Image and a meaningful caption/ description should be sufficient." ​I agree. I can only hope this is a glitch as Alamy has not said anything to its contributors. The only other alternative I can think of is that Alamy might believe it will help sales if less successful contributors can see what more successful contributors are doing in the way of keywording. Kumar
  3. Perhaps you should enter this in this months competition - under "Being in the right (?) place at the right time?!" Kumar
  4. I usually remember to put "back" and "rear" in the keywords, but none of the others - there is a lesson here I think! Kumar
  5. Nice job done on the wolf's head Jill. I think its a fine image for Alamy Kumar
  6. Yes. 2 computers. If you then get a new computer you can "de-subscribe" one of the older ones Kumar
  7. Hi betty! I use this outfit: Interfit Cool-lite 90cm Popup Light Tent Kit Comes with a 90cm on edge cubic tent which folds away, and two light heads each with three bulbs. Works well and would be big enough to take a bust with jewellery attached! Generally does the job - my only complaint is that the tripods provided with the lamps are quite flimsy! Complete set-up costs £300 in the UK Cheers Kumar
  8. Daily Telegraph Thurs 6th Feb 2013 AKTFY9 Eyebite - Douglas, Isle of man - CY81B0 Magnolias in bloom, Bishops Palace, Wells; Christopher Nicholson
  9. Thanks for pointing that out Colin Kumar
  10. Thanks for putting up one of mine - already exceeded my previous voting share Kumar
  11. Congratulations on the sale TBan - good to see images are still selling for reasonable prices - What did it gross btw? - And even if you hadn't shown it, it may well have been picked up in the "Have you found any Alamy images" thread (eventually). Cheers Kumar
  12. Hi SFL I dont really know why they would say limit the essential keywords to 35 characters. Doesnt seem to make a lot of sense to me. Kumar
  13. Zooms for me very low in this particular week since Saturday 18/1. - Prob less than half my average which is unusual. Only 1 sale also. Till then things had been average to good this month. Lets see what happens in the next 2 weeks. Kumar
  14. Feb 2014 Issue, NFU Countryside magazine, p76, Malthouse Broad, D8K23H, Kumar Sriskandan [Alamy credit only] Steve, many thanks for spotting that one (and already paid for!) Regards Kumar
  15. Thanks again guys. In fact I bought both Martin Evening books along with LR5 - I had his book on LR2 and found it was very helpful. Good to know you all feel the books are worthwhile! Kumar
  16. Thank you everyone for your help as always. Have a greenie everybody! Decision is made - I have joined the Creative Cloud for Photoshop CC ONLY, and have bought stand alone Lightroom 5. The PhotoshopCC in Creative Cloud will cost me £17/mth as I did not have PS CS3 or higher which would have got me it half price for the first year. There will now follow a period of uncertainty and learning which I dont do so well these days! My computer is rather more up to date than my previous editing software so should be able to cope, and no intentions of camera upgrade for a couple of years
  17. One for me this morning for a 3 figure price but via a distributor Country: Japan Usage: Editorial Media: Textbook - print only Print run: up to 5,000 Placement: Inside Image Size: 1 page Start: 01 December 2013 End: 01 December 2018 Kumar
  18. Hi all, Apologies for asking questions similar to previous, but they are not the same! I am currently using LR2, and finishing off images in Photoshop CR2 (Yes, well out of date!) I am considering upgrading to LR5; my questions are 1. Will the LR5 "upgrade" upgrade me from LR2 to LR5 or am I so out of date that I would have to buy the full LR5 programme? 2. Will LR5 still transfer my images to PS CR2 with the Control/E keystrokes, or will I need to upgrade CR2 also? 3. Do people think joining the Creative Cloud a sensible/value for money option? Thanks for any help
  19. Heres my three! Lake Manze, the Selous, Tanzania Cienfuegos, Cuba Sunset over Rum from Isle of Eigg, Scotland Regards to all! Kumar
  20. Thanks David for the advice. I always use a good quality filter and a lens hood with all my lenses, the filter mainly for protection of the front element, and the hood for flare prevention as well as protection for the lens.. Kumar
  21. Sorry to hear that Mirco! I too would have left the images on Alamy to see if they accrue more sales; but good luck with your decision and best of luck for the future Kind regards Kumar
  22. Just for information I just uploaded 25 images using Google Chrome with no problem Regards Kumar
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