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  1. An image I tagged 2 days ago is now on for sale, if thats of any help Kumar
  2. Thank you Elisabeth, I think that would be much appreciated! BW Kumar
  3. NHS Hospital food, sold for very low $$, presentation use. Kumar
  4. Great image, Roy! Got yourself a recurrent seller there I am sure. Kumar
  5. Congrats Wim on your win! I guess photogs in the Netherlands had an advantage! 😉 Here are my three: 1. Photographers on the beach at sunset, Laig Bay, Isle of Eigg, Scotland 2. A buddhist monk taking a photo on his phone; U-Bein bridge, Mandalay, Myanmar 3. A family taking a selfie at a Father Christmas race, Wichester, UK Kumar
  6. Thanks Ricky but there are many that achieve better results than I do but don't necessarily post on the forum! I was just lucky to start early with Alamy, have a large number of images and a reasonable rank. Kumar
  7. I agree no measures update today, Monday 9th November but I had a sale drop in yesterday so I think sales are working OK kumar
  8. I also have tended to include the plural when keywording a single thing in an image because as said, searchers may well use the plural when wanting a single and visa versa. If an image has just one person in it, for example, cooking, I would still include the keywords person and people, but maybe also One and "1". It may sometimes reduce your ranking over a period of time, but I think this is a minor loss compared with the m=number of extra views and possible sales. Also, a searcher may think he just wants a picture of a cat, but may be persuaded by a picture with mor
  9. This would appear to be very unfair to the rest of us contributors. What is Alamy's comment on this? I certainly would like some of my best sellers to appear many times in the search engine too!! Kumar
  10. Arrived in my bank account this morning. Not Paypal
  11. Agreed John, and have found it so for some time. Particularly loading up image sales data, the recent sales page and measures data. No particular problem with the forum Kumar
  12. Slight improvement over the past few months, though October often a good month for me. 60 licences fo $1650 gross, 4 in the $$$ range, best was $145. The month started off quite slowly but picked up in the final 10 days. Zooms not bad given the current state. October 2020: 25900 views, October 2019: 38,600 views; zooms: 181 to 245; income (gross):, $1650 to $2340, and sale numbers: 60 to 70 Kumar
  13. Congrats to the finalists! Kumar
  14. Congratulations cbimages! Given the size and specialist nature of your portfolio thats a great achievement. Kumar
  15. About 70% of my sales this month have sold before, but I call proper repeat sellers those that sell again and again and again. Those tend to be images of things that remain newsworthy over a long period of time. There are some newspapers for example the Guardian and the Mail which often re-use the same images to illustrate their articles - sometimes they refer to the images as "stock images" -- obvs. they are, but in those cases I think they are referring to them as images which they now have in their stockpile. Of course they don't sell for very much each time but assuming they are RM, i
  16. never heard of them till now Doug - shall have a look Kumar
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