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  1. Thanks Steve! - cropped to 50% and no credit at all - amazing spot!! Thanks as always Kumar
  2. Ah! Setting up the poll....I will need to look that one up! Reimar - welcome and good choices of images - how can they be "too stocky" on Alamy I wonder? Kumar
  3. Hi all! Thanks to all who put in entries for February's competition, and congratulations to all the finalists! I wish the purchasers liked the ghost horse image as much as the voters did!! Also, thanks to Phillippe for setting an interesting topic, and to Col for stepping in with the judging This months competition to go with my handle is "HEALTH" - any aspect, could be good health, bad health, healthy or not! Usual rules, max 3 entries per photographer, entries end at midnight 31st March, which will give me 3 weeks to work out how to do a pol! On my way to Spain this minute
  4. 24 for $1118 Gross. Worst month for sales and income since Sept 2012. Views average, zooms back up to average after lower than normal Dec/Jan which may explain low sales this month relatively speaking. In Newspaper scheme,not in NU Onward and upward hopefully! Happy March everybody Kumar
  5. I wish!! Pearl +1 Haven't seen a surge in anything this month..
  6. Yes, Dov - also had one of those today for what I think is the first time. Ian - thanks for contacting MS Kumar
  7. Thanks for all the suggestions so far (tho I am trying, for health reasons, to keep out of McDonalds....) So someone could take a load of images on their iPhone and then use their home wi fi system to upload them to Alamy along the same lines as we already upload "proper" images? How does one do that, exactly? (I told you, I am a complete neanderthal when it comes to modern mobile phone technology!) Kumar
  8. OK, so please could someone explain to this Nokia Neanderthal what the practical costs are of uploading to Stockimo from an iPhone ? A well known UK mobile dealership is currently doing a reasonable deal for an iPhone 4S which includes 250MB UK data per month - if one was to be uploading, say 100 images to Stockimo per month, would that data handling amount be enough, and if not, how much data handling would one need? Just asking. Thanks for any help!! Kumar
  9. Good to have you back, Mirco! If the baby is overdue, then presumably you have other things on your mind right now than taking photos on an iPhone?! Cheers Kumar
  10. I only have a bog standard old Nokia - never used it to take a photo. I wont be rushing out to buy an iPhone either.... Kumar
  11. Hi Cristina, Views overall about the same as normal; zooms rather slow and still picking up from Dec/Jan, and sales this month so far are abysmal. Better pick up before the end of the month hopefully! Kumar
  12. Hi Heather! Welcome to the forum. Sorry I cant help you with the flower ID (Others I am sure can), but the link to 1301 of your images appears to be working fine - you can either click the blue figures just below your photo, or in "Your profile" the same figure (1301) is there under "Alamy" Cheers Kumar
  13. Surely you only get to write the caption once the image has passed QC? Do you mean the file name itself? Kumar
  14. Ed, very glad to hear you're feeling better - remember that illness esp flu like ones, and also winter have a tendency to make people feel generally negative. The weather over here has been in many ways just as bad as what you have been having and I guess if one does have to spend time in the bin its not a bad time of the year to do so as theres only so much one can do outdoors (Redsnapper excluded!!) We are all looking forward to a bit of sunshine. Sooner rather than later! Kumar
  15. 1. all of them - depends on the image 2. all of them 3. No 4. No 5. yes 6.yes and where appropriate 7. yes 8. some of them e.g. B/W, panorama but not portrait / landscape HI Lynn! Generally I would agree with the above, but I feel more importantly, whenever you take an image for stock, you must be asking yourself the question "Why would somebody want to buy this image and what would they use it for?", and then your keywords should reflect that. particularly the Essential keywords Cheers Kumar
  16. I have never understood this negative attitude either for exactly these reasons. Well said Ian. It is the best tool available to us IMO and I find it very useful for tracking the position of my various pseudos. Any info is useful even if not perfect Pearl Pearl +1 Kumar
  17. I have had a couple in the last few years - no huge amounts of money but I guess that would depend on the specific useage Kumar
  18. 2004 for me - uploaded 48 and got 4 sales in the first year - was hooked (average per sale was > $200 !) Kumar
  19. I wouldn't have a problem with that. SPLENDID idea! Alamy, worth considering ....???? Would made clients AND contributors happy. Cheers, Philippe +1
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