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  1. 66 for $1687 gross; 3 in the $$$ range, best $199 Views 30,559 for the month with a marked drop-off in the last 10 days unsurprisingly; 236 zooms. March last year 39,197 views, 294 zooms, 71 sales for $1986 gross As others said, avoiding the virus, keeping well and consider myself fortunate to have a supply of income which is only partially affected so far by this pandemic Keep well all; Kumar
  2. Thanks but these days seems unlikely Shall, like all of us, keep trying though!
  3. I have had 5D, 5D2 and 5D3. If you can stretch it, go for the 5D2 - much better than the 5D original, particularly in that the 5D2 has sensor cleaning whereas the 5D didn't, and often had problems with dust spots etc. Kumar
  4. Thanks Guys! And, completely coincidentally, I see 6000 sales to date! Not sure I could do it if starting now, but sales are still there! Thanks again Alamy. Kumar
  5. Reached this goal today. Taken 16 years and 26K images. Very pleased. A big thank you to Alamy and all it's staff! Kumar
  6. Kumar Sriskandan Pets at Home store, Newmarket Suffolk UK - Image ID: CEP1W5 Thanks for that spot Nigel! Kumar
  7. Jessica - decide what your image is about and then look in Manage Images for what sort of tags have been used for similar images over the past year, and start there Kumar
  8. Both daughters and son in law home for Mothers day tomorrow
  9. Substantially less view than normal in the last couple of days which if the numbers are right must reflect the effects of Covid19 Kumar
  10. I agree Ian - An "Exclusive to Alamy" tab would be very helpful for those of us with exclusive images, and also buyers, - but I think Alamy needs to be confident that the images really are exclusive, hence their recent posting Kumar
  11. Thanks Cassius - I think Nigel spotted that usage on 16th March. 😀
  12. Thanks for asking Cassius - now 9 days post-return, and absolutely fine, as are all of the 27 in her skiing party Kumar
  13. Thanks Nigel - at least my travel-related photos are still selling even though my travel is not happening Kumar
  14. 14/03/2020, Observer, p16, Muslim woman at airport, DG8JFB, Kumar Sriskandan [Cropped. Alamy credit only] Thanks for that spot, Steve - not zoomed to my knowledge (Though may have been zoomed this weekend I guess...), and never sold before Kumar ps. In fact was zoomed over the week-end
  15. Betty - if you find you have rubber-munching insects, dont keep it to yourself!!
  16. Thanks Jill, heres three from me: 1. Fog on the beach off the Pacific; Santa Cruz, California 2. Bit of a cliche, but Misty morning hot air balloon over the temples at Bagan, Myanmar 3. Mist at sunset over Ely Cathedral and the Fens, Cambridgeshire Kumar
  17. Thank you Jill for stepping up and setting the challenge! Kumar
  18. Sales quieter than normal but still happening; Zooms good Kumar
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