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  1. "Emissions from 10 food and drinks companies 'higher than Nordics' The Guardian Photograph: Kumar Sriskandan/Alamy. The 'big 10' global food and drink companies together emit more greenhouse gases than the Nordic countries and would .." Thanks Lisa for that! Kumar
  2. So how do you know if/when you have actually sold a Stockimo image? Kumar
  3. Hi Lisa! Didn't know Stockimo had a "Grid of Greatness" till your post - thanks for that - I am not on Twitter but can see them via the web. So far only made it once with this one: On St Georges Day Cheers Kumar
  4. Interesting question. My guess would be model release not needed as no people present; Property release is a more difficult one - I dont know the answer but what I do myself, if a name/names is legible, is decide whether the person died more than 70 years ago; if so I am happy to say no property release need. If more recent than that, I would probably mark it property release needed. 70 years after death seems to be the time at which copyright expires for other things, and also if the grave is more recent you might have problems from relatives if you mark it "No PR needed" and the image
  5. John, I have found Stockimo quite stimulating.... Kumar
  6. Thanks all for your comments - I have been using mainly Photo-toaster app to make changes to the basic image - easy, quick and intuitive to use - like Ann I leave the border in if I particularly like it... Now have 127 stockimo images and counting..Certainly no sales to my knowledge but its quite stimulating as completely different to the more usual editorial Alamy images.. Kumar
  7. John, thanks for finding this and also the previous one with the statins! Kind regards Kumar
  8. Here are my three, all for owners of dogs! I think the "Rule" is self Evident... This was in Switzerland...The sign says "This is not a toilet for dogs".... Sign seen on a house gate in Cambridgeshire Sign seen on a house fence in Shropshire... Kumar
  9. Sky TV, C38G66, Newscast (Alamy credit only) That image is also in the printed version of Saturdays Guardian Kumar
  10. Hi all, Having had a broken Nokia 3w ago I invested in an iPhone and started uploading to Stockimo - I now have nearly 100 accepted images, On the plus side I have found it really stimulating to try and produce more creative images than the usual Alamy stuff I upload, and the image manipulation software is easily available, cheap and very user-friendly. I am looking at trying to find the equivalent to help do similar things with a few of my Canon 5D images and wonderedc if anyone knew of similar software that could be used (or is it just Photoshop CC and use of the filters?) Howev
  11. Average for the first 4 months of last year - $43 (143 licences) Average for first 4 months of this year - $51 (147 licences) I suspect not significantly different, but certainly not worse. Things are likely to improve for you Arletta, judging from all these replies Kumar
  12. Congratulations Russell! Great colours....must buy a broom... Kumar
  13. Sheila - having just done a poll for this the previous month, I feel for you!!! Hope your cat has survived Kumar
  14. 78 up for sale so far; S038T8 got a 3.3 as did S038R5 Shall keep trying Kumar
  15. Slightly below average with 34 sales for $2010, but the encouraging news is that 3 were for over $200 each, which I have not had for some time. Also only 1 of 34 was a distributor sale. In newspaper scheme, not in NU Hope you all have a good May! Kumar
  16. I think this seems to hit the nail on the head from what I can see - Alamy dont seem to want relatively straightforward images that are good editorial pictures via stockimo - hence your first second and third images failure. I would have hoped the fourth would have passed, but the other thing is if theres any suggestion of a trade name, logo etc in the image they will reject it. They will also reject it if its been annotated incorrectly. It seems that several people look at the submitted images and acceptance/rejection is based on the scoring system which is a combination of several people
  17. Having just had an image fail for Soft or lacking Focus, which I am sure would have passed a year ago, I agree that Alamy QC have raised the bar. Having said that I do remember that apart from the animal's eye, the next most important thing to be in focus is its snout - Spacecadet's suggestion of posting the image is a good one - lets have a look! Kumar
  18. HI all, Advice please. I was fortunate enough to have afternoon tea in the Ritz Hotel, London last week, and (of course) took some pictures of people enjoying tea in the Palm Court while I was there. There were no signs saying no photography, no-one asked me not to take pictures indeed the waiters kindly waited till I had taken them before passing in front of me. My images have passed QC and are awaiting keywording, but I note on Alamy there are very few images of the Ritz interior and virtually none of people having tea. This tends to ring alarm bells in terms of whether the Ritz
  19. Congratulations Keith - hard work well rewarded and deserved Kumar
  20. Morning Alamy! Hope you all had a good Easter! Any progress on the suggestion for a separate forum discussion area for Stockimo yet? Kumar
  21. This are great images and something to aspire to. If only I knew how...but as Bill says, Inspiring Kumar
  22. Hi Mark. Dagens Nyheter are one of the papers i have experienced who often pay late and sometimes never pay. Kumar
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